Streetwear Hoodies

Hoodie, the number one streetwear item

The hoodie is one of the key pieces of your streetwear artillery, here we present the most stylish and fashionable hoodies for street style, not to be found in shops.

But first, let's take a look back at the history of the hoodie. It all started in the Middle Ages when monks wore collars. These collars were actually a kind of hood covering the head but also the shoulders of the monks. This way of dressing was considered obsolete and disappeared. But like all fashions, things disappear, reappear and above all are updated!

It's possible to get through the winter cold with style by wearing streewear hoodies. As soon as the first cold weather arrives, put on your hoodie to stay warm while being trendy and swag. This type of clothing is no longer reserved for the careless or delinquent youth of the past. It currently has real potential to enhance the casual look of teens or those who want to try the style. Let's find out more in this guide all about streetwear hoodies.

A little history on the hoodie

the streetwear hoodie

The world of fashion is constantly evolving. It has been able to convert a careless outfit into a very practical, comfortable and effective clothing look. Such is the case of the streetwear hoodie.

What is the hoodie ?

In fact, a hoodie comes from the Anglicism "sweater" meaning "long-sleeved top", usually worn during the winter season, but with a hood. It provides protection from the cold and rain up to the head.

At one time, the hoodie was one of the clothes that allowed you to immediately stand out. Besides, the French know the hoodie in this way. It is a garment designed especially with cotton, or other soft materials, and has a collar usually round.

Unlike sweatshirts, hoodies can be closed with buttons or a zipper. They also have pockets in the front and necessarily a hood. So you can call them "hoodies".

The origin

The hoodie concept is not new. It was already seen among the ancient Greeks and Romans. Since the Middle Ages until now, monks dressed in their coules, these famous clothes a little similar to hooded capes that cover the shoulders and head of these religious. In the 17th century, women used to hide under their hoodies to join their lovers. Don't you remember the famous Grim Reaper, the imaginary character in mythology, who takes on the appearance of a skeleton dressed in black hooded robes. In the field of fashion, "nothing is lost, nothing is created, but everything is updated".

streetwear hoodie

Historically, the hoodie comes from the sports world of the United States. Its beginning dates back to the 1930s, when it was part of the Champion brand's collections to dress only American athletes. As indicated by its name, the garment is designed specifically to make you sweat. Since then, the concept has grown. People who work in refrigeration plants in the United States ask for it to keep their bodies warm. More practical and aesthetic models are gradually appearing.

Skateparks became increasingly rare in the early 80s, which encouraged skateboarders to play anywhere. These skateboarders had to camouflage themselves behind hoodies to skate in forbidden places.

In the 1990's, the hoodie was revived and became part of the urban culture. Nowadays, this garment is of interest to all generations and all social strata throughout the world to face the low temperature. It is a true emblem of the streetwear look. Many major brands are now producing these clothes through more stylish and elegant models. They have become a must-have for many famous celebrities, if we only mention Miley Cyrus and Rihanna.

The particularities of the streetwear style

two men in a streetwear style with hoodies

The streetwear hoodie, like all the clothes of the style, refers to the clothes worn in the street, especially in the neighborhoods of disadvantaged youth. Its origin dates back to the 80s in the United States and coincides with the birth of pop rap in American urban culture. This dress code is characterized by its wide, casual and comfortable cuts with a more masculine side. Becoming very popular, it evokes a signature resulting from sportswear (basketball, surf and skate), music (hip-hop, grunge, punk, rap, R&B and grunge) and graphic expression (graffiti, manga, pop art and tag).

Adopting such a garment is not limited to its appearance, the most important is the way of wearing it, thinking and lifestyle. Its advantage lies mainly in its authenticity, its originality, but especially the freedom of movement it offers. Like the urban culture, this look guarantees sharing, positivity in the exchange and social mix.

This trend affects both men and women, especially the younger ones, who love street culture. Over time, it has become an integral part of the wardrobe and is worn on a daily basis. Moreover, the streetwear style now holds an important place on the world market.

Hoodies come from the United States of America and were created in the thirties taking example on these famous collars. It was the brand Champion who brought this type of clothing up to date in order to create a range for American workers who often had to face the cold during their physical work, particularly in cold rooms. The hoodie is also more commonly known as a "hoodie". If nowadays it is a garment that many people wear on a daily basis, it is important to know that initially it was primarily a garment for sports.

