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If we know the hats and caps to put on his head, the bucket hat is a little less known. However, it has everything of a headgear worthy of the name. Over the years, the bucket hat has gained in popularity to become a real icon today in the streetwear world.

The bucket hat, relatively recent appearance 

Since the beginning of time, men have worn things on their heads. Whether it's a hat or a cap, each one has had its own particular purpose. Among the most famous headgear, the bucket hat has managed to make its place. But not everything happened in the blink of an eye.

The appearance of the bucket hat took place at the beginning of the 20th century. This makes it a fairly recent fashion accessory compared to others that we put on our heads. It is called "bucket hat" in English, which is translated by "bucket hat" you will have understood. The bucket hat was originally created around 1900by Irish farmers and fishermen.

fisherman wearing a bucket hat

In the beginning, the object was used as a protection against the rain. This is possible, among other things, because of its special shape. The bucket hat is a type of round hat, whose wide edges are slanted downwards. It is easy to understand that this was very practical since the rain fell on the top of the head, until it trickled down the sides before falling to the ground through the edges. The trajectory of the drop of water did not touch the person who wore it. It was thus totally protected. Moreover, another name exists, that of "fisherman hat", for fisherman hat.

Originally, the bucket hat, or fisherman hat, was made of wool felt. But this accessory was also created with tweed, the same material used for costumes. The manufacture of the bucket hat allows to highlight its waterproof aspect. The Irish of the beginning of the 20th century used wool fat from the animals present on the spot to create a material called lanolin. This secret of manufacture thus made it possible to have a waterproof hat. The fishermen could thus carry out long fishing parties with their bucket hat on the head.

The bucket hat grew in popularity soon after its invention in Ireland. The hat was exported to many countries, starting with the British neighbors and even going to Australia in 1917. The English language is quite convenient because it allows the bucket hat to expand rapidly in all English-speaking countries, with the United States in the lead. At the international level, everyone is unanimous: it is a very good accessory. The main attraction of the bucket hat is the fact that it can be carried in a coat pocket. It could also be easily cleaned with a simple sponge.


Military use of the bucket hat for men 

The particularity of the bucket hat is its military use. It is not the first hat that armies use of course, it is much older than that. But seeing the particular shape of the bucket hat, with its wide brims, largely evocative of the fisherman look, could surprise on the style of some soldiers.

soldier wearing a bucket hat

At the time of its conception, this round hat was not intended to land in fashion. It was therefore not really aesthetic, but very practical. In the 1930s, the Second World War took place, which resulted in many deaths.

With the liberation of Europe in 1945, American soldiers were seen wearing this bucket hat. They were given the nickname Roberts on the battlefield during this period. The liberation was finally the trigger for its current French name. We take the diminutive of Robert, bucket hat, which gives the name of the hat.

A short parenthesis to evoke the variations of names between the different regions of the world. The world language is so rich that the bucket hat is called differently everywhere. In Bulgaria, this type of hat is called "idiotka", which simply means "idiot hat". Could it be a remnant of the Cold War, when the country was under the communist bloc?

The bucket hat is called "bøllehat", for "troublemaker hat" in Denmark. The story is about a small group of delinquents in Bøllemosen in Jægersborg Dyrehave. Every Sunday, the group of youngsters went around dancing in restaurants and stealing hats from the ladies. They would be dressed in bucket hats. In Argentina it is called "sombrero piluso", while in England it is often called "reni hat", in reference to the drummer Alan Wren, known as Reni, of the world famous Rolling Stones. But in the end, nothing beats the good old bucket hat, right?

The history and relationship of the bucket hat to the military does not end here. During the Second World War, but especially for the Vietnam War, it accompanied the American soldiers. A piece of cotton, olive green in color, is added to protect the neck of soldiers in combat. The American army equipped its men with the bucket hat from the 1950s to the 1970s, which corresponds completely to the periods of the Vietnam War.

Today, soldiers' helmets have nothing to do with bucket hats and this is normal. However, we can see its influence since the neck protection is still present. Also, the raised brim, to evacuate the rain during unfavorable combat conditions, is obviously linked to the bucket hat. A nice achievement for this hat, first used by fishermen.

Note that it is now used by glider pilots. They indeed need this accessory to protect themselves from the sun, while keeping a good visibility. The visor of a cap was too much in the way of vision.


