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All about Techwear jackets

The clothing style knows from time to time evolutions. The techwear is a very particular look, which has become very trendy recently and which makes dream the amateurs of fashion and urban style.

This fashion specifically affects a young audience. It is in fact a look of clothes, shoes or accessories, made with high performance materials. Rather futuristic and mysterious, this style focuses more on its functional side than on its aesthetic side. If you are the kind of person who appreciates clothes that are both useful and practical, this is perfect for you. Different kinds of clothes adopt this style like trenchcoats, jackets, raincoats, t-shirts or also shoes. In the following we will discover all about Techwear jackets.

What is techwear ?

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Techwear is a clothing look composed of materials characteristic of style, with many important technical aspects, as indicated by its name. It also incorporates advanced technologies and design methods that bypass the traditional.

The designers of the style focus on the function of the outfits rather than their aesthetics. The futuristic effect is achieved by combining several technical materials and various items thanks to their functionality. Quality is not enough. Dedicated to be worn on a daily basis, techwear jackets, like all such garments, are designed to facilitate the movements of the wearer.

Each model has extraordinary properties. It is made with modern and new generation materials, very practical accessories and innovative cuts ensuring great mobility to its user. Techwear offers you the opportunity to stay in your urban style with more technical jackets.

As this technical look has become more and more popular, it knows several variations, including urban techwear, which is close to streetwearing, outdoor techwear for outdoor enthusiasts, techwear with a military tendency or techno-punk techwear version. Whatever it is, it's simply the same urban clothing you wear every day, except that it has a lot more technicality. They have the advantage of ensuring easy movement and mobility.

Many major fashion companies are even adopting this concept and introducing their own models on the market


The origin of the techwear style

techwear style

The techwear look didn't come out of nowhere. It was inspired by the first outfits adopted by mountaineers in the 1970s. At that time, these avid climbers needed technical clothing that could withstand the weather conditions for the exercise of this sport discipline. The method has expanded, such is the case of the composition of swimwear dedicated to teenagers. Also, the waxing of the fabric consisting of applying a coating on the fibers is necessary to make a piece more waterproof.

Workers have subsequently taken up the concept. They actually need practical, robust and quality clothing for their daily activities in the field. Over time, the movement has been democratized, has undergone some more technical innovations in order to obtain a more sophisticated, avant-garde and stylish touch. But the appearance of this ingenious concept coincides with the advent of Gore-Tex® in 1969. It was the first waterproof fabric of its kind that could let sweat through and preserve body heat.


The characteristics of the style
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Techwear, especially Urban Techwear, is at the most futuristic end of the fashion spectrum. This trend is one of the most daring of the moment. Thanks to its many technical materials, it benefits from various high-performance features: waterproofness, breathability, elasticity, etc. The fabric combines the characteristics of the trenchcoat that resists rain or moisture, those of waterproof sneakers and the waterproofness of T-shirts without seams. On the other hand, aesthetics is not always its focus.

Despite the extravagant and far from classic look, Techwear jackets have some amazing details that can certainly appeal to those who love new things and new technologies. It's a great look to stand out with a trend like no other.

These everyday garments have specific and practical properties thanks to their innovative designs, avant-garde cuts, innovative and unique materials used and ingenious accessories. 

The different types of Techwear jackets
techwear jackets

These modern and mysterious garments are taken from law enforcement, couriers and security guards. The accessories and cuts are derived from the style of military gear. Techwear jackets can meet any need for lightweight, yet warm, waterproof and breathable clothing. They are part of the most extensive range, which comes in two categories on the market. The "hardshells" models include waterproof pieces and the "softshells" models are for lighter, more flexible jackets. Whether it is one or the other, these clothes represent the quality of Urban Techwear.

Techwear hardshell jackets
techwear jackets

This category includes waterproof, water-repellent, breathable and windproof elements according to the basic technology. It can also include trench coats, jackets, parkas, etc. Each of these jackets is characterized by the presence of a breathable material and a detachable underlayer depending on the context to transform into a mini-doudoune. Thanks to these elements, they provide the most protection against the vagaries of the weather (torrential rain, snow, cold, etc.).

Hardshells can be made from a wide variety of technical fabrics, which are able to give them real rigidity. These range from Gore-Tex® to more experimental technologies. These jackets look great when first worn. Some Japanese designers choose to combine technical textiles with more classic cuts and accessories. Whatever the case, these techwear jackets correspond to the needs of sportsmen, soldiers or urbanites.


Some typical models
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The techwear coat is among others a perfect warm garment to face the winter while remaining very elegant. Timeless, this piece is one of the most trendy at the moment. Its futuristic design is well suited to show a more sporty style, but it also harmonizes perfectly with a casual or sporty look.

