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Inspired by Japanese culture and Western streetwear codes. The online shop TENSHI™ combines the best of both worlds by bringing a unique touch, representing the new Asian streetculture. Discover Streetwear and Techwear clothes that are out of the ordinary, with styles more stunning than the others

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About us

TENSHI™ is a streetwear clothing store, born in 2017. Through our online store, we offer you a wide range of urban clothing, but also techwear, inspired by the Asian culture and mainly Japanese.

Our founders are two friends from the Parisian suburbs who grew up in the 1990s. This geographical area and their origins allowed them to be in contact with various cultures, which is an infinite source of inspiration. Passionate about anime and manga, and lovers of fashion and hip-hop culture, The streetwear culture has always been present in their daily lives.

During a trip to Tokyo in January 2017, our two founders were marked by the Japanese urban culture. After a second trip to Japan and a memorable passage through Hong Kong, they decided to embark on this streetwear journey. TENSHI™ was born.

Their goal is to develop a universe that results from a mix between their youthful influences and the Asian streetwear culture (whether Japanese, Korean or Chinese). This one is not well known in the West, but deserves more attention. It is with this idea that TENSHI™ appeared in the streetwear world.

Our vision

TENSHI™ wants to bring its own touch. We work to offer diverse, original and innovative creations, with colorful themes, ranging from fluorescent to reflective. Everyone will find a garment that suits them. But they are also artistic and inspiring pieces, for both men and women.

Our collections aim to deliver premium quality products, we work with carefully selected suppliers in China and Japan. The clothes and accessories are made to be worn daily in a pure street style. With this in mind, we have decided to offer on our shop streetwear essentials allowing you toexpress your style in any situation.

The journey requires the full attention of our founders. That's why they work full time to offer you the best possible pieces and to reach their ambitions. Their dream is to expand internationally and open two physical stores, one in Paris and the other in Toronto..


Our Japanese streetwear collections

You want to stand out with a unique streetwear style? We offer you a series of unique pieces. You will be able to develop an original style, out of the ordinary. Here is our range, directly from Japan, or inspired by Japanese culture.


our must-have streetwear shirts

At TENSHI™, our collection of streetwear t-shirts offers a wide choice of designs, on the chest and on the back. Between manga characters and Japanese legend, each piece has a particular effect, which will not make you go unnoticed when wearing it. For example, the Hannya t-shirt features the ghost of a jealous woman, who according to Japanese legend, comes back to earth to take revenge.

Made of 100% cotton, our products are available in black, white, grey, yellow or red. From size M to XXL, our t-shirt models are adapted to everyone. Know that these sizes are Asian and different from those of the West.

For a fitted effect, we advise you to take a size bigger than the one you usually take. For a oversize streetwear t-shirt, we recommend you to choose 2 sizes above. If this effect we recommend the Blackstar or Tatsuo models! These t-shirts are unisex, so both men and women can enjoy them!

Hoodies, a streetwear essential

You will also be able to find our streetwear hoodies, so you won't be cold when the temperatures drop. Here too, pay attention to the Asian size and add one or two sizes depending on the effect you want to have.

Essential piece of the urban wardrobe and streetwear boss, You will find elegant and comfortable pieces thanks to their cotton/polyester fabrication. The hood will protect you from the rain and can be tightened with the drawstrings. The kangaroo pocket in the center allows you to store all kinds of objects safely.

streetwear hoodie Tenshi

You can also opt for a sober model, such as the "Tiny" Premium. This unpatterned sweatshirt is available in more than 11 colors, from basic black to radiant yellow and green..

And why not try a model with two different colors. The Nishiki hoodie succeeds brilliantly with black/beige and white/black combinations. This garment is even available in size 5XL!

Outstanding streetwear cargo pants

Cargo pants are also a streetwear essential. They are characterized by their two large side pockets that represent a significant storage space. We suggest these pants that will give you a streetwear style of the most memorable.

The size is Asian. A size chart, according to your height and weight will allow you to find the cargo pants adapted to your morphology. And don't panic, the drawstring at the waist or the velcro at the hems will allow you to really adjust it to your body according to your desires.

streetwear cargo pants

As for the cuts, you have two choices: the flared cut or the tightened cut. In terms of colors, the Karado model is multicolored and will attract the eyes on you. But the dark colors, like black or camouflage will allow you to mix it with any streetwear top.

equip yourself with our streetwear windbreakers

Sometimes the wind picks up and the gusts are particularly strong. The purpose of the windbreaker is not to feel this discomfort. Our creations will allow you to stay warm in any situation.

