5 must-have streetwear styles for 2021

January 08, 2021 8 min read

5 must-have streetwear styles for 2021


From year to year, fashion waves differ. Sometimes old trends make a comeback, while new ones disappear. This is the cycle of high fashion, and streetwear is no exception.

Nowadays, street fashion is divided into several sub-genres. Athleisure, luxury streetwear, workwear, logomania: the list is long. While some are the object of covetousness, others have quietly left the catwalk.

But to be fashionable, you have to keep up with the latest news. On this article, we debrief you on the 5 styles of streetwear unavoidable in 2021. Don't hesitate to ride the current wave before it's too late .

1. The Classy Vintage

Classy Chic Streetwear

What is Classy Vintage Streetwear ?

You might think that the vintage style has lost the battle to the streetwear that is evolving everywhere, but this is far from the case. In fact, the strong competition between the styles has given rise to a hybrid genre, classy vintage streetwear.

It's like taking a classic outfit from the past, and applying a modern streetwear filter to it. Classy Vintage streetwear is ideal for going to work or for formal occasions without being out of step with the new trends.

Vintage streetwear contrasts a lot with the usual urban fashion since it takes up looks that already exist. That said, we always stay in the casual theme, and we focus on the aesthetic quality of the whole. In other words, it is the new vintage of 2021 adopted by most young people who join the ranks of companies.

The characteristics of the Classy Vintage Style

Classy vintage Streetwear
  • The quality of the manufacturing materials: the touch is an integral part of the Classy Vintage streetwear style. We choose rich fabrics: satin, linen, microfiber, lace and embroidery.

  • Simple patterns: this style borders on minimalism, with simple pieces, often monochrome, with discreet or absent logos. The items are not very original in themselves, it is the whole that brings the charm of the look.

  • The cut : when we talk about streetwear, we are always in the wide. We often opt for the torticollas, the classic wide pants, but above the ankle, and for the oversized jackets. Unlike the usual classic style, the edges are rather smooth and well finished.

  • Layering : like a classic 1920s style, we tend to create several layers of clothing. This is called layering, with a sweater at the bottom, topped with a jacket, then a large coat.

  • The colors : on the Classy Vintage streetwear, we do in dark and dull colors. We see a lot of black and white, but also shades of caramel and gray.

  • The shoes : it's mostly classic shoes with round edges, Dr Martens style, but also sneakers of discrete color, dad shoes style.



What is techwear ?

Techwear, or technical clothing, is one of the must-have styles of 2021. Here, the aesthetics count little, we focus on the practical aspect of the clothes. We have to admit that the more time passes, the more technical streetwear gets closer to science fiction. In a good way!

In addition to being practical in everyday life, or for special situations, technical clothing is made to last. These are collections of unparalleled quality, with a lot of thought put into making the user experience the best it can be.

The design is ultra-modern and avant-garde, a bit like a dystopian movie. Elegant, but above all very cool, techwear looks have completely changed the game.

If the clothes are fascinating, the accessories are even more so. They are real gadgets from the future. Face mask, samurai katana, chains and belts, everything is there to create a mysterious and futuristic atmosphere.

In short, this is a style that has really revolutionized the fashion of 2021

The characteristics of the style

  • Manufacturing materials: when it comes to textiles, techwear is on a whole new level. At the very beginning, we were talking about resistance to water, wear and tear. Now there are even reflective fabrics to move at night, anti-transpirant, anti-stain and even fire resistant. The novelties follow one another, and never cease to amaze us !

  • The design: at first, the technical clothes were not really out of the ordinary. It was limited to hiking clothes or basic T-shirts. In 2021, this style is more shaped by streetwear influences, hence the marked futuristic touch. We start on wide outfits, sometimes angular and tighter in places to give a shape to the whole. Finally, we do not forget the countless pockets that are practically the signature of the style.

  • The colors: we have almost 3 sets of colors. On the one hand, we have black and dark colors, on the other hand, military camouflage, and finally, nets of fluorescent colors here and there. As a rule, it is the deep black that dominates.

  • Accessories: there is no shortage of urban techwear style. Tactical vests, hats, masks or gaming accessories are a must. Whether they are metallic or luminous, the main thing is to emphasize the aesthetic while respecting the overall technical aspect.

  • The sneakers: the shoes come to sublimate the technical sets. We can say that they are those which have the most ultra-practical properties. They are either sneakers, combat shoes, or simply ordinary looking.

3. Grunge Streetwear

 Grunge Streetwear

What is grunge streetwear ?

Grunge streetwear is the fusion of two subcultures very close to each other. On the one hand, we have urban fashion, inspired by hip-hop and rap. On the other hand, we have grunge, more than a style of music, a universe that operates according to its own aesthetic. It is one of the essential streetwear trends of 2021.

Grunge has experienced a real revival with the new wave of social networking fashions, especially on Tik Tok. This renaissance is therefore attributed to the new generation. It is a mixture of punk and gothic style with a touch of streetwear. Popularized by the alternative rock bands of the 1990s, namely Nirvana and Soundgarden.

