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T-shirts for your streetwear collection

Streetwear clothe worn at any time of the year, the t-shirt has several functions. If some of them allow you to play sports, others have been designed to sleep. Available in many colors or cuts, t-shirts suit all tastes.

The t-shirt is originally an underwear

In the beginning, the short sleeve t-shirt was used by the American working class men who worked in the factory, in the 19th century. It was then under the overalls. But in 1919, the US Navy, the marine division of the American army, quickly adopted it as a regulation undershirt, because it was easy to wash. Indeed, it could absorb perspiration and was washed regularly, unlike the uniform. The t-shirt was then knitted in light cotton, with a round neck and short sleeves.

It is its "t" shape, reminiscent of a shirt, which will give it its name of tee-shirt.

We often hear the comparison with the French marinière. This garment was also created by the navy but this time French. In 1858, the French sailors made themselves more visible thanks to its 21 white and 20 indigo stripes. Made of cotton, the marinière is not a t-shirt but looks like one.

If the creation of the T-shirt can be confused with the French invention, its democratization will be made by the Americans. In the 1930s, the appearance of this outfit on the actor Clark Gable in the film New York-Miami will make the t-shirt in the category of outerwear.
The international stars of the 1950s, James Dean and Marlon Brando, popularized the T-shirt as they were often seen wearing it. The movie La Fureur de vivre, in which James Dean appears, will transform this garment into a reference casual clothing. Today, the T-shirt is worn every day of the year and is a wardrobe essential.

From the simple Tee to the Oversize T-shirt, variations for all tastes
Streetwear T-shirts

The t-shirt originally had a round neck. Its historical manufacturers were Fruit of the Loom, Jockey, Hanes and Sears-Roebuck. The advantage of this collar is that it can blend in with any outfit. Now, there are many different collars, allowing each to offer unique styles.

The v-neck is now a basic. It is perfect for people who have a small or very wide neck because it is a solution to refine it. Don't hesitate to combine it with a sweater with the same collar for a coherent look.

For those who are more casual, the flared collar will suit you perfectly. This model frees the shoulders, giving it a cool side. You should not hesitate to choose it loose because it has a cut close to the body, which feminizes the bust. For a streetwear style, choose the Oversize t-shirt.

The last variant is the rocker style. The short sleeves are the main characteristic of this t-shirt. It is even a basic rock look. Several brands like Asos or Zara offer models with rolled up sleeves to suit those who want to have a style like Danny Zuko.

How to choose your t-shirt

Choosing a cotton t-shirt, it is not only interested in the collars as we have seen previously. It is also possible to play on the length of the sleeves, to be less cold and approach different styles.

So we find the short sleeves, which are the most common, but also the long sleeves, which completely cover the arms. Between the two, there are the ¾ sleeves, which stop just below the elbow, or the 7/8 which they do not hide the wrist. The manufacture of this type of shirt and their use vary mostly with fashion.

If you can play on the sleeves or the collar, it is also possible to choose the cut that you want. Men who are proud of their muscles and want to show them off turn to t-shirts that are close to the body. Those who want to be comfortable in their clothing can turn to these cuts or opt for larger ones like Oversize t-shirts. Obviously, men with a large shoulder and/or chest will opt for the larger sizes.

Among the existing cuts, there is for example the so-called tall-tee. The sizes are the same but the cut is longer, going down below the belt. It's ideal for sports training, but also to show his streetwear or skater look.

Choosing your t-shirt is a step not to be neglected because having a garment whose size does not please you or does not fit you, is quite disturbing. Be sure to take your chest size and your shoulder size in order to make the best possible choice when buying your Oversize t-shirt or tshirt.

T-shirts in streetwear style

Beyond the cuts and collars, wearing a t-shirt is to display a certain style. Some people opt for a simple and sober look while others prefer to be fashionable or provocative or even humorous.

Tshirt soba streetwear Tenshi

By wearing a garment about Asian culture, you make your taste for it visible and you finally identify yourself with a certain group. On Tenshi, you can find the best selection of oversized streetwear t-shirts in this theme, such as the Soba t-shirt which is one of the best-sellers.

In case your taste is in fashion, the brands Jake&Jones, Eleven Paris, Cipo&Baxx and Black Kaviar are the ones to watch out for. The more provocative men will find their account at Red Bridge, Maskulin, Yakuza, Ghettosport and Dangerous DNGRS. All these brands offer a wide range of Oversize t-shirts that will suit you.

A garment that offers many possibilities

Wearing a t-shirt is to combine it with the rest of your clothes to adopt a perfect style. You can thus alternate regularly between your pieces and adapt to a large number of circumstances.

The variety of cuts allows you to create an impressive stock of outfits. A white t-shirt, worn close to the body, can be combined with a colored blazer, jeans and sneakers to create a casual look. If it's not white, it can be a solid color to pair with chino pants to appear casual. V-neck t-shirts are worn with a suit jacket to give the man a trendy but cool look.


A sober t-shirt with a small sports logo will be perfect allies to create a sporty outfit. Pair it with a jogging suit to be comfortable and feel as strong as a great athlete.

The possibilities are endless and will depend on your creativity. The advantage of the t-shirt is that it can be adapted to any type of pants and shoes. You can wear a pair of loafers, classic shoes, a pair of sneakers and have a style that you will like and be fashionable.


A garment that stands the test of time

The reason why the T-shirt is still so popular is that it offers so many possibilities today. Those who like the humorous style know this well. The Internet has transformed the consumption of this product, offering specialised sites and particularly fast delivery.

Now it is possible to create, personalise and print your own T-shirt, and all from home. People who want to have a unique garment, with quirky and funny phrases will be delighted to be able to create what they really want to wear. You can even add logos and images on the chest, stomach, shoulders and back. Among the sites that allow you to personalise your clothing are Spreadshirt, Lateliertexile, Teamshirts and Teefactory. Finally, creating and printing your own Oversize t-shirt allows you to have a unique style that is unique to you.

tshirt streetwear

As we know, fashion changes again and again. For example, the 90's were traditionally associated with overalls. Today, we see them but in a minority. The t-shirt has the particularity of going through time and still being a product worn during the four seasons.

This season, fashion is all about colourful oversized T-shirts. The current trend is to wear clothes with Asian prints. Tenshi offers a wide range of products to match this current fashion. Our designers are always working to create clothes that match this identity so that you can wear high quality Oversize t-shirts. So there's plenty to please you and make you look particularly trendy!

T-shirts with exotic prints are products that are often linked to adventure and travel. There are also T-shirts with large writing and photo prints. Eye-catching, you won't go unnoticed wearing this. For those who prefer to keep it simple, plain t-shirts are timeless pieces that have the advantage of being worn at all times and with any piece.

For those living near the sea and those going on holiday, a t-shirt with red or yellow stripes will make you look good on the beach this summer. Those who are nostalgic or proud to be French, for example, can opt for blue stripes reminiscent of the marinière.

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