Techwear Pants

Techwear Pants  

Techwear is a trend that cannot be ignored today. Usually able to protect you from the elements, this style of clothing is comfortable, stylish and practical.

You'll see for yourself once you have the time to try one of these pieces. As far as techwear pants in particular are concerned, you should know that it is a completely different model from ordinary pants with a futuristic and minimalist design. This trend comes directly from Japan and stands out for its originality and technology that allow you to enjoy a functional garment. Our collection of techwear pants will give you a lot to choose from, as each model is irresistible

A little reminder about techwear
Techwear style

To start, a little reminder is in order. So, techwear is a trend that has recently been successful. Unlike streetwear, which is a clothing style since the 80s, it is a more modern version. Techwear is distinguished by its colors, the type of fabric used to make the pieces, the cut or the assembly.

This style of clothing is usually a combination of cargo pants and a vest of any cut. However, it touches several other pieces such as underwear, socks and socks. In addition to this, there are various accessories, namely belts, bags or jewelry.

Origin of Techwear

You may already know that techwear style was inspired for mountaineers in the 70s. Back then, every piece was designed for sporty purposes to help climbers do their climbing in the right conditions. Indeed, the goal was to help them climb mountains while facing the weather in comfort.

This style was inspired by Japanese clothing. Today, techwear is embraced by young people and it is almost common to wear a windproof jacket with cargo pants and a pair of original shoes. Moreover, these clothes are equipped with an impressive technological advance.

Founding idea

The idea of techwear is to acquire performance, but also to offer a functional garment that will always be practical at any time. You should also not forget the comfort that it can bring you in its original design. Moreover, the techwear can be accompanied by other clothes like shirts, T-shirts and other accessories while bringing you a unique urban or futuristic style..


The materials used for the design of techwear are subjected to a whole range of tests to achieve good resistance. Thus, they have thermal, water-repellent, insulating and resistant properties. And when we talk about resistance, we also mean their resistance to fire. Added to this is the breathability of techwear. That said, the main materials are Gore-Tex, Sympatex and Cordura. All this makes techwear a trend that cannot be ignored..

The techwear pants

The techwear pants

Specifically, techwear pants are just as interesting as jackets. While the classic pants are often minimized, the techwear pants have a different design that guarantees overall comfort. This way you can enjoy all the benefits that techwear pants can bring you.

There are several models of this type of pants that are different from the classic pants. This allows you to follow a trend that will not be forgotten anytime soon. Moreover, it is an opportunity to enjoy the Japanese fashion that will surely be a fashion style adopted by the general public. We offer you a wide range of techwear pants that will surely give you an embarrassment of choice.

The advantages of techwear pants

The techwear pants

The techwear pants bring a lot of advantages that you will surely not be able to resist. Especially since in a while, this fashion will no longer be a simple niche fashion, but a trend for the general public.


Japanese futuristic art styles have a lot of influence on techwear. So, if you have a weakness for Japanese products, the aesthetics are there. Moreover, most of the techwear pants are grey or black. Grey evokes simplicity, elegance or kindness while black inspires futurism or the military style of the 80s. The techwear pants are perfect if you like discreet colors. It is also a piece that matches perfectly with your wardrobe.

Water resistance

The materials used in techwear are usually weather resistant fabrics. If you choose techwear pants, you'll be sure not to get wet during bad weather. Of course, no one wants to get wet in the rain. You will see for yourself that your techwear pants can serve you as a raincoat, because they do not retain any rainwater thanks to their water repellency.

This quality is possible thanks to the ingenious idea of the creators of Gore-Tex by transforming Teflon into a thin waterproof membrane. Moreover, this material can perfectly let water vapor pass through, which allows you to benefit from an optimal comfort, whatever the weather.


You will have understood it, a techwear pant can provide you with an optimal comfort. You will be able to wear them in all circumstances while allowing you a freedom of movement. You will also see a big difference between techwear pants and classic pants. The latter is cut according to a standard design, while the techwear style is made according to a system that allows it to automatically adapt to your movements without the fabric tearing. For this, its design requires clips at the knee.


The techwear pants are so exceptionally designed that they can offer you unparalleled practicality. Indeed, it is a piece that makes your life much easier, as you can both carry several items while traveling and stay dry in case of rain. You guessed it, the techwear pants are especially equipped with several pockets of different sizes. In addition, there are compartment bags with removable attachments. So, it's the perfect garment if you can't part with your various items like your keys, cell phone, tablet and other tools. You can even put a water bottle in it..


