Docker hats

Docker hats : the ultimate vintage accessory !

Do you want to look urban inspired from head to toe? You may find endless sneakers to complement your style, but very few hats will fit the bill.

Are you tired of hats that all look the same? How about trying a brand new style! A perfect mix of casual and stylish, the docker hat is what's hot right now. A must-have accessory to be fashionable this year.

Docker hats : the story of the famous dockers !

Docker hats

Although they've only been trending for less than a year, docker hats are far from recent in origin. It is said that the first examples of dockers, also known as Miki Breton, date back to the 1930s!

Since then, they have occasionally been revisited and have become the favorite accessory of more than one celebrity before gaining their position of strength in streetwear.

A certain maritime origin

The primary function of these caps is far from being purely aesthetic! Basically, they were used in Icelandic ports by the hardworking dockers and laborers, hence their name. They protected their heads from the cold and humidity, but also from the shocks they were likely to receive.

The fishermen of that time did not hesitate to put it on board either. The great advantage of dockers' caps is that they do not cover their ears. They could therefore perceive the sounds of the waves and wind with more clarity, without being exposed to the icy cold of the sea.

Another version states that these caps come from Brittany, which would half explain the nickname Miki Breton. Miki, on the other hand, would mean :

  • Mi, for half,
  • and Ki… we wouldn't be telling you too much. With a little deduction, we are more oriented towards headgear or beanie.

Basically, all this to say that it is a short hat: a minimalist bisyllabic definition in its image.

It seems that it was very well known in this region, worn by sailors by day and by night. It quickly became a symbol of Brittany that every proud Breton exhibited. From there, these caps without visor would have been popularized a little everywhere.

One thing is certain, whatever their real origin, these hats were very famous among dockers and sailors around the world, now almost 100 years ago.

The Breton Miki : impossible to miss !

the Breton miki

The dockers' caps have also known glory under other skies :

  • Around the same time, they were adopted by the U.S. Navy. This is how soldiers who were on guard at night stayed warm. Like many other military streetwear trends, this version was the origin of the current concept.

  • Docker hats were also part of the uniform of the very first students in the United States. Its plates were made of the colors of each university.

  • But it wasn't until the late 2000s that Miki Bretons became full-fledged fashion items for the first time. They took their artsy side from hipster directors and filmmakers who made them their modern emblem.

  • Skateboarders eventually caught this wave, and passed it on to the rest of the sportswear and urban culture fans.

Appeared in the cult film Léon in the 90s, and forever engraved in memory with the image of Commander Cousteau: the Miki hat have always been a promising model and they have finally had their moment of glory.

The design of the docker hats

The Docker hats design

Halfway between a cap and a beanie, the Miki Breton is a trendy sailor hat. Although it is a vintage accessory, it meets all the requirements of contemporary fashion.

How are docker hats made? The manufacturing process is similar to that of baseball caps in every way, with one exception. Once the crown of the hat is ready, i.e. all 6 panels are sewn together, the peak is not added.

It is a cap that has had its peak removed, not the other way around. As a proof, on the new varieties, there is a semblance of a rolled up visor which gives it a more worked aspect.

The borderline shape of the current dockers has properties recognizable among a thousand. What differentiates the cap without visor and makes it unique is :

  • A high insert: like the original dockers, it does not cover the ears, only the top of the head. The base of the docker hat is sometimes flush with the eyebrows, but never reaches the back hairline, and has no overhang.

  • A cut that perfectly fits the head: it adapts to its slightest curves, which makes it more stable, especially without the visor. No risk that it falls with such an aerodynamic design!

  • Materials of design vary greatly: making it an all-purpose hat for both winter and summer. It can be made of wool or thick fabrics to fight the cold, or of cotton and materials that resemble those of caps.

The great return of the Breton's Miki 

Docker hats design

Nearly a century later, the sea breeze finally drove the dockworkers to the street. Stranded in an era where streetwear is constantly evolving, they were quick to surf this new wave.

In a short time, they have become a reference in modern headwear. They compete with other hats like the beret, the trawler or the bob.

Docker hats : a must-have accessory !

Cool docker hats

To think that not so long ago, only skateboarding enthusiasts thought that docker hats were a must-have. No one would have believed that this original cap format had what it takes to be a trend in itself.

