Oversized T-shirts

Oversized Streetwear T-Shirt

The tee shirt or T-shirt literally translates as a T-shaped shirt. It is a short-sleeved shirt, which is also currently available in long-sleeved, hooded, round-necked, V-necked or rolled models.

This type of clothing is usually made of cotton or polyester. Obviously, the world of fashion is in constant motion. The style evolves over time. Like the sweater, the oversized T-shirt is available in extra-large, trendy and casual sizes. A little focus on the history of this garment especially appreciated in the field of comfortable streetwear style, its origins and how to wear it everyday.

History of oversized T-shirts

Oversized Streetwear T-Shirt

To better understand everything about oversized techwear T-shirts, it's important to explain the garment in general detail, and then discuss the basis of the style. First of all, the name of this undershirt derives from its collarless, T-shaped design. It is a piece of clothing, which symbolizes the Americans and which has known how to cross the time.

The origin of the t-shirt
Oversized Streetwear T-Shirt

The T-shirt owes its origin to the soldiers of the US Navy, who wore it at the time in underwear. It is also the regulation uniform of these marines. This type of clothing is gradually integrated among the important pieces of men and women's dressing. Over time, it has become a full-fledged outfit, especially for those who prefer a casual style in summer. This garment has gained popularity thanks to the cinema, music and sports, after the release of the film New York-Miami in 1934 where we found Clark Gable with his white T-shirt.

The concept continues to grow. T-shirts are currently a very popular communication medium for companies and organizations wishing to spread messages. Not to mention their presence in promotional advertising. The first advertising versions appeared in 1940 with "I Like Ike". In 1948, these garments were first used in presidential campaigns, including that of Thomas Edmund Dewey. They carry the slogan "Dew it with Dewey". One of the original T-shirts is still in the Smithsonian Institution.

Over the years, the shirt has undergone many changes. Modern versions were born in 1943 from a collaboration between Cooper's Jockey, a textile industry, and Trojans, a University of South Carolina soccer team. Since then, there has been a massive production of this garment which became a universal garment after the arrival of American GI soldiers in Europe. In the world of fashion, there is a multitude of styles including the oversized T-shirt.


What is an oversized T-shirt ?

Oversized Streetwear T-Shirt

Around the 90's, other models of T-shirts interest young people, both girls and boys. They are less fitted, even extra wide, which offers a more comfortable and casual look. It is an oversized T-shirt, which has at least one size larger than what you usually wear. Its armholes are a bit low, going beyond the shoulders. This model is also characterized by its length below the belt, which often covers the buttocks.

The truth is that the oversize style is not a recent phenomenon at all. Its origins date back to over a century ago. Wearing this type of outfit is a way to fight against the patriarchal system. In fact, society at that time idealized the female appearance and focused on the woman's silhouette. Putting on these loose clothes, which do not stick to the body, is a pacifist movement to turn away from the established stereotypes.

We refer to other T-shirt cuts to get the oversize cut. In appearance, it is very loose, unlike other styles that may be straight, athletic, or fitted. It is also another way of wearing the T-shirt, a concept coming from the recent generations (2000-2010) during which people prefer to dress with a slim-fitting shirt or with a more extended waist.


What is the streetwear style ?

Oversized Streetwear T-Shirt

If these are the secrets of the oversized T-shirt, it is now time to define the streetwear style. It is a new movement, which represents a vision of the future of urban fashion. It is gaining more and more ground, especially after its reinvention. Its promoters create unique and impressive models. This trend evokes the integration of innovative technology in the world of fashion, promoting the creation of a casual and comfortable clothing style. Oversized streetwear T-shirts have the particularity of guaranteeing great mobility to all the people who wear them. They are basically designed with waterproof and breathable materials. You can enter the streetwear trend with beautiful oversize T-shirts.

Very popular with travelers and sportsmen, this dress code draws its concepts from the first outfits of mountaineers in the 70s. At that time, it aimed to offer to the followers of this sport discipline clothes that would resist to adverse weather conditions. Workers took over to meet their needs for quality, lightweight, robust and practical clothing for their daily activities. The trend has been on the rise since the appearance of Goretex jackets on the market. The range has expanded over the years, both technically and technologically and in terms of the models offered.


The characteristics of the streetwear code
Oversized Streetwear T-Shirt

Like all such garments, oversized streetwear T-shirts are generally basic and neutral. The cuts ensure optimal mobility. The concept involves special fabrics, advanced technologies and design methods that go far beyond traditional techniques. Today, young people and sportsmen are increasingly interested in seamless and breathable T-shirts.