The windbreaker is dedicated to a little walk in the urban jungle during bad weather or rainy weather when you don't want to bother with an umbrella. Practical and more stylish, this piece is ideal to protect you from wind and humidity, in short from bad weather. It is also effective in terms of urban trend and is the basis of the style.

Techwear softshell jackets
techwear jackets

Unlike techwear hardshell jackets, softshells are more flexible and lighter. They offer much more freedom and comfort in terms of mobility. Even if these models are less waterproof, the materials used and the treatments applied still make them resistant to bad weather. Thanks to their lightness, they seem less bulky as a perfect alternative to the classic jacket, a bit like an improved version of the hoodie.

More and more manufacturers are producing lighter pieces, dedicated to being folded and stored in our bags like our old K-Ways of youth. Softshell jackets work best with dark and streetwear looks. They are very appreciated by some sportsmen who want ease of movement and comfort, such as joggers, cyclists, etc. while guaranteeing warmth and good breathability.

Why choose Techwear jackets ?

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Techwear jackets are very popular thanks to the different features of each element. Note that this clothing trend is mainly based on optimizing the functional and practical side of clothing. However, other properties distinguish them from other styles.

Sober, yet aesthetic quality
techwear jackets

This look favors functionality. It stands out by its discreet and sober aspect, with a minimalist character, without having to banish its aestheticism. There's no need to choose a Techwear jacket with a huge brand logo, bright colors or extravagant decorations to get you noticed. Most models even hide their zippers between the folds. The quality of all materials and techniques is paramount.

This trend is largely influenced by the neutral tones of avant-garde art styles, which emphasize darker, more subdued shades, especially the range of gray or black. Gray evokes simplicity, elegance and kindness. Black is more impressive, futuristic and military inspired. To this is added the use of very technical fabrics, logically the pieces do not have a strong brand. People who want to wear techwear jackets rather choose a clean look that is functional and elegant.

The performance of the piece
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The efficiency and performance of a techwear garment starts with the choice of the main materials used. Jackets of this style must be perfectly robust, waterproof, stretchy, anti-odour and even anti-bacterial. Gore-Tex® is the most popular material for this purpose, as it is the best waterproof fabric on the market. Its fibers must be resistant to abrasion and stretch to ensure that the jacket will hold up well for long periods of time. It is essential that the textiles meet the highest standards. This is in addition to innovative technologies to address the waterproofing of porous membranes and thermal insulation in order to face the worst weather conditions..

The comfort of techwear jackets
techwear jackets

Comfort, flexibility, versatility and dynamism are the keywords for a techwear jacket. The choice of technical materials, the innovative and anatomical cuts as well as the aerodynamic designs give freedom of movement to the human body. This manufacturing method takes into account the everyday facts and gestures, and puts appropriate clips on the knee or inside the elbow, to allow the wearer to move easily. Contrary to the principles of current creations, all these elements adapt to the greatest amplitudes of actions. In addition, some models are made with light, flexible and breathable fabrics, which guarantee optimal evacuation of sweat and heat during efforts, which is perfect to stay clean and fresh.

The large storage capacity
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The large storage capacity is one of the main advantages of a Techwear jacket. Made with Hi-Tech equipment and materials, these types of garments aim to make your life easier. In fact, they are equipped with numerous pockets as well as modular tool attachment systems to allow their wearers to have all the necessities at hand. Modern people hardly ever part with their phones, power supplies, headphones, car keys, Mp3 player, ID cards or other devices they have to carry all day long. These pockets are great for keeping things dry when out in the rain.

Waterproofing and breathability
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The reason why there is so much demand for the purchase of techwear jackets is mainly due to these criteria. This clothing trend is characterized by the waterproofness, breathability, water repellency and rigidity of high-tech clothing. First of all, it keeps the people who put it on dry. This ingenious idea has been around since the advent of Gore-Tex, a highly windproof and waterproof material. The brand's designers were able to turn Teflon into fine, porous fibers that are more waterproof, but allow water vapor and heat to escape.

The concept has improved over time to what it is today. Some manufacturers use synthetic fibers for specific needs and to optimize the qualities of the jacket. These items guarantee a strong resistance to odors and abrasion, a great flexibility and a better reflectivity. In addition, these technical materials do not retain sweat so that you feel more comfortable when wearing the jacket.

In conclusion, techwear jackets are a true concentrate of technology. The style comes from a futuristic garment of the 70s, a bit like the old bombers. But the contribution of higher quality technical materials, new designs and detailed finishes leads to the emergence of a more sophisticated look in the field of urban fashion and Tech Ninja. The ensemble is considered a new figure of artistic expression.

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