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Streetwear and sportswear shorts

You feel cool and fresh when you wear cargo shorts or ultra stylish streetwear shorts latest trend, but you never asked yourself what is the history of shorts? How it was introduced in the society and its ability to always be part of our wardrobe until now?

Streetwear shortsShorts are too often confined to the very bare world of summer and the beach, (think mini shorts instead). We rarely associate this must-have accessory of our summers with elegance, fashion or street style. But that wasn't always the case. In this article we'll talk about the history of shorts in general, the introduction of streetwear into fashion, and the ability for jogging shorts to look great on all body types.

History of shorts 

History of shorts


In search of freshness and lightness especially in summer time, men have started to call for shorts in their wardrobes for some time now. It's a piece that is part of us today, but that wasn't always the case!

Shorts didn't always have the same name as they do today. It appeared towards the end of the 19th century under the name of short pants. They were exclusively for men and were only worn during physical activity in order to let the air through and to make outdoor sports more enjoyable. At the beginning, they looked more like Bermuda shorts than real shorts, because the dress code of the time strictly forbade to reveal too much of one's body in society, under penalty of being very badly seen, or even being totally illegal.

Men's shorts have now had their place in men's fashion for quite some time. Far from being in a single style, shorts are now available in different models as are pants, so there is something for everyone.

When summer is approaching and the smell of the beach is already invading every place you go, swim shorts are an ideal piece for this summer period. When you wear them, you feel free as a bird, on the verge of nudity, and it is certain that they offer a certain comfort that no other garment can offer. You can enjoy a wide choice of colors that will never make you feel ashamed, because it's summer!

If you are a sporty person looking for a piece of clothing that will make you happy, the shorts are THE SOLUTION. If you want to play soccer or basketball with your friends, and enjoy endless and fluid movements, don't forget that the maxi shorts, although very loose, will never make you feel ashamed. I see you in the corner of my eye, you who prefer to wallow on the couch rather than practice sports, this type of shorts suits you perfectly.

Between 1920 and 1930, it was declined in more feminine versions and entered the fashion a few years later to finally conquer the streets. Emblem of feminism and individual freedoms alongside the miniskirt, it will become shorter and shorter.

Today, it can be worn at any age and by any gender, without any complexes, whether it is to go to the beach, to walk in the street or to buy a baguette at the local bakery on a warm Sunday morning.

History of cargo shorts 

First of all, you should know that cargo shorts did not look like this at all in the beginning. We can even say that it was much longer and was not worn by everyone, quite the contrary.
short cargo streetwear

We speak first about cargo pants, a rather wide piece of clothing, provided with big pockets being able to welcome many trinkets. Being an integral part of the military outfit, the cargo pants were put by the English army in 1938 and then introduced in the United States, always in a military frame in the 40s. The width of the pants was to help during physical exercises in order not to disturb the men of the battalion during their trainings or expeditions. The large pockets were designed to allow the soldiers to carry maps, bandages and other important things for first aid. The cargo shorts are directly inspired by the military cargo pants, whether it is in its wide and comfortable cut or its over size pockets.

History of the tracksuit 

The tracksuit was a garment that was originally designed to be worn over the sportswear of runners and other athletes at the Olympic Games, in order to be able to get on the track very quickly without needing to go to the locker room, while being able to cover the body of the athletes between rounds with the popular belief that if the musculature or the body in general of a sportsman cooled down, it would damage his physical performance. It was in 1964 that the Adidas brand marketed the first tracksuits to the general public for sports purposes. It is only from the 80's, with the craze of the sportwear and streetwear style which we will talk about later that the tracksuit enters the fashion for real! After the 90's and the advancement of rap and hip hop, the tracksuit is now sold separately, the jacket alone and the pants alone, and enters in the women's fashion. Nowadays, who can boast of never having worn a tracksuit, whether it's to go to college, to the town hall, for an outing with friends or simply to run around the local stadium and whistle at the pretty girls?

