Streetwear Fanny pack

The history of the  Fanny pack

The fanny pack, a variation of our streetwear bags, is a highly visible accessory in the looks of many people today. The patterns, the design are varied and the way to wear it are different: no doubt, the fanny pack is now back.

A more distant origin than it seems 

streetwear fanny pack

Since the hunter-gatherers, men have used shoulder bags to keep their belongings. If these men had this kind of equipment, it was to keep the fruit of their harvest. The best-conversed human corpse in the world, Ötzi, already had a pouch, more than 5000 years ago. The one also called Hibernatus can be seen in the archaeological museum of Alto Adige in Bolzano, Italy, if you are curious.

The leather pocket he had is finally the oldest ancestor of the fanny pack as we know it today. The small bag crosses the times but does not weaken. In ancient times, the fanny pack was used with a leather cord or a natural string. It could be made with a simple flap or laced like a purse. During this period, the fanny pack already began to be adopted on the belt.

Before arriving in modern times, this small bag experienced the conquest of the West. Indeed, the fanny pack is intimately linked to the history of native Americans, present long before colonization. Native Americans carried a pouch made of buffalo hide to store all sorts of things. In some photos taken by Edward Curtis in 1907, we can see American Indians wearing them at the waist.

The cowboys came later. And they too adopt it around the waist. Two uses are made of it: gathering or weapon. The cowboy is world famous for wearing a revolver around his waist, held in place by a holster. And yes, the fanny pack was already present at the time of the duels in the far-west. Like the Amerindians, the bag attached to the waist is made of buffalo skin, a material known for its robustness

the banana was already present at the time of the duels in the far-west

The little bag continues its way through human history to arrive in the 1960s. Obviously, men did not use the fanny pack in the form that everyone knows today. An urban legend, true or false, exists and indicates that the current fanny pack was invented by an Australian woman at that time. Melba Stone would have been inspired by the pocket of the kangaroo to create it in 1962.

But it seems that the real first appearance of the fanny pack was made in Sports Illustrated. The famous American magazine mentioned the accessory in an issue published on November 22, 1954. An article, called "Christmas by Mail Order," suggested 50 gift ideas, to be ordered from New England. A fanny pack was offered at a price of $10. It's called that because it's tied in the back at the buttocks. Skiers particularly appreciate it.


Appearance in fashion and explosion

The fanny pack is therefore rather reserved for outdoor sports in the 1960s. Outdoor sports enthusiasts used to carry light equipment and food. But like other accessories, it will then move from the field of sports to that of fashion

streetwear fanny pack

In 1988, the famous designer and stylist Karl Lagerfeld created the first fashion fanny pack for the Chanel brand. In an advertising campaign, Claudia Schiffer, German model, wears it. The effect is immediate and the banana bag becomes chic. The machine was then launched. From the late 1980s, the fanny pack will explode.

The American magazine Adweek named it the most popular product of 1988. It is thus natural that everyone started to tear off this accessory. Some members of the hip-hop group Public Enemy appear with the fanny pack around their waist. Even wrestlers, like The Rock (or Dwayne Johnson for the movies, as you like) wear the fanny pack. All this has helped to make the little bag popular. Its practicality, for storing keys or other everyday items, was highly appreciated. However, the fanny pack did not quite have its current shape.

This one finally appeared in the 1990s. This decade is really the one of the explosion for the fanny pack. The group New Kids on the Block or the series Sex and the City, without forgetting the Prince of Bel Air, participate in particular in the apogee of the fanny pack. Neneh Cherry even wears it at the MTV Awards at the time. Her model was golden, which shows the diversity of patterns, colors or materials of products made at that time


Flashy, sober, in leather or synthetic material, the fanny pack does not escape any material or color. It is an essential of the wardrobe of the 1990s. Man, woman, from a common social class or different, small or big budget, all people have a fanny pack. Even the least sensitive people to this fashion crack.

In the 2000s, an old-fashioned accessory

At the turn of the year 2000 and its famous bug, the fanny pack is already starting to show some weaknesses. We start to see it less and less, which does not announce anything good for the future. This decade will finally be the one of too much for the banana bag.

Too much consumed, the fanny pack is like a dish that we eat too much. It is a total overdose. It is also no longer trendy enough and considered old-fashioned. This accessory will then fall into abandonment, rejected and left at the bottom of the closets.

It must be said that the brands did not really help to leave it on the front of the scene. Inexpensive to manufacture, the fanny pack has been the marketing tool and a real plus for many companies in fashion and textiles. Too much competition has finally led brands to stop using it in their collections.

