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A few years ago, bags were not really fashionable anymore. They are now back on top in the streetwear world, with different looks but they are a hit! Among them, fanny packs and tactical bags are very popular.

The bags, an ancient history

One might think that a bag such as a satchel was invented by someone at some point in recent history. However, we have to go back to ancient times and the Roman Empire to find evidence of the first satchel.

Although it is difficult to determine the exact date of manufacture of the first satchel, Roman men were already carrying them. They are also called mail bags, and for good reason, the letter carriers of the time called them "messenger bags" because they were used to carry the mail. This luggage, carried over the shoulder thanks to a shoulder strap, has existed for a long time.

Archaeological findings have even shown that Ötzi, also called Hibernatus, the naturally mummified man, was carrying a satchel in the years 3300 BC. More precisely, it was worn on the shoulder and is rather similar to a satchel. At that time, it was used to gather food. But it is the men of the Roman legion who will really democratize it. The resistance of their material pushed the saddlebags to develop among the population. It is also what will allow him to cross the times to be a true accessory of fashion today.

Bags in the past

Let's stop first in the 19th century. The Pony Express mail delivery service was a hit in the American West. Riders such as Buffalo Bill, Franck E. Webner or Jack Keetley roamed the vast territory to deliver letters and packages. To do this, they needed a bag that was practical, mobile and light enough to be attached to the horses and used by the rider. Saddlebags were then developed for all trades that required the transport of tools or objects.

Before the colonization of the territory, the United States is above all the land of the native Americans, who are usually called Amerindians. It is from them that the famous fanny pack comes from, which some consider as an essential today. Made of buffalo hide, the bags are used for harvesting and to keep certain things in its size. Indians are automatically linked to cowboys, who always keep their pistol on them thanks to the holster. This is nothing more than a fanny pack with a hole in it!

The bag nowadays

TENSHI™ Streetwear Bag

The modern satchel as we know it today was popularized by the De Martini Globe Company in the 1950s. It was used as a work tool by linemen working on utility poles. Made of cotton canvas, it allowed them to take the necessary tools while protecting them from weather conditions such as wind.

The bag was then used in many trades, and always in the distribution of mail. The personalization and the advantages multiply: leather straps, reflective bands and logo affixed on the bag.

The turning point came in 1984. John Peters created the Manhattan Portage company and introduced the bag to the fashion world. He changes the codes by changing the material, using nylon, and adding features such as buttons or buckles. It worked because it was a hit. The style and practicality of the satchel appealed to American college students who could easily carry their textbooks..

The fanny pack

Streetwear fanny pack TENSHI™

To return to the streetwear fanny pack, it is also in the 80s that it becomes popular. It is revisited by putting zips, clips and other pockets to make a practical accessory. During the following decade, the fanny pack reached its peak. Formerly exclusively made of buffalo skin and in the same colors, the fanny pack is now declined in multiple colors and materials, from the traditional leather to the flashy colors of synthetic materials.

During the 90s, everyone wears a fanny pack. It is the accessory at the top of the fashion and essential. But like anything else that we do and redo, we eventually get tired. The passage to the years 2000 will make it sink. Too much consumed and no longer in the taste of the day, the fanny pack is forgotten and lives a difficult period.

In 2020, this bag, named after its shape, is back on the scene. The great luxury houses like Louis Vuitton revisit it. With social networks, stars such as Kendall Jenner or Asap Rocky wear it, which makes it return in popular culture.

As for the tactical bag, it comes from military equipment. The latter has been introduced in recent years within fashion, allowing to create inimitable styles. Tactical bags are very practical because they have a large storage capacity. Ideal when you do not want to clutter the pockets!


The different types of bags

If the satchel is still present, it is because it knew how to cross the times. Nowadays, we find models for all needs.

The leather model is always visible in the streets. And for good reason, it is also called satchel because it is very popular with teachers. A generous size and many storage compartments allow you to carry everything you need.

The strength and the neatness of the leather may not be for everyone. That's why there are models made of synthetic material. When you think of this word, you think mainly of sports bags. But there is more to synthetic bags than that. With a good storage capacity, they will make happy students and executives to carry computers, courses, and other objects. The design of this kind of bag is also diverse. Some are urban and others are vintage.

