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The cargo pants: the streetwear bottom you need !

Cargo pants? Whether you've heard of them or not, they're a must-have in your streetwear closet! Nevertheless, we are going to give you various ideas to match it at best. If you're used to wearing them, you may not need all these tips. But if this is your first time wearing cargo pants, you'll definitely need these!

No matter what kind of vibe you're going for, (almost) anything is possible with cargo pants. Ready to learn more? This is the place to find out! Let's find out together what the pants are and how to wear them for a streetwear style!

streetwear cargo pants

To have a good image of yourself, it is sometimes essential to wear original clothes. They allow you to create an exceptional appearance. Cargo pants are part of the essential clothing to be trendy and stylish nowadays.

It is a garment with an original cut that is distinguished by its large pockets. Despite this, some people have preconceived ideas about these pants. Contrary to what we think, it is suitable for all circumstances. The important thing is to know how to marry it with the other elements of your outfit. How to wear cargo pants ? What are the criteria to choose it well? What are the Top 6 cargo pants of the moment? The answers in this article.

What are cargo pants?

techwear cargo pants

Of military origin, the cargo pants are rather ample and are worn as well by women as by men. Rather practical, with its consequent number of pockets, it is appreciated as well by hikers as by experienced workers. You will have no trouble wearing cargo pants on a daily basis!

In general, the cargo pants remain in rather dark tones. Brown or khaki, are the two colors that we will find on a cargo pant. Nevertheless, all this is democratized at the moment! You can, indeed, find cargo pants much more colorful.

At present, it is important to specify that cargo pants, or even chino pants, are essential in a man's wardrobe. Easy to wear, simple, elegant, they are appreciated for their casual look!

Why should you choose cargo pants? Simply because they have many pockets where you can put as many things as you want. Your cell phone, your wallet, even work tools if you put them on at your place of employment. Practical and efficient, you will certainly like it! 

two streetwear cargo pants

Originally, cargo pants were part of the uniform of British soldiers in the early twentieth century. However, they did not have a cut like today. They have become a basic element of streetwear fashion. In other words, it's not just for the military. It allows you to create a streetwear style, but not only. It is an ideal piece to create a casual chic outfit.

However, it is important to know how to choose it so as not to give a licked or sloppy style. The location of the pockets can quickly ruin your style. It is now possible to find cargo pants that are not too baggy. You'll find a model that fits your figure perfectly. There are slim cargo pants that are very popular with fans of this style.

The cargo pants: different cuts for everyone to find his happiness !

streetwear cargo pants for men

As you can see, cargo pants are no exception! Indeed, it also has different types of cuts. It will be up to you to choose what suits you best. Nevertheless, before you jump into your purchase, we are going to give you the different cuts of trellis or cargo pants, which exist. Ready to learn more? This is where it happens:

  • A flared cut: with this type of cut, you will almost feel like you are wearing a baggy. If you like pants that don't stick to your skin too much, baggy men's cargo pants are certainly the ones that will suit you best. Nevertheless, it is not a cut that necessarily pleases. If you are the kind of person who likes the old school style, take the time to try this type of pants! You will certainly like it.

  • You prefer a slightly closer to the body pants? Don't worry, choose cargo pants with a carrot cut. Unlike the flared cut, this one is tightened at the ankles. Moreover, at the level of the legs, it is much less wide than a flared cut! Nevertheless, it is really the type of pants that is fashionable among men at the moment.

There are no other cuts for your men's cargo pants. Indeed, either you prefer something wider or tighter. Nevertheless, our streetwear store offers both kinds of pants. You will find your happiness here!

blue streetwear cargo pants

The important point is also the colors. Indeed, as we explained above, often the cargo pants are dark colors. Nevertheless, there are more and more with different colors. At our place, you can find everything:

  • Multicolored cargo pants.
  • Cargo pants with a color a little more flash.
  • But also cargo pants with dark colors.

How to choose cargo pants for men ?