Worn by young people, they no longer want to be associated with dads who wear them on the beach or in many public places. They want to have their own style, without many people wearing it at the same time. In the 2000s, fanny pack bashing had even become something widespread and fashionable.


The return to the forefront recently 

streetwear fanny pack

The wearing of the fanny pack by the band Public Enemy in the 1980s is proof of this: the fanny pack was an accessory adopted by the streetwear fashion. In the 1990s, streetwear is very popular with youth. The film La Haine by Mathieu Kassovitz shows this particularly well.

In 2009, the singer Rihanna dared to show herself with a fanny pack and made the buzz. The accessory is then worn as a challenge to the looks that were in fashion. The fanny pack is seen as a provocation. Designers like Alexander Wang or Karl Lagerfeld try to make it back in fashion but it does not work yet. It is only at the end of the decade 2010 that the fanny pack comes out.

Youth stars like Asap Rocky or Kendall Jenner, known for their streetwear, proudly wear the fanny pack. The big luxury houses, Louis Vuitton or Gucci for example, revisit the fanny pack and bring it up to date. It is now readopted and returns to the wardrobe. The accessory can then store keys, smartphone or sunglasses during the summer. With this return to the forefront, the fanny pack is now designed in very different materials and colors, which can then accompany every movement. The comfort is now such that you don't even realize that you are wearing the bag around your waist, or on your chest.

The different types of fanny packs 

With over 60 years of existence in 2020, the fanny pack has had time to evolve. The shape and materials have changed, always with the aim of improving comfort.

We find several types of fanny packs today :

The big one

fanny pack

The bag here is large enough to hold a number of items. Its strap is, as a result, thicker and bigger. But it is not less comfortable for all that. In terms of look, it will be more urban than streetwear oriented. This type of fanny pack has a large size, which allows it to be carried on the back, like the famous backpack.

Small fanny packsmall fanny pack

    Of course, we find the opposite model. Here, it is a fanny pack that will suit the casual summer look, where you want to be little cluttered. It will be enough to store the smartphone, keys and sunglasses. A more limited storage but an object that will blend perfectly with different looks.

    The streetwear bag

    The streetwear bag

      Small bags are a special case since they can be a category on their own. Worn on the shoulder, the bag is available in some models so small that they can be combined with a fanny pack. 

      How to wear a fanny pack?

       How to wear a fanny pack?

      Originally, the fanny pack was worn around the waist, in the back, at the level of the buttocks. But for the sake of accessibility and practicality, the fanny pack was turned forward. At the height of this accessory, it was worn just below the belly.

      Today, it is still worn around the waist. At the belt, the fanny pack allows to be a link between the top garment, t-shirt or sweatshirt, and the bottom one, jeans or cargo pants for example. Now, the fanny pack can also be worn on the chest.

      This way of wearing it allows to mark a break with the look of the dads at the beach, where the object is placed at the waist. Young people are particularly influenced by artists, fashion or music, which are displayed with a fanny pack on the chest. For example, Asap Rocky was recently seen wearing a red Balenciaga fanny pack. Young artists and influencers on Instagram can also be seen with a fanny pack on their torso, which helps to make this wear quite popular.

      The fanny pack can then be worn on the chest, very narrowly or rather loosely on the torso. But for maximum comfort, the fanny pack has been moved to the back. Obviously, it is there related to a backpack, which has made a real hit within the fashion. Wearing the fanny pack on his back removes the accessible side but has the advantage of being more comfortable.


      The TENSHI™ fanny pack collection

       TENSHI™ streetwear fanny pack

      Having a fanny pack with quality streetwear clothing and look can be the little touch that makes the whole thing completely memorable. At Tenshi, we understand this idea and therefore we offer you a collection of fanny packs.

      Our store offers the Misaki and Takaya models, which will be perfect for people who want a small, stylish but unnoticeable storage space. It is also quite possible that you want a fanny pack to store more things. The Tsugaru, Matsu and Yamaga fanny packs will give you plenty of storage and allow you to complete your streetwear look with Japanese elements.

      For those of you who are not afraid of the cold, why not let yourself be tempted by our transparent Oga bag. The Reflektiv model will be the best possible for someone who wants to be visible day and night. Finally, ladies, you'll probably fall for the Saki fur fanny pack to complete your look.

      Look great on your chest and face with our products! Choose from a variety of shapes, materials and colors to get the best storage space possible.

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