Street Wear and Sportwear 

Streetwear, or clothing worn in the street, has its origins in the 80s in New York with the rise of rap, hip hop and skateboarding. It is a clothing style that is inspired by many other things such as rasta and graffiti. A fashion that never stops evolving and that today stands out thanks to jean jackets, faded and torn pants, sweatpants, cargo shorts, a cap and why not colorful T-Shirts with funny slogans. Comfortable and design, this clothing style fits everyone and fits well with a universal youth who moves every day.

The sportswear begins its history at the beginning of the 20th century. Fashion designers started to think about new clothing and materials that were optimal for sports such as golf or tennis. This is how the history of sportswear began, in order to seduce people who were wealthy and wanted to practice physical activities while keeping elegance and class, several designers began to manufacture pieces only dedicated to sportsmen or women. As a form of social distinction, during the eighteenth century the joys of sport developed for wealthy people, and with them the need to have suitable outfits and that is how the first outfits for ladies in cavalry appeared. But I'm not going to bore you with history lessons that date back too long on women's dresses dedicated to sports that looked awfully like quite normal dresses worn at that time.

designer Rene Lacoste


Let's talk about more recent fashion, for example, the famous tennis champion and designer René Lacoste who created high quality shirts for the general public, and many other designers have created clothes that, although adapted to sports, could be worn in other contexts.

It goes without saying that today, sportswear fashion is extremely popular, and this gain in interest was undoubtedly due to the cultural and musical movements that surrounded it, but also undoubtedly thanks to the comfort provided by these clothes, which know how to adapt to each of our movements without ever making us feel uncomfortable. Comfort, style and affordability, that's what the tracksuit offers us.


How to wear shorts, whether cargo or sportswear ?

All those winter mornings when you forced yourself to get out of bed and go to the gym despite the horrible cold are finally paying off. Your legs have been trained to perfection, and now it's time to reward them for their hard work with a brand new pair of stylish shorts.

More than just pulling them up over your legs, there is an art to choosing the right shorts to accentuate your attributes and personal style in the right way. There will be those who doubt the sartorial sophistication of shorts, but to them we say don't read this article.

It's really not that difficult. Just remember the rule: not too long (these are not pants), not too short.

In order to choose your shorts, it is very important to choose a cut that fits you and your body, so you will never look like a balloon, nor to be too tight that it is at the waist or crotch. Because apart from having a lot of style and class, it is important to feel comfortable. There are many women today who appreciate cargo shorts or tracksuit because it is a style that is theirs, it is likely that they are real tigresses, women of character!
You can come and pick from our range of super comfortable and high quality streetwear shorts, made from quality fabrics that will guarantee you a silky effect to be at the top of fashion without getting tired of it!

If you want to go for a sporty look, cargo shorts or sport shorts are certainly the ideal option for you to combine comfort and style! Their loose and layered cuts offer a feeling of freedom and well-being to the wearer. The type of fabric is also important, in cotton or in a fleece material, you will always feel comfortable without ever wanting to go back to the jeans too tight!

If you don't know what to wear with this type of shorts, it might be time to think about the loose, wide and long t-shirt that are very trendy at the moment, in order to imitate the greatest rappers, dancers, or simply to accentuate the streetwear side of your outfit! But it is also possible to mix the style and opt for shirts closer to the body that will make a real contrast ... Who said that you can not combine comfort and class? Try to always choose quality fabrics like cotton to avoid any bad surprises like buttons during the first sweaty spurt.

streetwear short  tenshi

For an ultra classy adventurer style, but also for those who always have plenty of things to put in their pockets, the cargo shorts are ideal! As we said above, they have been tailored to always have room to store your trinkets ... You'll never run out of space with Cargo shorts while keeping a real class. However, to avoid a fashion faux pas, never wear a tank top with these shorts to avoid a sloppy or camping style.

Shorts ... There is really something for everyone, eh? gym shorts, boardies or cotton. Another variant of the perfect shorts for the beautiful days is the linen shorts. The material is synonymous with summer clothing because it is highly breathable, lightweight and has an excellent texture. So it's no surprise that linen shorts have expanded beyond their suiting limitations to populate more mainstream menswear staples like aviator jackets, casual shirts and, of course, shorts. Anyway, you will obviously find your happiness by browsing our site, especially if you prefer streetwear and sportswear shorts !

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