Choosing cargo pants for men is not necessarily easy. Indeed, a certain number of elements are to be taken into account so that the purchase is done at best. Also, before buying cargo pants, you must be comfortable inside. Here are our tips for choosing the ideal cargo pants:

  • Opt for a cut that fits you. First of all, it is important to notice that your cargo pants have two pockets on the front. This last is thus wider than a jean, for example. So you need to know if the width at the level of your thighs is disturbing or not. If you want to have less volume, you should know that cargo pants with a carrot cut might be more suitable. However, if you don't mind and you prefer to be wide, choose rather a man's cargo pants with a flared cut. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to try the different cuts of pants when you have the opportunity.
  • Also take into account your morphology: it may seem silly and yet, it remains that cargo pants do not necessarily fit everyone! For example, if you have muscular thighs, pay attention to the position of the pockets. If they are not well positioned, you will see that it gives an unequal volume to the pants. But take the time to look at the size of the pockets too. If they are too puffy, for example, it can make the outfit not very harmonious.
  • You must also take into account the material. Indeed, like any other garment, the material is important. Know that there are different materials for cargo pants. You will have the choice between: wool flannel, cotton, canva or denim. It will be up to you to choose the ideal material. There are not necessarily rules on this.
  • The color is also an important point to observe. Indeed, depending on the clothes you already own, you should certainly have an idea of the kind of color you want for your cargo pants. Again, it's all a matter of taste !

You want to buy cargo pants? This purchase must be thoughtful. Indeed, it is useless to rush on a model ! Take the different elements above into account and keep in mind that the choice must be yours. If you like a cargo pant you might as well take it, right?

two grey cargo pants

The choice of a cargo pant is essential to make you look better. When buying them, you need to consider some essential criteria.

The cup

Even if the cargo pants are a garment for all morphologies, it is essential to pay attention to its cut. It is distinguished by the two patch pockets on the side and sometimes the edge at the ankle. Whether it is wide or tight, it adds volume to your legs. If it's cut wrong, it can be hard to create a good look. Depending on what you're looking for, you can find a fitted or a loose-fitting style in the legs. It doesn't look the same as jeans.

The material

Cargo is manufactured in a wide range of materials: wool flannel, cotton twill, cotton and polyester, denim, etc. With so many choices, it's normal to have questions. If you have to buy only one model, you can turn to the one that is elastic, breathable and flexible as the cotton associated with polyester. It is suitable for all seasons while allowing you to create a multitude of styles.

The color

This criterion depends entirely on your taste. If you like quirky looks, you can find models with shaded colors and patterns. However, cargo pants are most often in black, earth tones, sand or khaki. The choice of color depends mostly on the style you want to create. Are the cargo pants the main piece of your outfit or are they just an add-on? In the first case, choose a model with an original color. For the second case, a camouflage cargo pant is a good choice.

How to wear a cargo pants?

Cargo pants are a stronger piece compared to classic pants. It is then possible to create a good number of styles according to your mood in everyday life.

Never worn cargo pants in your life? That's not a shame! Maybe it just wasn't your style! Nevertheless, we're going to help you by giving you some ideas on how to properly wear your cargo pants Ready to learn more? This is the place to find out:

A dress jacket with men's cargo pants ?

It is a fashion at the moment! The combo of cargo pants with a dress jacket is becoming more and more popular with men. Of course, it is still necessary to remain sober when you choose this kind of outfit. Do not take a multicolored cargo pants to put with a black suit jacket, for example. This will give a real modern effect to your outfit.

You can also opt for flannel cargo pants, if your jacket is made of this material. The style will be much more sober, but you will still look good with these cargo pants.

For a daring look, you can accompany it with a shirt and a suit jacket for a work outfit. It's a way to offset more classic pieces with more raw elements like cargo pants. Opt for a flannel cargo pant if you want a dressy look with this garment. However, this style is more suitable if you wear boots or a small pair of white sneakers.

In terms of accessories, many kinds of shoes can go with cargo pants. It also depends on the look you want to make finally, but also on your tastes. Note also that a cargo pant can work perfectly with a tie too.

streetwear cargo pants camo and black

Keeping it casual

A chic outfit that can be worn every day can be composed of a cargo with a structured jacket. The cargo jacket and leather jacket combo is the ultimate for a stylish look. You can pair it with boots or sneakers. It's a look you can adopt for a day at work or a casual outing with friends.