For example, the very famous American boxer Mohamed Ali wore this kind of clothing. In the twenty-first century, the hoodie has spread widely among the population and across all continents. In fact, American and French rappers had difficulty making a living from their art. In order to finance their musical creations, they had the idea of creating clothing lines that they marketed. Promoting these clothes to their public was a necessity. They naturally began to wear their clothing creations on stage.
This was a wise way to perpetuate their art while advertising for free. From then on, a large part of the youth also started wearing hoodies. This allowed them to look like their favourite idols and rappers. Soon, this fashion spread throughout society.

Discreet, but elegant, hoodies have invaded the streets. Proud emblem of urban fashion, they can be found everywhere we go, having become inseparable from the urban scene. We've become so used to them that we take them for granted, and don't realize that they didn't always exist in their current form.
Tenshi hoodiesOnce you learn about the origins of hoodies, you see them in a whole new light. It's almost impossible to suspect the incredible history behind it. What seems to be an innocuous item in the streetwear landscape actually has a rich history that inspires resistance and rebellion.

Once you've traced the history of hoodies, you'll have a better sense of their relationship to streetwear, and you'll be ready to incorporate them into your look. With the help of this article, you'll finally be able to wear your favorite hoodies in style.

The origins of the hoodie

The hoodie is one of the most popular fashion items today. Comfortable and easy to put on, it's the perfect garment to feel comfortable at home, while playing sports, or to relax outside.

Have you ever wondered where hoodies come from? Hoodies, you see them everywhere, all the time, but no one really seems to know where they come from. We bet you don't even know what their name means.

Actually, the word hoodie is a contraction of hooded sweatshirt, a term that came about in the 90s to refer to sweatshirts that had hoods in colloquial language. Like the hoodless sweatshirt, their original purpose was simply to wick away sweat and not stick to the body during activities. Little did we know that they would one day become the most fashionable sweatshirt, let alone the most common garment on the market.

Despite its modern and practical look, hoodies are not newcomers to the fashion world. They have maintained their popularity over the years, continually breaking new ground, which is why they are so popular today.

The origins of the hoodie

While the concept of hoodies and sweatshirts dates back to this millennium, the same cannot be said for hoods. Before they inspired urban trends, they were associated with workers' outfits. This essential addition protected them from the sun's rays and falling objects in the workplace. Long before that, they were found on the capes of monks and priests in the Middle Ages. It is therefore far from being the find of the century, but we must admit its ingenuity which, in addition to being practical in everyday life, brings a little more diversity to clothing.

The incredible journey of the hoodie

Just like most streetwear items, hoodies have a tumultuous history, marked by phases as memorable as they are anecdotal. If today they are part of our daily life, it is largely because they have withstood the test of time, like any classic worthy of the name.

The very beginning of hoodies

The timeless hoodie did not have an easy start. Originally designed during the 1930s in New York, it was dedicated to workers who worked in cold storage facilities. After many reminders about their working conditions, they were finally provided with clothing that would allow them to stay warm enough in the sub-zero temperatures. The hooded sweatshirts they wore and the thick fabrics they were made of at the time helped them withstand prolonged exposure to the cold.

That said, and against all odds, hoodies soon made their way into the sports world. One of the first brands to market the hooded version of sweatshirts was Champion. And yes, we owe them one of the essential articles to make sport in winter period! We trace their first copies to 1934, and since then, they have taken root and proved themselves with all sports brands. Boxers, including the interplanetary star Mohamed Ali, were the initiators of the wave: they wore them before each match to warm up before the decisive moment.

In the same step, the sweatshirts were integrated into school uniforms in the United States. Soon after, rugby and American soccer teams adopted them for their practices, and from there they took off. This was the first time that their blank surface was marked with the insignia of each school, or even the initials of the sports team itself. All the more reason to appeal to a growing number of groups who each displayed a part of their identity, especially at the campus level.

A front for the rebels

Compared to the world of work, sports and academia, the introduction of hoodies into popular culture was somewhat delayed. It wasn't until 1970 that they began to be seen on the street, and they didn't look good. They are mostly found among gangs, thugs, but also graffiti writers, who all wanted to keep a low profile.

After all, there's nothing better than a hoodie to preserve your identity and go incognito in a crowd. The latter, with their design and decoration techniques, have greatly contributed to the aesthetic of hoodies. If you pay attention, many of today's designs give off these vibes, hence the familiar feeling you get when you see them. Most of the designs are inspired by this style.

