About Us

TENSHI™ is an online streetwear and techwear store born in 2017.

いち. The Founders

Two friends from the Parisian suburbs, children of the 90's, who grew up, because of their origins and their geographical area, under the influence of various cultures and inspirations.
Passionate about fashion, addicted to manga and anime, crazy about rap and in love with hip-hop culture. Streetwear has always been a major part of our founders' daily lives.

に. Genesis

It goes back to January 2017. After a trip to Tokyo, where, the discovery of the Japanese urban and streetwear culture will mark the spirit of our two designers...
A second trip to Japan and a memorable passage through Hong Kong, and it did not take more...

They decided to embark on the journey:
To develop a concept crossing their own influences, with the Asian streetwear culture (Japanese, Korean and Chinese), under represented in the West, but which deserves the greatest attention... TENSHI was born !

さん. Vision

Through original and innovative collections, colorful themes ranging from fluorescent to reflective effects, avant-garde and inspiring pieces, TENSHI™ wishes, in all humility, to make its mark in the streetwear universe.
An exciting venture in which our designers invest themselves full time to reach the height of their ambition.
We work with different suppliers in China and Japan, carefully selected to provide you with original products of premium quality, not found in stores !

The dream of our founders is to expand internationally and open two physical stores, one in Paris, the other in Toronto. The adventure has just begun...

tenshi streetwear

Thank you ! 

Thank you for your visit! We hope you found what you were looking for, and we will continue to grow this project and provide new nuggets again and again 💎