Afraid of being too far from your usual style? Know that a pair of men's cargo pants can be perfectly worn for a casual outfit. If you want to have a very casual look on you, stay with us. Here are a few tips that should certainly please you :

  • Go for a rather structured jacket: we are not talking about a suit jacket this time, but a jacket that you will wear every day. Cargo pants are a perfect match for a leather jacket, for example.
  • You can also add some accessories, like a scarf to complete your outfit.

Note also that the mix between cargo pants and a jacket works perfectly well since these two elements are from the male domain. Your outfit will be in perfect adequacy with your clothing style without any problem.

Cargo pants for a streetwear look ?

cargo pants for a streetwear style

It is the most famous when it comes to wearing cargo pants. We associate it with a hoodie or a tee-shirt and sneakers. You can even wear accessories like a cap and sunglasses to give your look a little chic edge. This outfit is perfect for a night out with friends.

One of the styles where the cargo pants blend perfectly is the streetwear. Indeed, rather wide, it gives a real casual side. Moreover, the streetwear cargo pants can be easily substituted to jeans or chino pants, for example.

However, before you start creating your look, know that you have to play on the volumes. The pants being loose, it is better to opt for a shirt that is not close to the body either, for example.

Nevertheless, adopting a streetwear look is not easy. Indeed, it is necessary to find the clothes that are in concordance with each other so that it has an optimal rendering on you. To avoid making mistakes, don't hesitate to ask for advice from people who have already adopted this style of clothing.

Adopt a workwear style ?

As we have already expressed, cargo pants can perfectly go as clothing to go to your workplace. Nevertheless, it is necessary that the job corresponds, obviously, to your clothing.

Also to adopt a workwear look, you can obviously mix several styles. It all depends on your taste, but also on the different workwear trends you want to bring out.

Nevertheless, remember that the pieces must be mixed with a certain consistency. It's important that the outfit looks like something when you're done getting dressed!

Why choose cargo pants for a streetwear look ?

The cargo pants are practical. Indeed, when you go to the city, you do not necessarily have a bag with you. The pockets can be used to put your wallet or your cell phone. Moreover, it is a pant that works with many clothes, many materials, but also many colors. You just have to mix it all to get an easy to wear outfit.

Take the time also to see the possible details that has a man cargo pants. Indeed, you can have zippers, laces or even prints. A wide choice of cargo pants is available to you!

Do not hesitate to associate it with different clothes to see which ones fit perfectly with your cargo pants!

Choosing a man's cargo pants according to his style!

Choosing your clothing style is never simple! Indeed, many parameters are to be taken into account. Nevertheless, in terms of pants, you can perfectly start in a soft way. What does it mean? Quite simply the fact of opting for a rather soft cargo pants. Opt for black or brown at first. You will have time to get familiar with the colors soon!

pantalon cargo techwear

Whether in streetwear mode, to go to work or to go to the restaurant, cargo pants are a must in the men's wardrobe. Practical and original, they will blend perfectly with all your clothes. Of course, you'll have to look at which garment it works best with! Anyway, we are sure that you will find what you are looking for and that you will find the right clothes to achieve an optimal streetwear look! Ready to change your clothing style? Now is the time to do it!

What are the best cargo pants of the moment ?

Are you looking for the best cargo pants to create a varied look every day? Here are the top 6 models that are very popular with streetwear enthusiasts.

Techwear "Muku" Cargo Pants

It's a little stretchy pants made with high quality material. It is very comfortable especially during bad weather if you ride a bike or a scooter. These cargo pants protect you from the cold. Its material is a cotton fabric mixed with polyester. This is the reason why it is less rigid. In addition to its flexibility, it is very resistant to wear. With these pants, you wear a breathable garment for your skin. The loose fit makes it easy to put on, but more importantly, it gives you ease of movement.

three Muku" Techwear Cargo Pants

If you want to look casual and stylish at the same time, this model of Techwera Muku cargo pants gives you complete satisfaction. Its two patch pockets on the bottom of both sides bring a little pep to its ensemble. They are also ideal for storing personal effects such as phone, keys or your ID card. They also have a closure for added security. The hemline is stretchy so you can adjust it around your ankle. This reinforcement also accentuates the casual side of the pants.