Nowadays: hipsters and sportsmen; hip-hop and streetwear lovers; classic or casual, all agree that the revamped docker hat complements any look.

The streetwear heyday of the past decade has been a major contributor to the spread of this fashion. The first to adopt this trend were the Asians. Reebok's and Stetson's docker hat are now real hits. Even Obey has added dockers to its collection of hats.

You can also find them at other popular retailers likeZara, Barts and Mackie. There's even a French brand focused entirely on Miki Breton. Béton Ciré has made a name for itself with its beautiful marine hats revisited.

One of the best unisex accessories !

Of course, there is no doubt that the dockers hat was originally dedicated to men and exuded virility and masculinity. However, this is not the case with the new models! With its refined and elegant component, women have also been attracted to this little treasure of urban fashion.

From now on, you will have no trouble finding Miki Bretons to your liking! Whether it's to complete a boyfriend outfit or to break up an overly feminine outfit, the docker hat will look great on you. Less bulky than a peaked cap and not as girly as other hat styles, it will quickly become your favorite.

Wearing a docker hat: all you need to know !

stylish docker hats

If you want to look stylish, you can't just pick any cap without a peak, or wear it any old way! If you want to incorporate it into your look, and get the urban look of your dreams without looking completely out of place, you'll need to follow these tips to the letter.

1. Structure your look

Before you buy a docker hat, you need to know what you're going to wear it with. Depending on your style, the Miki Breton model you need will vary greatly.

Obviously, with a classic dockers cap, you can stay with the theme and get a nautical look. Oilskins, sailors and horseback riders will go perfectly with it!

However, to be more fashionable this summer, caps without a peak would be a better choice. This is what will give you the sporty or streetwear style you need.

With a hoodie and a pair of sneakers, you'll look like a sports addict. If you go for a minimalist look or printed T-shirts, you'll be named king of streetwear.

2. The color of your docker hat

The color of your cap is entirely up to you. It all depends on your preferences and what you are used to wearing.

Originally, navy blue was the typical color of a dockers cap. The most classic variations are black, red or gray.

The problem is that it doesn't look very streetwear! Fortunately, the new collections have more modern colors.

There are plenty of flashy colors that you might like. If, on the other hand, you want to break up a colorful outfit, neutral tones like those of our "Yuza" docker hats are exactly what you need..

3. The material : rather cap or bonnet ?

Textiles make all the difference for Miki Bretons :

  • To keep the basic pattern, the docker hat, it is best to opt for woolen. It is the best option in cold weather
  • For a summer docker hat, you'll find variations in cotton, denim or leather.

4. Details and finishes

It is accepted that a cap without a visor should be as simple as possible. The overdone makes it lose all its charm. Printed patterns that are too heavy or badges that are too bulky should be banned.

To give a little pep and an aesthetic touch to your Miki Bretons, a little detail would not be refused. A little something that will make them stand out from the crowd, like our "Weed" docker hat model, will help you stand out from the crowd.

5. How to wear your docker hat

The advantage of the Miki Bretons is that they fit everyone! Whether you are small or large, it will fit you like a glove. Even if you have a big head, you'll be able to adjust the circumference with the strap or the velcro, so you really have no excuse.

With its unique shape, the cap will fit your head no matter how big or small it is. So you don't have to hammer it in like a nail to make sure it doesn't fall off. Try to make it fit snugly, without ever going past your hairline.

If you want to look cool and a little rocky, you can angle it back just a little. Be careful not to move it too far back because it may not hold. If you're leaning more towards a skater or hip-hop look, you can wear it backwards, just like any other hat. With a cap like our "Welcome" peaked cap, it will show off the decorative pattern on the back.

Don't worry about hair, the new docker hats work well with any length. You can let your hair down in the front for a more casual look. However, if you're going to take it off later, it's best to have dry hair when you put it on. Wet hair can be flat after you take the cap off, so you'll need to blow dry to keep the volume up.

Now that you know all about the new Miki Bretons, what are you waiting for to try some? Already very trendy last year, docker hats are this summer's must-have. It's the secret to turn heads wherever you go! Check out our latest collection now.

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