Streetwear Hoodies

Hoodie, the number one streetwear item

The hoodie is one of the key pieces of your streetwear artillery, here we present the most stylish and fashionable hoodies for street style, not to be found in shops.

But first, let's take a look back at the history of the hoodie. It all started in the Middle Ages when monks wore collars. These collars were actually a kind of hood covering the head but also the shoulders of the monks. This way of dressing was considered obsolete and disappeared. But like all fashions, things disappear, reappear and above all are updated!

Hoodies come from the United States of America and were created in the thirties taking example on these famous collars. It was the brand Champion who brought this type of clothing up to date in order to create a range for American workers who often had to face the cold during their physical work, particularly in cold rooms. The hoodie is also more commonly known as a "hoodie". If nowadays it is a garment that many people wear on a daily basis, it is important to know that initially it was primarily a garment for sports.

For example, the very famous American boxer Mohamed Ali wore this kind of clothing. In the twenty-first century, the hoodie has spread widely among the population and across all continents. In fact, American and French rappers had difficulty making a living from their art. In order to finance their musical creations, they had the idea of creating clothing lines that they marketed. Promoting these clothes to their public was a necessity. They naturally began to wear their clothing creations on stage.
This was a wise way to perpetuate their art while advertising for free. From then on, a large part of the youth also started wearing hoodies. This allowed them to look like their favourite idols and rappers. Soon, this fashion spread throughout society.

The hoodie, a garment that adapts to all styles

Whether or not people practice sports, whatever their age, it is above all a practical and comfortable garment that appeals. So everyone has one in their wardrobe. Its texture, but also its colours, materials and shapes make it the ideal garment for all situations.
So it is no longer just a piece of sportswear, but a piece of clothing that is unique to each individual and can be combined with other more traditional clothing. Whether individuals choose to adopt a look close to the rock, rap, hip-hop community or on the contrary more classic, it should be noted that this atypical garment integrates with all styles, especially the most urban.

The hoodie, a garment with remarkable qualities

In addition, its qualities make it an ideal garment to wear in the off-season. In case of bad weather, hoodies have hoods to protect you from the cold and rain. Others have large pockets, including kangaroo pockets to keep your hands warm, or to store a hat or even a scarf. Moreover, the models are varied, there are some with a zip or not. The cuts are also different because more or less wide. In recent years, designers have been innovating a lot.
That's why hoodies have become original supports with various graphics. You can wear a message, a slogan or even a real work of art on your garment. As you can see, the hoodie has become an essential part of current urban culture. So much so that the term "urban-wear" has become part of everyday language. From then on, with hip-hop and then rap music, street tags and street art, but also fashion, a whole street culture has emerged since the nineties, creating a culture and an identity of its own.

The hoodie for individual style

With the hoodie, it has never been easier to personalise your style so that you don't look like your neighbour. As explained above, it is a remarkable medium for a wide variety of prints. Therefore, fans of Japanese culture, Korean culture or Chinese culture can have a variety of iconography printed on their hoodie, and not the standardised mass consumption garments of the mainstream fashion market. Here, anything is possible. All you have to do is go to a specialised shop or an artisan to buy the pieces you want.

Hoodie worn by a young man

The hoodie, an exceptional piece

More than a simple classic garment that everyone can have in their wardrobe, by buying a hoodie you get your hands on an exceptional garment, a real unique piece that will allow you to make various combinations with, for example, jeans or why not jogging bottoms. Here, fashion has no limits. The only limit is your creativity and inventiveness. People who want to look stylish can wear a hoodie with fitted trousers, for example.
The hoodie is a piece of urban culture clothing, and urban culture fashion includes many accessories such as caps, fanny packs, techwear hoodies or chest bags. You will have to think beforehand about the final look you want to have. The different accessories should match your hoodie. Do you want to give the impression that you are a glowing person? If so, go for flashy colours.

Yellow hoodie worn by a woman

On the other hand, if you want to be more inconspicuous and not appear exuberant, opt for darker colours like black, grey or brown. In any case, keep in mind that the secret lies in the combination of the different pieces that will make your look really unique. Here, personalisation is desired to have a look that reflects your image, far from the standards of the mass consumer society of the eighties.

A hoodie to integrate a community

If the hoodie is above all a garment, it is nevertheless a strong identity marker. Wearing a hoodie is a voluntary choice, a committed act that allows one to get closer to a community. The hoodie is essential for individuals who want to get closer to the hip-hop scene. Here, as in the rap and street-wear scene, the hoodie is the norm. Thus, to integrate effectively into these unconventional worlds, it is necessary to adopt the right codes so as not to be rejected, but rather accepted.

Masked man wearing a red hoodie
Therefore, wearing a hoodie is not simply wearing a piece of clothing, but rather making the choice to belong to a community and embrace its culture, with its codes and norms. The language, the terms used, the food eaten, the arts practised, the hobbies but also the clothes are all clues to understand to which community an individual belongs.

How to wear a hoodie properly?

As we have seen, wearing a hoodie is a matter of code, norm and environment. To wear it, it is therefore necessary to follow some rules. If the hoodie is worn under a jacket, the hood must come out of the jacket.

Otherwise, an unsightly pile of fabric may form under the jacket. In addition, most hoodies no longer have a drawstring to tighten the hood. Whether it's a trend or a question of aesthetics, the possibility of buying a hoodie with a drawstring is becoming increasingly rare.
In order to get the best look, you also have to think about what type of trousers you are going to combine the hoodie with. Not all hoodies fit together properly. When buying, remember that if this garment is too loose, you will float in it, which can be a bit inappropriate. It's true that the garment shows you're casual, but don't buy just anything ! 

Man wearing a hoodie

Find the one that best suits your build and size. There's something for everyone, so we recommend you try on several. Similarly, if you need to feel good in your hoodie, pay attention to the length of the sleeves!
Of course, exclude from your selection those that are too short. That would be ridiculous. On the other hand, make sure you don't invest in a hoodie with too long sleeves! The best thing to do is to ask your friends and family or a specialist dealer for advice. Dressing in a relaxed way does not mean putting on just anything! Above all, you should feel good in your clothes.

As far as colours are concerned, the easiest to wear are black, grey and burgundy, which go with almost all jeans on the market. Similarly, if you have never worn a hoodie before, be careful with bright colours first.
These are harder to combine with other items in your wardrobe. Keep these tips in mind when making your first purchase. Once you've got used to them, you'll soon be able to opt for more original, even exuberant, hoodies.

So don't wait any longer and explore the Hoodie collection to find yours!