The appearance of the bucket hat in fashion 

In the 1960s, the bucket hat underwent a first evolution. Previously used as protection, it will make its appearance in fashion, and thus be used to adopt an elegant look. At that time, the round hat was first used by women (as a kind of revenge for the Danish women for the theft).
bucket hat in fashion

The bucket hat is then assimilated with other hats such as the casemate or the bakerboy and cloche styles. It also went hand in hand with the fashion for bouffant hair. Designers of the time, such as Lilly Daché, created models in felt. This is completely in line with the mod look, which appeared in London in those years. The material of the old Irish models, tweed, remained popular with professional men until the 1970s.

The years passed but the interest in the bucket hat did not wane. It even increased. The decade 1980 will be the golden age of the bucket hat. The Kangol brand will notably bring the hat up to date by manufacturing new pieces. Models with new materials appeared: terry cloth, velvet or even fleece. And it hits the bull's eye right away, people love it.

The bucket hat was also a good representative of the style adopted in New York at the time. The whole hip-hop community saw the potential of this hat. Some people even say that the bucket hat introduced rappers to the headwear circle. In the 1980s, there were many album covers and music videos in which artists proudly sported the bucket hat. Break dancers, also known as the B Boys, also use it.

The first bucket hat to be seen on the head of a member of the streetwear movement is attributed to Big Bank Hank of the Sugar Hill Gang. He wore it during his performance, Rapper's Delight, for the TV show Soap Factory, in 1979. It was widely distributed in the 1980s as it was also the first recorded music video. Once again, you notice that the bucket hat was well placed.

Very quickly, the fashion accessory became a phenomenon. The group Run-DMC also popularized it in 1984. Its members were never seen without wearing a bucket hat (a bit like Maitre Gims who never goes out without his glasses for the younger ones). In 1985, the red bucket hat Kangol of LL Cool J is a must-have.

In the 1990's, the explosion of streetwear and rap music made the bucket hat even more popular. We note for example the hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan. But this hat could also grow by other means.

The bucket hat in popular culture 

Fashion is created by the artists we see and admire. Clothes come and go depending on the trends and the designers' creations. Some actors have made the bucket hat popular.

In 1973 Al Pacino wore it for his role in the movie Serpico. If it is not his first appearance in the cinema, an actor of great fame wears it for the first time. The bucket hat was also worn wonderfully by Sean Connery's character in the 1989 film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Another actor of international standard, Johnny Depp, will wear it in Las Vegas Parano, film of 1998

Johnny Depp wearing bucket hat

In the 2000s, the bucket hat unfortunately does not seduce as much as before. It is gradually abandoned to be in the shade. Because yes, the bucket hat does not disappear entirely. The hat is still present but is no longer popular with the French. Some models did not facilitate the task. It is the case of the bucket hat Cochonou present on the Tour de France. Like other fashion accessories, the bucket hat is now considered as old fashioned. You must know that it was associated with the image of the French redneck.

A recent return

But fashion and trends are a never-ending cycle that repeats itself. And lately, the bucket hat is back. In 2013-2014, this accessory is back with the normcore movement. This one consists of dipping into the popular and simple clothes of parents and grandparents to create a unique style. For example, we take sports and outdoor activity outfits. Combine this movement, of which the bucket hat is a part, with the great place that streetwear has taken lately, and you have the birth of a unique style.

Rihanna wearing a bucket hat

 In the street, we notice young people wearing a bucket hat on their head. Instantly, the designers and big fashion houses seize it. International artists, like Rihanna, are even seen with a bucket hat. There is then an explosion of demand. Parts and models in specific materials are created. There is now a winter version with warm materials or a more casual look for festivals and summer vacations. From now on, everything is possible with the play of colors.

The return of the bucket hat is also linked to a particular artist. In 2016, Lorenzo began his career by posting humorous songs on YouTube. Quickly, it is a hit and he decides to release a single record for his album Emperor of Dirty. Its sale on ebay exceeds 50 000 €.


Criticized for his pornographic texts and punchlines, he is recognizable by his voice and his inimitable look. He wears a white bucket hat with the inscription Gameboy color all in colors. Appreciated by young people, Lorenzo has impacted the return of the bucket hat to the forefront in terms of fashion.

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