The Streetwear Windbreaker will be a real ally for your urban look, whether you are a man or a woman. The symbols, skillfully placed on the chest, back, of the jacket will pay tribute to the Japanese culture and atmosphere.

Streetwear Windbreaker tenshi

From M to XL, its polyester construction offers optimal protection. The large but adjustable hood will keep you dry when the rain comes.

The Natori model combines blue, white and orange for a unique look. The classic Tanza, in light or dark, and Towada, in black or beige, offer pockets on the front and sleeves to protect your smartphone and other items when the weather turns bad.

Jackets and coats to complete your streetwear style

On TENSHI™, we also offer you Streetwear Jackets and coats.

If you like hoodless models, Tenshi offers you the Fuchu and Shingo jackets. From M to XL, Fuchu offers a unique streetwear design; a collar that folds down and symbols on the back. The Shingo style has all the features to please you: purple color with reflective stripes on the back and pockets on the front.

The Reflektiv is a reflective jacket that will allow you to be seen even in bad weather conditions. Its sober color and neutral cut will give you the look of a classic jacket during the day, and shine at night.

But one of the best pieces is probably the Jaketto model. It is a windproof jacket with an unbeatable style. It will indeed make the happiness of the one who likes the techwear range. It's a good thing we have a special techwear collection!

Our Techwear clothes to combine style and technique

Techwear is a particular style of clothing. It is made of very specific materials, offering inimitable mobility and comfort. Coming from mountaineers of the 1970s, this type of clothing is both technical and neat. Our techwear collection offers a wide range of products.

On the top side, you will find hoodies and jackets. The Katori sweatshirt has a large tactical hood, allowing you to have an original piece in your streetwear collection. As for the bottoms, they are cargo pants that are available in techwear. The choice of colors is varied, from the timeless black to the original green or gray.

techwear clothing

And for accessories, the techwear panniers will make your storage space convenient and fun to use, along with an urban style. Finally, the techwear Gunma backpack offers a large storage capacity, in addition to its neat design.

Our Urban Backpacks

We also offer accessories with a more European streetwear look. The Urban backpacks Tenshi are totally in this register. To follow you in your adventures, our products will be of great use to you.

These exclusive models make it possible to take many products with you, without looking for a place to put them. In fact, the numerous pockets, spread all over the bag, have been designed to be easily used. On the sides, inside the large pocket, circular or rectangular in shape, there is room for all items!

tenshi streetwear backpack

This storage capacity is complemented by a unique design for a backpack. Our models are available in a variety of colors (red, beige, blue, etc.) and with several elements that match our distinctive style. The Kiso model features the popular rounded design on the upper back, while the Atsugi backpack has a more elongated shape.

Our amazing Chest bags

Don't want to carry a backpack and just want a small storage space? The chest bag will fit you perfectly !

tenshi chest bags

Streetwear can be combined very well with a storage bag. The chest bag is the perfect ally for daily transportation. It's surprisingly roomy and makes any outfit look great. The strap is adjustable so you can adjust it and wear it the way you want. A perfect streetwear accessory that can be worn around the neck or as a shoulder bag.

For those who want to store their belongings in an object so discreet that it is forgotten, the chest bag is made for him. In velvet or polyester, on the waist or on the chest, you will be able to keep your things on you while having a neat streetwear style. The Bunky tactical bag can be worn exclusively on the chest and can complete your techwear collection.

Push the originality with our Air Force 1 Custom

Streetwear is inseparable from sneakers. On TENSHI™, we offer a Air Force 1 custom collection. This unique Nike model has left its mark on the sneakers and the streetwear world. The best selling model in the world, the Air Force 1 is now available on our website in unique custom models.

air force one custom

They were indeed hand painted, with a remarkable precision. The remarkable level of detail will make your look unbeatable from head to toe. True artistic pieces, the AF1s are available to order because they require great attention.

The designs we offer with this collection are based on classics such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Rick and Morty and even Louis Vuitton. If you like the classic, the Blue Splash model will suit you. The Refletiv collection even features exclusive custom AF1 pairs. The Astro World pair will have you glowing by day and night.

Finally, in keeping with our identity, the AF1 custom Kanagawa takes up the work "The Wave", well known in Japan.

TENSHI™ Streetwear Blog

Tenshi is not only an online clothing store! We put at your disposal a streetwear and streetculture blog. You can find articles on major streetwear brands and thus discover their history, but not only.

So don't hesitate to visit it, you might just learn a few things!