Grunge Streetwear

The characteristics of the style

  • The clothes: grunge streetwear looks are heavily inspired by the 80s and 90s. Ripped pants, military outfits, thin T-shirts over long sleeved sweaters, nets, etc. Practically the punk style we've always known. We love playing with stripes and T-shirts printed with rock bands.

  • Accessories: on this one, it's a must! Whether it is the large chains hung on the pants, the big rings of skull or the religious symbols and the chokers, we must add a little something.

  • The colors: we go on a super dark theme. Of course, black is in the foreground, for a pure gothic look. We try to break it up with touches of white, gray and occasionally red.

  • Shoes: big black gothic shoes, or ankle boots are what works best with the gothic streetwear style. They are most often matched with the rest of the look.


4. Luxury Streetwear

Luxury Streetwear

What is luxury streetwear ?

Luxury streetwear consists of wearing designer brands. It is the border between high fashion and urban fashion. A fashion that is not only dedicated to celebrities, as it is increasingly accessible to the general public. This is one of the best clothing styles of 2021.

Wearing luxury streetwear is not just about buying expensive clothes and accessories. It's also about the artistic touch of renowned designers. Each piece is a collector's item that has been made to the highest standards of quality.

This chic side brings a whole new dimension to urban fashion. It means that we finally take this new misunderstood trend seriously. In any case, one thing is certain, we love it! Whether it's the artistic creations of Gucci, the minimalist styles of Dior or the symbolism of Louis Vuitton, the big brands have contributed a lot to modern streetwear.

This trend born a few years ago is truly one of the must-haves of 2021. Having even a small luxurious accessory can change your whole look. If the opportunity arises, don't hesitate to invest in a little something branded, because its value will only increase over time

 luxury streetwear

The characteristics of the style

  • The brands: most of the luxury brands have started to work with streetwear. The ones that have become most famous through celebrities are Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Supreme. Nevertheless, more and more high fashion houses are getting involved, such as Dior and Prada who want to modernize their collections.

  • Materials: in luxury streetwear, the quality of materials is of paramount importance. We venture more with unusual materials, but with real added value. The texture is an integral part of these artistic works.
    The design: it is much more thoughtful, and virtually flawless. Once again, innovation is the order of the day. A simple t-shirt can be made into an artistic canvas, and there is a lot of play with three-dimensionality. We feel that each collection is unique.

  • Accessories and shoes: they can make the luxury streetwear look by themselves. Whether it's a watch, jewelry, hats, bags or other, it's the characteristic touch of a luxury ensemble. That's why even without a head-to-toe designer outfit, you can have good taste without breaking the bank on an entire look.

  • Limited editions: another fundamental characteristic of luxury streetwear. By releasing very few pieces, the value of the collections increases. This is the main strategy adopted by high fashion brands. It has become very popular in recent years.

  • The price: who says great designers, says break the piggy bank. Obviously, luxury streetwear is not something you can afford regularly. Unless you have a great career in music, it's pretty complicated... After all, that's the game.

5. Chill Streetwear

Chill Streetwear

What is Chill streetwear ?

What if streetwear was even more casual? That's how chill streetwear came to be. Since lately, urban fashion tends to become more and more haute couture-ish, this is a real breath of fresh air. This style of clothing is suitable for everyday outings, with friends, quiet in the neighborhood.

This wave brings us right back to the 90s, and finds on many points the authentic streetwear. Besides, you can easily form your look from the thrift store of the corner or from your daron's old clothes. Still, this style is very simple, and practically timeless. You can find a lot of timeless items, such as denim pants, converses, and the famous tinted sunglasses.

It's a low key look that allows you to feel stylish without overdoing it. His inspirations are mainly sporty styles, hip-hop west-coast, especially Californian. A style absolutely essential in 2021.

Chill Streetwear

The characteristics of the style

  • Clothes: in general, the streetwear chill look is quite casual. The components of the outfit are not flashy, and the tones are rather discreet. The tops are wide, but not too wide, and the bottom is often rolled up. A jacket or shirt is often worn over a plain, striped or patterned T-shirt or polo.

  • Brands: there are no brands particularly related to streetwear chill. Most of them are iconic brands from the 90s, like Strussy or Fila, or sportswear brands, like Nike. It's not unheard of to see old collections considered retro resurfacing. In a way, we can say that they are making a comeback!

  • Accessories: since the style is rather simple and down-to-earth, the addition of accessories is practically indispensable. To spice up the look, we often resort to discreet silver jewelry, belts, hats or sunglasses. We think especially of caps and beanies, but also of thin chains and wide belts. It allows to sort of.

  • The composition of the outfits: the streetwear chill is more a way of dressing than what we use to do it. The looks are strongly inspired by the 90s. You can tuck your shirt into your pants, wear mismatched shoes or socks.

So there you have it, the best streetwear styles of 2021. Now it's up to you. With the few tips in this article, you have everything you need to be fashionable. It's up to you to choose what speaks to you the most. At the end of the day, don't forget that you have to love what you wear, because it's a part of who you are. That's what urban fashion is all about.

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