Techwear "Adashi" Cargo Pants

This model is a novelty in terms of cargo pants. It is a bit different from the usual pants with a wide cut and large pockets. It has large pockets practical enough to place your stuff, it is especially the small bands that make the difference. It brings an original touch that gives it a unique style. It is right in the streetwear trend that combines practicality, originality and comfort. It allows you to stand out from the crowd if you want to adopt an original look. It has a hem that you can pull up to the bottom of your knee to create an outfit that stands out from the crowd.

two "Adashi" Techwear cargo pants

The elastic waistband is well thought out so that you stay completely comfortable in these pants. The pockets are closed with stretch to keep your stuff safe. It is available in several sizes from S to XL so you can choose the model that suits you. By wearing these original pants, you show a perfect mastery of streetwear fashion.

"Senso" cargo pants

It is part of the trends in men's fashion currently. It is the ideal garment to ensure optimal comfort in mid-seasons. Nevertheless, it is pleasant to wear in any season. Made of cotton and polyester blend, it offers you a great resistance to wear. Thanks to its materials, your skin breathes well in these pants.

two "Senso" Cargo Pants

The "Senso" men's cargo pants have patch pockets with flaps to hold your phone, wallet or keys. The front and back pockets add a casual touch to the ensemble. We integrated a belt holder sewn at the waist for a little original touch. In winter, you can wear it with a down jacket or classic sneakers and in summer, it can be worn with a simple t-shirt and sneakers. It is a garment for all seasons.

The cut is designed to accentuate a streetwear look. Indeed, the mid-fitted cut and its camouflage patterns are perfect for this style. If you are looking for a casual outfit, do not hesitate. To meet the criterion and to give you a nice look, it is a little tight to the ankles.

"Urakaku" Cargo Pants

The Urakako Cargo Pants are an all-purpose garment. It allows you to face any difficult circumstance. Very trendy and aesthetic, it helps you to vary your clothing style. If you need to move away from a classic and traditional outfit, these pants are perfectly suited. Made of cotton and polyester, they are thin, light, soft and elastic. It has back and front pockets to enhance its style, but also its practicality. It also has large thigh pockets to make it exactly cargo style.

As a belt, it has a drawstring at the waist. There are also drawstrings at the thigh pockets, which allows the pants not to hang and give you a bad look. These are stylish and comfortable pants to wear every day. You can even wear them for running in bad weather. It's a must-have for running enthusiasts. But it is also suitable for a casual style to go to work. It gives you both a stylish and original look.

"Yuko" cargo pants

two "Yuko" Cargo Pants

The Yoko cargo pants are a streetwear staple. It is designed to meet the urban and modern fashion. It is halfway between the jogging and baggy. It is a garment that is suitable for both men and women. If you want to create a no-fuss, yet trendy look, you can wear this cargo from Yuko. These pants are suitable for all body types. The waist is adjustable thanks to the elastic and the belt loops that we have integrated. For you to have free and comfortable movements, its bottom is tightened with an elastic fabric. It is ideal to spend a relaxing day.

The side pockets add to its practicality and the decorative stripes make it even more urban. It is available in black and camouflage color according to your preferences. It's perfect for a total streetwear look. Just pair it with a printed t-shirt, sneakers and a small street jacket. Its cargo cut gives you enough possibilities to match it with any kind of accessory. These cargo pants are ideal to create a stylish outfit without making much effort.

Techwear "Monbetsu" cargo pants

two tenshi techwear cargo pants

With the Monbetsu Cargo Pants, you have the opportunity to create a sporty and urban look at the same time. It's the most popular look these days. But that's not all, they protect you from the gusts of rain. Thanks to its water-repellent fabric, it only lets water slide off the surface. It combines the casual touch with high technology to ensure a great waterproofness. It is embellished with tight and regular seams. In addition, its manufacturing material is perfectly homogeneous. Thanks to its careful finishing, it can be said that it is part of high quality clothing.

Its pockets are placed on both sides and on its back surface. You have a wide choice to place your things during your outing. By putting on these pants, you will not have to carry a bag. You won't have to worry about their safety, because the pockets are equipped with zippers. Its size is adjustable thanks to the small cord on both sides. It is a model with Asian size, it is recommended to take a size higher to ensure your ease.

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