The streetwear style is also a functional urban fashion. It brings together casual clothing for everyone, very practical in everyday life, including oversized T-shirts. In fact, today's consumers are looking for both style and comfort in a garment. This is possible with the size of the XXL cut and the originality of an oversized streetwear T-shirt. This new trend is a mysterious and futuristic concept. Its designers privilege the functional side of the outfits to their aestheticism.


Who is this movement for ?

Oversized Streetwear T-Shirt

The looks offered seem to spring from a modern movie. They immediately appeal to those who love innovation and new technologies. These are everyday clothes that offer amazing properties with innovative cuts. Each of them is made with new generation materials and practical accessories to make life easier for the wearer in every way.

The avant-garde effect comes from the combination of different elements for their uses. The quality of an oversized T-shirt stands on its own. An outfit of this style does not even need to display a big brand logo or a very attractive color. You also don't need to wear a lot of clothes to achieve a streetwear look.


The different sub-genres of the look

Oversized Streetwear T-Shirt

The streetwear is a movement very rooted in the world of fashion. It is developing more and more that a multitude of subclasses has appeared. Among others, urban techwear is mainly related to the streetwear trend. It is at the most futuristic end of the fashion spectrum, offering very daring looks that break the norm.

Military techwear consists of creating clothes inspired by military clothing models adopted in the past. These include tactical vests, bomber jackets or cargo pants. Soldiers need clothes that allow them to move easily.

The lunar version or lunar-core is the fashion style that does not adhere to the classic aspects of clothing. Inspired by astronauts' spacesuits, the looks provided take colors in the range of white or gray as well as muted shades.

Techno-punk techwear is created based on science fiction movies, such as Blade Runner or Ghost in the Shell, and some video games, which take you to a robotic and cybernetic world. Practical, the clothes are loose, comfortable and waterproof with an avant-garde design. They are well suited for fans of manga, neon and the future.



How to wear an oversized streetwear T-shirt ?

Oversized Streetwear T-Shirt

There's nothing more comfortable than the everyday comfort of a T-shirt, any time of year. It's a casual top available in a variety of colors and styles. It goes well with casual wear and is perfect for any look. T-shirts appeal to a wide range of people, especially the younger ones. They may be humble, but they are a key piece in the wardrobe of any man or woman. Here are some tips on how to wear an oversized model in streetwear.

This outfit works perfectly with your high-waisted pants. It allows you to enhance your figure by balancing the volumes. Tuck in just one side for an asymmetrical look that's casual, trendy and very stylish. This style is a must-have for a comfortable and easy to put together urban look. The same composition also works with a denim skirt, long or mid-length, or shorts. For this reason, choose a custom printed T-shirt.

A few reminders of color with other pieces can give a balance to your look, for example by wearing white socks with the oversized white shirt or a pair of white sneakers. To bring a touch of style to the outfit, you can add a jacket.

How to choose an oversize streetwear T-shirt ?

Oversized Streetwear T-Shirt

Despite the simplicity and breadth of oversized streetwear T-shirts, there are endless options in terms of colors, necklines, sleeves and patterns. But to master the total chic and casual look, you'd better make the right choice by examining some key criteria.

The shape

Shape is the essential basis of a successful style. A model that plunges you into a large box is not suitable. It's better to find another one, which is very well cut for your silhouette and not too wide after all.

Technical criteria

Oversized Streetwear T-Shirt

An oversized T-shirt should have a fuller waist, but don't go too far. Choose sleeves that reach halfway up your arms, unless you have a larger build. As for the length, it should cover your waist without exceeding the height of your hips. Just make sure the seams line up perfectly where your shoulder ends.

Oversized streetwear T-shirts can have two types of necklines, including V-neck and round neck, all of which fit the look. This part is important and immediately attracts people around. More classic, the round neck offers a timeless look. It is well suited to people with a slight build, a small face and a longer neck. The V-neck is more dedicated to small individuals.


The color

Streetwear t-shirts are usually neutral in color. The most classic ones have plain colors, around white, navy, gray and black.

Oversize streetwear TENSHI™ T-shirts

Oversized Streetwear T-Shirt

It's possible to stay in the soul of the hip, chic and stylish look with our huge collection of oversized Tenshi streetwear T-shirts designed with futuristic prints. Each of the models prioritizes utility over aesthetics to meet the dress code, while ensuring comfort and reliability. It's the perfect solution for those looking for clothing that doesn't cling to the body.

The Batafurai oversized top confirms the rule to create an original and casual look. This piece is one of the brightest trends for men and women. It perfectly fits all body types. Inspired by the Japanese, the Oversize Kanagawa 100% cotton t-shirt is a must-have for young people, especially during the summer season.

In short, these few lines have certainly taught you everything about the oversized streetwear T-shirt. This movement is very appreciated nowadays by musicians, artists and sportsmen. What are you waiting for to adopt its unique design ?

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