All in all, it's safe to say that hoodies weren't too well represented back then. But that soon changed when the big names in hip-hop in the 1990s gave it a new lease on life. Since the trend was to rap, the new creations gained a huge boost in popularity among the audience of these artists, including Tupac, Biggie and Snoop Dog. Gradually, they were introduced to RAP battles in both camps, a great marker of identity and belonging.

Already very involved in urban culture, skaters and break dancers also added them to their wardrobe. Always in the spirit of rebellion that was associated with these classic streetwear sweaters, their hoods were used to get out of trouble when they went to forbidden places. With dance venues and skateboard arenas becoming increasingly rare, they engaged in endless chases with law enforcement. Fortunately for them, they were well hidden thanks to their ultra stylish hoods.

The rise in popularity of Hoodies

A couple of decades after becoming popular, hoodies have caught the attention of designers. They have been integrated into the clothing collections of major brands like Tommy Hilfiger, signing their launch into the world of luxury streetwear. They are reinvented and recreated with noble materials, and their cuts and finishes are refined. The biggest celebrities from the world of music and cinema make it their casual wear.

In 2012, the hoodie was associated with a cause: that of Trayvon Martin, an African-American teenager unjustly killed by members of the police. Buried under his hoodie, he succumbed because of a faulty system. It is with this same hoodie that people around the world pay tribute to him, and protest the acquittal of the officer responsible for this tragedy. Great NBA players, like Lebron James, joined this movement that deeply impacted the world. Once again, streetwear is above all synonymous with solidarity and allows to protect the less fortunate around the world.

The hoodie, a garment that adapts to all styles

Whether or not people practice sports, whatever their age, it is above all a practical and comfortable garment that appeals. So everyone has one in their wardrobe. Its texture, but also its colours, materials and shapes make it the ideal garment for all situations.
So it is no longer just a piece of sportswear, but a piece of clothing that is unique to each individual and can be combined with other more traditional clothing. Whether individuals choose to adopt a look close to the rock, rap, hip-hop community or on the contrary more classic, it should be noted that this atypical garment integrates with all styles, especially the most urban.

The hoodie, a garment with remarkable qualities

In addition, its qualities make it an ideal garment to wear in the off-season. In case of bad weather, hoodies have hoods to protect you from the cold and rain. Others have large pockets, including kangaroo pockets to keep your hands warm, or to store a hat or even a scarf. Moreover, the models are varied, there are some with a zip or not. The cuts are also different because more or less wide. In recent years, designers have been innovating a lot.
That's why hoodies have become original supports with various graphics. You can wear a message, a slogan or even a real work of art on your garment. As you can see, the hoodie has become an essential part of current urban culture. So much so that the term "urban-wear" has become part of everyday language. From then on, with hip-hop and then rap music, street tags and street art, but also fashion, a whole street culture has emerged since the nineties, creating a culture and an identity of its own.

The hoodie for individual style

With the hoodie, it has never been easier to personalise your style so that you don't look like your neighbour. As explained above, it is a remarkable medium for a wide variety of prints. Therefore, fans of Japanese culture, Korean culture or Chinese culture can have a variety of iconography printed on their hoodie, and not the standardised mass consumption garments of the mainstream fashion market. Here, anything is possible. All you have to do is go to a specialised shop or an artisan to buy the pieces you want.

Hoodie worn by a young man

The hoodie, an exceptional piece

More than a simple classic garment that everyone can have in their wardrobe, by buying a hoodie you get your hands on an exceptional garment, a real unique piece that will allow you to make various combinations with, for example, jeans or why not jogging bottoms. Here, fashion has no limits. The only limit is your creativity and inventiveness. People who want to look stylish can wear a hoodie with fitted trousers, for example.
The hoodie is a piece of urban culture clothing, and urban culture fashion includes many accessories such as caps, fanny packs, techwear hoodies or chest bags. You will have to think beforehand about the final look you want to have. The different accessories should match your hoodie. Do you want to give the impression that you are a glowing person? If so, go for flashy colours.

Yellow hoodie worn by a woman

On the other hand, if you want to be more inconspicuous and not appear exuberant, opt for darker colours like black, grey or brown. In any case, keep in mind that the secret lies in the combination of the different pieces that will make your look really unique. Here, personalisation is desired to have a look that reflects your image, far from the standards of the mass consumer society of the eighties.

