Streetwear Jackets & Coats

Jackets and coats: the must-have streetwear style

When the first winter chill starts to appear, everyone rushes to put on their warm clothes. Very practical and effective, jackets and coats are among the most popular.

They have many variations in terms of style, including streetwear. This clothing fashion has been omnipresent for about thirty years and is currently influencing the way we dress. If you want to opt for a jacket or a coat of this trend combining street culture and comfort, we will discover together its origins, the existing varieties and the rules to respect.

What is the streetwear style ?

le style streetwear

Before going into more detail on the jacket and coat collections, we'll explore the "streetwear" style in more depth. This word means "everything you wear in the street". It appeared in the mid 80's in North America, especially in the USA, and is characterized by comfortable and casual clothes and wide cuts, such as cargo pants or windbreakers. Its birth coincides with the arrival of urban pop rap culture in these countries.

As its name indicates, the concept of "streewear" originated in the street, more precisely with young people living in disadvantaged neighborhoods. This opportunity allows them to put forward their belonging to a group. Streetwear combines different cultures and very popular trends. One finds mainly references to sportswear (basketball, surfing, skateboarding), music styles (punk, hip-hop, rap, R&B, grunge) and signatures of urban graphic art (manga, pop art, graffiti, tag)

The characteristics of this style

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The streetwear style is a real phenomenon, relating the clothing model of these young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods, who have no means to buy high end clothes and dress according to their possibilities. Nowadays, it inspires many designers and is becoming part of the new trends all over the world.

This clothing look is characterized by its more masculine, casual and also sportswear side. It ends up seducing many followers around the world. The important thing is not really the appearance of the garment, but the way to wear it. The concept is based on originality, authenticity and freedom of movement.

Who is affected by this trend ?

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Originally, the streetwear look is of interest to young people, who are attached to the street culture. Over time, it attracts different categories of people, from all generations and all socio-economic classes. There is no age limit to wear a streetwear jacket or coat, for both men and women. The style appeals to the youngest as well as to the most discerning of luxury enthusiasts. It is even becoming a choice piece in our wardrobe and a mainstream item in its own right.

According to a study conducted by a specialized site, streetwear style represents about 10% of the global clothing market in 2019. It is more than just a clothing look, which has currently become a must-have for some celebrities in several major cities around the world such as Pharrell Williams, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. Many rappers, influencers and other well-known figures of modern fashion have popularized it recently. But the concept is not limited to the way of dressing. It also concerns the way of life, the way of thinking and expressing oneself, in short the personality


Why wear jackets and coats ?

streetwear jacket

In general, a jacket describes a garment with long sleeves and open front. It allows to wrap the upper part of the body with a maximum length at the hip. The jacket is dedicated to be worn over various other clothes, such as a shirt, T-shirt or polo. In winter, it is even possible to put it under a coat. This variant of the jacket has several variations: techwear, sports, indoor, outdoor, etc., some of which are increasingly luxurious.

The jacket can make up a clothing ensemble. There are different models depending on the season. Among others, a parka is used to keep you warm in winter. The long models often have practical pockets to slip your frozen hands. Otherwise, you can choose the aviator bombers. Coats are thicker to protect you from the cold.


Which streetwear jackets and coats to choose ?

streetwear jacket

Originally, streetwear translates to a baggy T-shirt, hoodie with oversized sneakers and a cap like California basketball players walking down the street. It's also possible to use other pieces without straying from the soul of the style. Jackets and coats are outerwear, allowing you to withstand drops in temperature and withstand the harshest of weather conditions. There are a multitude of choices to evoke movement.

Denim jackets

Timeless, the denim jackets are the most appreciated by the great designers. It is a must-have nowadays to adopt a more casual streetwear look. This type of clothing does not age with time and can compete favorably with the most modern clothing. Combining streetwear and retro, this classic is well suited to bring a more vintage touch to an outfit.

You can wear it with jeans, with a beautiful dress in spring or with a hoodie in the same style. Different cut variations are available on the market such as cropped, fitted, extra-long, extra-wide, etc. The "flared" look is currently back to set a more casual and relaxing atmosphere. Despite the presence of modern varieties, denim jackets preserve the rugged textile, brought up to date


Hooded jackets

streetwear hooded coat

A printed hooded windbreaker jacket is ultra-trendy to adopt a street style in the right way. It provides protection from the elements while accentuating the trend in an impeccable manner. Thanks to the materials that make up this jacket, it is an excellent choice for sheltering from the wind and rain, while preserving the trendy and fashionable style. Add to that its comfortable fit and urban design for a unique street look.