There are also models made of canvas. This is especially true for smaller bags, ideal for visiting friends without cluttering the pockets. The storage is small but allows to store the smartphone, wallet and keys, ie the essentials for going out. Their design is perfect for those who want to wear a streetwear look from head to toe.

For the fanny pack, it is still possible to find some in synthetic material and flashy colors, as it was in the 90s. Today, there are models much more varied and daring. You can even customize it, being able to create infinite models.

The banana can now be made of leather, cotton, velvet, nylon, polyester or transparent plastic for those who have nothing to hide. Patches, embroidery, silk-screening and even engraving have been added to the mix. The fanny pack has thus become a personal object that can match the smallest details of your imagination..

Streetwear Bag and fanny pack

As for the tactical bag, it is no longer limited to the military colors that made its reputation. You can now find it with sober colors but which will go perfectly with a streetwear look. Among them, green and black are essential. But a clever mix between black and white will also balance the colors of your style.

How to carry a streetwear bag?

The main advantage of a satchel is the freedom it offers. Unlike a backpack, it is not only transportable in one way. Worn only on the shoulder or slung over the shoulder, it will suit everyone.

To wear the satchel, it is quite possible to combine it with a professional look. A perfectly ironed shirt with a full leather briefcase will make you look good in any situation.

The urban look allows you to adapt to any environment. For this, opt for a sober outfit, with neutral colors. For example, a white t-shirt with simple sneakers will go perfectly with a synthetic shoulder bag.

On Tenshi, we appreciate streetwear. The small bags are therefore those that will suit every style that can be created. For these, a t-shirt, sweatshirt or jacket whatever the season, will do perfectly to complete your look. But streetwear is not only about bags.

Streetwear bag TENSHI™

Back in the spotlight thanks to the youth, the fanny pack can still be worn around the waist. But now, you can afford to dare to wear it on your shoulder. Placed on the shoulder, the fanny pack can then be on the front of your body. A good way to have your stuff close by when you go on vacation or festival. You can also choose to wear your fanny pack on your back, giving you more freedom of movement.

The fanny pack is therefore a bag that will be used especially during the summer periods when you want to go out without being crowded. To create a streetwear look with a fanny pack, we advise you to opt for a classy oversized t-shirt by associating it with cargo pants.

Finally the tactical bag is the one that can be most similar to the closest neighbor of the satchel, the backpack. Worn on the chest, the tactical bag consists of 4 straps that come together on the area on the back. This way, you'll be sure not to lose any of your stuff..


Why you should buy a streetwear bag?

Streetwear Bag and fanny pack


In the end, no matter what you choose for your bag, fanny pack or tactical bag, they all have the same features that will make you fall in love with them.

Except for some very specific models, all bags weigh less than a kilogram. This lightness allows them to be carried everywhere without any problem. Put on a shoulder strap, it is even possible to forget that it is on the body.

A specific feature of the bags is the organization they offer. With plenty of storage space, you can put everything you want. In addition, the many compartments, pockets and zippers that are built in allow you to smartly organize your items.

Since there are bags with shoulder straps and/or handles, fanny packs or even tactical bags, versatility is the order of the day with this type of equipment. Elegant and spacious, they will delight everyone.

Panniers are also the kind of bags that are easy to access. You don't have to remove everything to access your ringing phone. Just open the pocket to answer. Pretty handy, huh?

In hot weather, it can be uncomfortable to wear a backpack. The heat turns your body into sweat and your shirt gets soaked. This problem does not exist with a backpack. Worn as a shoulder bag, on the shoulder or simply on the front of the body, it will keep your body dry.

At TENSHI™, you will be able to find the model of bag you are looking for. Our designers work to offer the best possible product. For this reason, you will have the possibility to choose among the many colors that we offer you. Red, beige, black or white, there is something for everyone. A way for you to have the bag that suits you and to wear the perfect look.

Made of various materials, the bags combine flexibility, robustness and lightness. It will allow you to store all your stuff and have a streetwear style from head to toe. The Mazaki red fanny pack is made of velvet for those who like soft materials. The Sekai model, with several storage compartments, is made of polyester. And if you want your bag to shine even at night, opt for the Reflektiv reflective fanny pack, you won't go unnoticed!

So what are you waiting for to order?

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