The return of the famous hoodie

The hoodie is currently celebrating its return to the catwalk. For some time now, the big brands, whether streetwear peddlers or luxury houses, have been offering collections that include hoodies. Rappers, students, skateboarders or snowboarders are not the only ones interested in it. Even Mohamed Ali, the famous American boxer, wears this type of clothing, which is gaining more and more popularity around the world. Without doubt, the hoodie is perfect to stay warm and dry, whenever the weather is not very nice.

The advantages of wearing a streetwear hoodie

wear a streetwear hoodie

The hoodie is one of the key pieces of streetwear. It is a powerful social marker. Many young people adopt this urban style for identity reasons. It has developed with the street culture since the 2000s. Regardless of the design or color, this type of clothing is a must-have for different reasons, if we only talk about its practicality. You just have to wait for the right moment for it to reveal its potential.

The quality of the garment to adapt to unfavorable seasons

The hoodie is basically designed with outstanding quality materials, which is perfect to wear in the off-season. When the weather starts to worsen, put on your hoodie to protect you from both cold and rain. It is a more convenient alternative to your hat and scarf.

The models are very diverse, in terms of cuts, styles or design. Some have large kangaroo pockets to hide your hands. The designers regularly innovate their collection. There are classic, no-fuss series like Tenshi's "Oshi" Premium Uni Hoodie. Others display remarkable graphic art like the Neko hoodie or messages like the Usagi hoodie, in the same collection..

Pour définir le style

2 men wearing a hoodie in a streetwear style

The streetwear hoodie allows you to personalize your style and to stand out from your entourage. It has a multitude of variations in terms of patterns and supports. Among others, fans of Asian culture can choose Tosa with its beautiful prints inspired by manga. The possibilities are multiple depending on your tastes.

Wearing this kind of hoodie is also a way to integrate a community. As mentioned above, it is a powerful identity marker. So this garment is suitable for individuals who want to belong to the hip-hop, rap, local basketball, skateboarding group, etc. The choice must fit their culture, norms and codes.

To highlight an exceptional piece

The hoodie is not a simple traditional garment that you have in your closet. It is a unique, remarkable and strong piece of the moment, allowing you to create a nice composition with the other elements. This garment is very effective to accompany jeans, tight pants or jogging. Its importance remains paramount, whether to achieve a layering look, elegant or athletic trend. Opt for bright colors if you want to shine. Go for darker colors if you want to be more inconspicuous. No matter what, every look is unique.

A hoodie to integrate a community

If the hoodie is above all a garment, it is nevertheless a strong identity marker. Wearing a hoodie is a voluntary choice, a committed act that allows one to get closer to a community. The hoodie is essential for individuals who want to get closer to the hip-hop scene. Here, as in the rap and street-wear scene, the hoodie is the norm. Thus, to integrate effectively into these unconventional worlds, it is necessary to adopt the right codes so as not to be rejected, but rather accepted.

Masked man wearing a red hoodie
Therefore, wearing a hoodie is not simply wearing a piece of clothing, but rather making the choice to belong to a community and embrace its culture, with its codes and norms. The language, the terms used, the food eaten, the arts practised, the hobbies but also the clothes are all clues to understand to which community an individual belongs.

How to wear a hoodie properly?

As we have seen, wearing a hoodie is a matter of code, norm and environment. To wear it, it is therefore necessary to follow some rules. If the hoodie is worn under a jacket, the hood must come out of the jacket.

Otherwise, an unsightly pile of fabric may form under the jacket. In addition, most hoodies no longer have a drawstring to tighten the hood. Whether it's a trend or a question of aesthetics, the possibility of buying a hoodie with a drawstring is becoming increasingly rare.
In order to get the best look, you also have to think about what type of trousers you are going to combine the hoodie with. Not all hoodies fit together properly. When buying, remember that if this garment is too loose, you will float in it, which can be a bit inappropriate. It's true that the garment shows you're casual, but don't buy just anything ! 

Whether you throw on a pair of jeans with a pair of sneakers, shorts with a pair of sneakers or smart pants with loafers, there are many ways to wear a streetwear hoodie. This garment of the street culture is characterized by its great versatility. It also allows for diverse accessories, such as caps, fanny packs and even chest bags.

A look for different styles

Sporty or not, the streetwear hoodie is suitable for all categories of people. It appeals to everyone, as it is warm, practical and comfortable. In addition, this clothing look adapts to all styles, from the most classic, casual to chic. It will be even better with the most urban.

Wear a sporty look

Create an oversized look You'll need jogging pants or shorts and the right shoes. Just avoid outfits that make you look sloppy like baggy sweatpants or a sloppy look like an oversized logo..