The teddy jacket

teddy streetwear

The teddy jacket has its origins in the United States. It is an emblematic outfit of the American university sportsmen to mark their belonging to a team. Nowadays, it is part of the inevitable pieces of streetwear style. Depending on the season, a model can be in leather or cotton.

The coats

Coats keep you warm while adding an urban touch during the winter seasons. They evoke elegance with their oversized style. With a beanie, the outfit will be perfect to keep a relaxed look.

Waterproof jackets

It is possible to protect yourself from harsh weather conditions while expressing the look with street waterproof jackets. These garments are perfect for staying dry and warm during the cooler seasons. Thanks to functional pockets, they are very practical for an urban style.

The down jacket

streetwear jacket

An oversized down jacket is a puffy jacket, very convenient, comfortable and timeless to shelter from the cold wind and bad weather. It is perfectly suited to display a more casual style both in late fall and winter. It is a variant of the warm jacket, which is characterized by its high collar and the great ease of movement it offers.

The parkas

For the past few years, these military-inspired coats with a long cut have interested many people in terms of warm clothing. Practical and elegant, they are available on the market today in a multitude of varieties: waterproof, with lining, hood or removable fur. It's up to each person to find what suits their style, color, design, cut, etc. Parkas are distinguished by the presence of several functional pockets.

The criteria of choice to take into account

streetwear windbreaker

Knowing these different types of streetwear jackets and coats, it's time to know which one to choose. A coat to face the winter cold and bad weather or a jacket to give style in cool season? The first one in particular is dedicated to the Siberian coolness and the second one can withstand a milder temperature. However, it is essential to take into account different criteria of choice.

First, base the selection on your expectations. As mentioned above, jackets and coats can each have specific uses. Then comes the design. There is a wide range of models on the market. The main thing is to find what corresponds to your style and your feeling or what reveals your personality, but in no case what others think.

How to choose your coat ?

Parkas are the most efficient to optimize mobility. Otherwise, down jackets are among the most preferred to avoid having the tip of the nose frozen. However, it is necessary to consider the cut, the color and the quality. Some models have thin linings, and others contain furs to keep warm during the most extreme temperature drops. You should choose a size larger than the one you usually use to be comfortable inside.

How to choose your jacket ?
streetwear coat

Jackets are best used when the weather is more benevolent, mainly during the off-season, between spring and summer or between summer and fall. A model dedicated to the mid-season is highly recommended. For some time now, windbreakers have become a piece of choice because they help stop the infiltration of cold air in the spring. They are characterized by their convenience and lightness, which makes them easy to wear. These types of jackets are a techwear lover's delight to highlight the modern techno look to an outfit. Storage pockets are found throughout to accommodate your belongings. Leather jackets also keep out the drafts while offering a cooler look.

The timeless Teddy brings a real look for everyday sports or student life while remaining comfortable, warm and most importantly stylish. It is often equipped with a snap closure. This jacket is a versatile urban outfit that can be easily adapted to other street clothes. In addition, its cotton fabric provides a great soft touch and optimal comfort. If you want to step out of the ordinary, reflective jackets are for you. They are reserved for people who want to remain visible at night like cyclists or some workers.


How to wear a streetwear jacket or coat ?

streetwear jacket

Streetwear jackets and coats are usually streetwear, but it is possible to wear them in a stylish way as long as you use the right pieces. Among other things, jackets with a short and tight fit are perfect for showing off a great figure. They can also reveal a neat and chic look for business offices. Printed streetwear, ethnic patterns or flashy colors are the missing piece to break the sober design.

TENSHI™ streetwear jackets and coats

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You don't want to lose the soul of streetwear style when the cold winter weather arrives. Tenshi will prepare you to face it with our huge collection of jackets and coats with exceptional designs. Both men and women will find something to suit them with our windbreakers, quilted jackets with aviator collars, down jackets, sports coats, waterproof jackets, reflective jackets, denim jackets, and more.

Tenshi's streetwear jackets and coats are the perfect way to stay warm and stylish on a daily basis, despite the cold. Timeless, they are one of the key pieces during the winter or spring season while making a style statement. Jackets can actually be light, but they allow you to defend yourself against the cold drafts of spring. They are usually of interest to techwear or streetwear enthusiasts for this period.

These types of clothes go perfectly with other casual, casual or sporty outfits. Aestheticism and comfort will be in the spotlight. Each of the elements of the collection is specially designed by professional designers, with advanced technology. Its cut is slightly wide to optimize the movement of the wearer. In addition, it fits all morphologies.

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