In addition to being extremely comfortable, the techwear pants are equipped with high technology that allows them to evacuate heat. This means you can wear them for all seasons, even during the summer, without having to deal with sweat from the heat. This can prevent it from not being sticky. That's all the more reason for you to choose techwear pants instead of a classic model. And don't forget, the most important thing is that you wear a practical and comfortable pant that allows you to be comfortable in all circumstances.

The different models of techwear pants at TENSHI™

The techwear pants

Some brands offer models of techwear pants with different colors and patterns. Here at Tenshi, the models are more sober colors such as black, gray or army green. Our collection is made for those who are looking for a sleek model that is both functional and stylish. Each techwear pant we offer is inspired by Japanese styles. We would like to introduce you to the models we offer.

The models in black

The techwear pants

Black lovers will be happy at Tenshi. Enjoy elegance, rigor, sobriety and simplicity thanks to the black techwear pants. Available models include :

  • Nokutan" techwear cargo pants: Thanks to its perfect fit, these Nokutan cargo pants bring you a unique and simple style. It can provide you with an optimal comfort without forgetting its practicality. It is one of the most popular models and for proof, it never stays in stock for long.
  • Kakaro" techwear pants : Nobody can resist these Kakaro pants and their original style. Hard to compare with other models with its large pockets that allow you to bring your various items with you.
  • Tatsuno" techwear cargo pants : Original design, unique style and practical models, these "Tatsuno" cargo pants are a must-have model in your wardrobe. They are not just pants, but can be transformed into cargo shorts that you can wear in warm weather.
  • Sasori" techwear cargo pants : These techwear pants are made entirely of polyester which allows them to withstand all temperatures. Combining comfort and originality, it fits perfectly to your morphology. You have the choice between several sizes to have the one that suits you.
  • Kosuke" techwear cargo pants : This is a must-have model to adopt a stylish and unique look. Increasingly in demand by the general public, the techwear cargo pants "Kosuke" stands out from other models by its impressive cut.
  • USU" Faux Two Piece Techwear Cargo Pants : This is one of the newest and most original models. Its faux two-piece style makes it a very popular model. Its cut is simply irresistible and allows you to enjoy a comfortable pant that you can wear at any time.

Techwear Pants in grey

Another sober color that mainly evokes elegance, softness and calm. This color is perfect for techwear pants and represents a futuristic style. Among the models available on Tenshi, there are :

  • Funeno" techwear cargo pants: This model is extremely irresistible thanks to its gray color that perfectly suits its cut. Made entirely of cotton and polyester, it has very practical pockets that can be useful on the go. These techwear "Funeno" cargo pants are also available in black.
  • Nohara" Techwear Cargo Pants: These pants are ideal if you're looking for a simple military style pant. They are specially designed with cotton and polyester. Its two-tone design is even more appealing. It also has large pockets with drawstrings that add even more originality.
  • Bushi" techwear samurai pants: Comfort, breathability, practicality... Almost all the reasons to choose these "Bushi" techwear samurai pants. They are ideally worn around the ankle. With a very wide crotch, it is a unique model that can be worn in the heat.
  • Baki" Techwear Cargo Pants: These "Baki" techwear cargo pants are a better choice for your city outings or hiking trips. Its polyester material makes it a resistant garment that allows you to face the bad weather. It's a lightweight pant despite its large pockets that guarantee plenty of storage space on your travels.
  • Wassamu" techwear pants: The cut of this model makes it an irresistible pant. You can perfectly adopt it in your wardrobe. Its casual style is typical of techwear and gives you an urban look full of originality. Its jogging design can allow you to move freely without damaging your garment. Moreover, you can transform it into an urban pant by simply opening the side zipper.

Green Techwear Pants

The green techwear pants

If you like the military style, you can choose a green techwear pants. We propose you some models which will seduce you for sure.

  • Techwear "Nishio" Pants: This model is inevitably a pant with a creative cut. It offers a modern and aesthetic design made with high quality material for a cutting edge style. Moreover, its two-tone look is simply irresistible. The Japanese script adds a touch of authenticity and originality.
  • 3 in 1 techwear pants "Saya": You will have understood, this 3 in 1 model is a jewel for techwear. This "Saya" model is one of the rare gems that offer you a stylish urban pant that can be transformed into shorts of different lengths in the blink of an eye. It also comes in a gunmetal green color that can be matched with any other piece of clothing in your wardrobe.
  • Manda" Techwear Cargo Pants: Choose one of the most popular techwear styles by opting for these "Manda" cargo pants. It can offer you the style you're looking for in a techwear model thanks to its aesthetic cut. Don't miss to add it to your wardrobe to complete your techwear collection.

To complete your techwear style