Create an oversized style

hoodie with oversized style

Women have already been able to wear a sweater dress. This time, it's a hooded dress, which pairs beautifully with a cute pair of boots to stay cool and comfortable throughout the day. This piece also works well in a layering trend. You can put a T-shirt inside, then your hoodie before adding a jacket and a bomber to go with slim pants.

Staying chic and elegant despite the trendy look

To combine comfort and aesthetics, think of wearing your hoodie with a coat, a blazer or a leather jacket. Even tucked in over an outerwear, it stays stylish during the winter season, without taking you away from the streetwear look codes.

The current hoodie collection is well thought out to be easily combined with your leather jacket or your Jean jacket in many situations. Different combinations are possible. To enhance the casual chic look a bit, it is better to choose dressy pants and shoes. A stylish look with a streetwear hoodie is quite feasible by mixing it with a classy suit or a suit. Of course, the two worlds are very different, but the combination is particularly interesting. Don't hesitate to put on a chino or a dressy suit, and finish the outfit with city sneakers or loafers.

The streetwear hoodie is not only dedicated to the casual style. It is increasingly versatile, and fits in various occasions. To get the best look, it's all about code, aesthetics and standards.

Man wearing a hoodie

Find the one that best suits your build and size. There's something for everyone, so we recommend you try on several. Similarly, if you need to feel good in your hoodie, pay attention to the length of the sleeves!
Of course, exclude from your selection those that are too short. That would be ridiculous. On the other hand, make sure you don't invest in a hoodie with too long sleeves! The best thing to do is to ask your friends and family or a specialist dealer for advice. Dressing in a relaxed way does not mean putting on just anything! Above all, you should feel good in your clothes.

As far as colours are concerned, the easiest to wear are black, grey and burgundy, which go with almost all jeans on the market. Similarly, if you have never worn a hoodie before, be careful with bright colours first.
These are harder to combine with other items in your wardrobe. Keep these tips in mind when making your first purchase. Once you've got used to them, you'll soon be able to opt for more original, even exuberant, hoodies.

So don't wait any longer and explore the Hoodie collection to find yours!

How to choose the best hoodies ?

The great thing about classics is that trends never go out of style. A stylish hoodie will stay that way forever, so you can keep them and pull them out of your closet whenever you want. As you can see, streetwear hoodies are all-purpose items that can be used at any time: they are long-lasting investments, and therefore, should be selected with care.

Nevertheless, it is good to remember that not all hoodies are equal. To perfect your streetwear style, you have to know how to choose your hoodies. Before starting to collect the various varieties that exist, it is necessary to know how to detect the best deals, and find the good offers.

To do this, it will be necessary to analyze certain parameters :

  • The size: one of the first elements to master. In urban fashion, we prefer to choose something large. Nothing could be simpler, you can either opt for an oversized cut or take a size larger than yours. But be careful not to overdo it. Unless you want to drown your figure in your sweater, it's a bad idea to go overboard. On the other hand, if you want to show off your height, you can opt for a slim fit to fit your bust.
  • Fabrics: hoodies are typically designed for rainy days and bad weather. Ideally, you should opt for cotton and thicker materials so you don't catch cold just to look stylish. That said, there are more and more lightweight models that you can take out when the weather is better. Hoodies are with us all year round.
  • The details: apart from the few basic hoodies that everyone must have somewhere at home, it is very important to find personalized models that you really like. You can choose between multicolored, printed, embroidered hoodies, etc..
  • The design: what sets a model apart from its counterpart is the personal touch you give it. Try to find hoodies that represent you, that you really care about. It can be a cult reference, an artistic touch, or simply a type of design that inspires you: you have to dare the models that are out of the ordinary, and not limit yourself to bland basics. Just feel the artistic touch that best represents you.
  • One last thing to consider when choosing a hoodie is the presence of the zipper. It all depends on whether you want to zip and unzip your hoodie like a vest, or wear it as a top in its own right. Why not have some of both? They can help you out a few times, so it will never go to waste.

As you scroll through the catalogs, you will be offered hundreds of hoodies, but only a few will really hit you. Don't miss them because you might not find them next time !

Wear a sweater with style: our expert tips

When you go for an urban look, it's easy to slip up, and very tricky to achieve the targeted result. If you dream of looking as good as the celebrities on the networks and in the magazines, you should know that it is possible. You just need to make a few adjustments to your look to achieve the same level of style and consistency.

Let's take hoodies as an example. Having great hoodie designs is one thing, but knowing how to wear them is a whole other matter. To avoid looking like you just got out of bed, here are our tips and tricks for wearing your hoodie like a pro :

Layering and hoodies

Hoodies can be worn on their own, but as part of a more complex ensemble, they add a casual and fresh touch to the final look. Not surprisingly, this is a pivotal element of layering, one of the biggest streetwear innovations.

tenshi streetwear hoodie

Very popular in the winter, it's often tricky to get a clean look without too much stress on your body. In addition to standing out by breaking the monotonous routine, hoodies ensure a smooth transition between inner and outer layers.

For this purpose, we recommend zippered hoodies that let you see the t-shirts that are hidden underneath. Leaving the hood exposed will already give the whole thing a lot of charm. You can put it over a short or long jacket, a coat, or even a streetwear windbreaker. Just be careful not to take a sweater too thick that could limit your movements because of what you are going to wear over it.

Again, it's important to play with colors and materials to perfect your look. A cotton hoodie goes well with leather jackets, denim jackets, and even raincoats 

In an Athleisure package

A hoodie is the perfect choice to complete a casual, sporty look. It's a style that's always been on trend, and one that's easy to recreate, so why not go for it? It's considered the happy medium between urban and stylish. A hoodie pairs beautifully with jogging pants and a pair of sneakers: the iconic trio to form a street style, approved by top designers and urban fashion lovers.

However, laziness or lack of application can make you miss your target. To ensure success, and especially to avoid looking like you've just come back from the gym, make sure you choose clean and neat designs. The key is to keep it simple and minimalist, while paying attention to the little details. What you choose should be chic, and the assembly of the outfit should be consistently thoughtful. The focus is on the sneakers, which can make or break the outfit. It would be cool to match it with the hoodie to strengthen the unity of your look

Hoodies and classic style

Hoodies and classic style

While hoodies have long been associated with the most casual of styles, new trends are bringing them into more serious looks. The classic hoodie is reclaiming its place in workwear and classic looks, and designers are going all out to make it so.

Nowadays, it's no longer a fashion faux pas to wear hoodies with shirts or pants. On the contrary, it gives a more modern touch, and quite original, to your academic or work outfit. Of course, you should avoid low quality materials and cheap designs, otherwise it will look ridiculous!

In such a context, simplicity is the rule. No need to overdo it, otherwise you'll look overdressed for the occasion. Make sure you balance the whole thing out so you don't become a laughing stock with your colleagues.

Rules for wearing a hoodie

How do you apply this advice in practice? What should we learn from all this? Even with the best will in the world, you can make mistakes. Here are a few recommendations that could be very useful when putting together your looks :

  • Keep your old hoodies only if they are compatible with your streetwear style;
  • Opt for timeless designs that you can keep for years and use on different types of looks: it will be more useful than a single item;
  • Evaluate the color and size schemes to best suit your body type and outfit;
  • Choose the most appropriate hoodies for each situation: pay attention to patterns and markings, fabric type, fit, etc.
  • Find your own way: whatever genre you want to achieve, let your preferences guide you first!

Finally, let's not forget that a successful streetwear style is a matter of habit and experience. Even if you don't get it right the first few times, you'll get better as you go along. If you're not familiar with streetwear, we recommend trying styles with basic hoodies rather than focusing on them. After a while, you'll become a real ace without even realizing it.

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You want to keep it chic and stylish with a trendy look, it's possible with our collection of streetwear hoodies and hoodies from Tenshi. Designed specifically to the dress code, each model focuses on comfort, practicality and reliability. The Hokai hoodie confirms this rule. Combining art and trendy look, this model stands out with the nice oil painting on the back and its wider waist. Its cotton and polyester fabric is well suited for cooler, even colder days.
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hoodie streetwear for men
We love hoodies because they keep you warm and protect you from the winter chill. But this garment is a fashion must-have. The style has not changed. Only the quality and the patterns that have undergone some changes over time to adapt to all social strata. It remains for you to look for the most appropriate to your taste, your size and your morphology to feel good in your hoodie.

For something more sober, our minimalist hoodies Tiny Premium, or even Teshio and Konan with high collar, will definitely please you. We also cater to your geeky passions with our hoodies with Japanese inscriptions. Our Sosa and Sakana models will make many jealous around you.

All in all, they are ideal for a streetwear style that will make you stand out 100%. Don't miss the opportunity to add these little nuggets to your collection, they are exceptional pieces that you won't find anywhere else

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