Chest Bag

The chest bag invasion

Bags and purses have never been as worn as they are today. Slung over the shoulder, in a fanny pack or on the chest, they have become an essential accessory of a streetwear style. Among them, the chest bag has recently proved itself.

A history closely linked to that of the bag

streetwear Chest bag

Finally, the chest bag is a type of bag like any other. As such, its history is linked to that of other bags worn on the side or waist.

The oldest form of bag discovered dates back to the year 3300 BC. Ötzi, a naturally mummified man more commonly known as Hibernatus, is said to have worn a shoulder bag. It is compared to a saddlebag, and it was obviously used to collect the products of the harvest, because it is the time of the hunter-gatherers.

The history of the satchel continues into antiquity. While the exact date of the first such object is not really determinable, history shows that men of the Roman Empire were already carrying them. It was the Roman letter carriers who wore it to deliver the mail. The accessory was then called "messenger bag". Worn once again on a shoulder strap, it is therefore proof that the object is quite old.

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Its practicality and resistance allowed it to be noticed by the population and to develop. These qualities have allowed it to become what it is today, a real fashion accessory.

In the 19th century, there was a mail delivery service in the American West. Pony Express is delivered by many riders, who travel all over the territory on horseback. Frank E. Webner, Jack Keetley and Buffalo Bill were in charge of delivering letters and packages to the population. To do so, a mobile, light and practical bag was necessary. Hanging on the horses, the bags will finally become the equipment needed by the American letter carriers.

This idea was taken up in all the professions that required to carry equipment and have it available quickly. The saddlebag was therefore used to carry tools, in addition to the letter carriers' mail.


The territory of the United States is really the one linked to the satchel. Before the conquest of the West, Native Americans also carried saddlebags. The native Americans as we can call them, they are also the origin of the fanny pack. Kept at the waist and made at that time in buffalo skin, the saddlebags were once again used to collect things. To finish on the American territory, the cowboys also carry a fanny pack. In their many adventures, the holster allows them to keep the gun in a safe place. As you can see, the holster is another form of fanny pack.

The work bag for keeping tools would later be used by the De Martini Globe Company. In the 1950s, linemen on utility poles used it. The object is made of cotton canvas, designed to keep the tools, while protecting from the sometimes difficult weather conditions. Customization continued with leather straps or the logo and the bag became even more important.

In 1984, it is finally the appearance of the bag in fashion. The Manhattan Portage company, created by John Peters, decided to place the bag in the fashion world. For that he changes the material and uses nylon. Buttons are also present and the bag meets a certain success. The students appreciate it very much..


A deviation of the fanny pack

The chest bag was not born from a genius idea of a certain person. This accessory is actually an adaptation of another bag. And among the different bags that exist, it is the fanny pack that is the closest to it.

chest bag for men

The Australian Melba Stone is often described as the person who invented the fanny pack. Her creation is not questioned but she is not the first to have made such an object. In 1962, the year in which Melba would have been the first to have invented the fanny pack, it had already been around for at least 8 years. Its first appearance was in a Christmas shopping guide developed by Sports Illustrated. Made of leather, it was intended for skiers who wanted to hurtle down the snowy slopes.

In the 1980s, the fanny pack became popular. The fashion was synthetic and daring colors and flashy. The fanny pack, an outdoor sports item when it first came out, has finally taken hold in fashion, which is not to our displeasure.

fanny pack during the 80s
The 90s are truly the heyday of fanny packs. Everyone is wearing them. Whether in synthetic material or with more daring looks, the colors and trends are multiplying again and again. In 1994, Karl Lagerfeld had created a fanny pack in quilted lambskin for Chanel. Unfortunately in 2000 it is the indigestion. By listening too much to a music we end up getting bored, right? The same thing happened to the banana bag. No longer in fashion, the fanny pack will live a dark fifteen years, at the bottom of the closet.

Then 4-5 years ago, the fanny pack made a comeback. The artists and famous personalities are displayed in its presence and the public falls for it again. Asap Rocky or Kendall Jenner are seen with a fanny pack, which is enough to make young people want one in turn. Many streetwear brands such as Supreme offer fanny packs, as well as the major luxury houses. Louis Vuitton takes the opportunity to revisit it and bring the accessory into the high-end.

If we talk to you about the fanny pack, it is because it is the one that is most related to the chest bag. This one is characterized by being worn on the chest as its name indicates, just like the fanny pack. The bananas positioned on the chest are aesthetic because they allow to be highlighted, while keeping the practical aspect.

The chest bag is ultimately a derivative of the fanny pack worn on the chest. We find the backpack, the chest bag is the chest bag. Worked in various materials and in many colors, this bag is the new fashion trend of 2020. We compare this chest bag to a vest. And it is true that the comparison can be true. This accessory is also attached close to the body but has a rectangular shape. The attachment is made with several buckles, for better stability. In 2017, it is Kanye West who is seen with a chest bag in the streets of New York.


Choosing a chest bag

You tell us, why choose a chest bag when you have a fanny pack on your chest? The question is interesting and deserves to be answered.

streetwear chest bag

The first answer we can give is in the look. Both practical and elegant, the fanny pack gives a special touch to a streetwear outfit. The questions arise when we will have a larger bag on the chest. However, the doubts can be removed. With the models that are developed, there is inevitably a chest bag that will match the streetwear look you want to have. The colors and patterns are varied, which allows you to have several outfits to make with your clothes.

There is also the storage to put forward. On a fanny pack, this one is limited. It can have several zippers and pockets but this is something rather rare. Most models have only one pocket. This one is big enough to put several objects like the smartphone, the wallet, the keys or the sunglasses.

The chest bag is even stronger. The pockets are numerous and bigger, which increases the storage capacity. You won't be able to fit everything you want, but more than a fanny pack. Its rectangular design offers an incredible variety of pockets. Alone on the front or connected together or even positioned on the back, the offer is very varied.

What can sometimes bother with the fanny pack is that it slides down the body. It does not fit on the torso, which finally forces to wear it at waist level. This problem does not appear when there is a chest bag. The accessory is worn straight on the chest and is attached on the side or behind. But what is a real advantage is the fact of having several points of attachment. It is therefore quite possible to adjust them to your size and then not change them by putting on the bag as a vest.

And finally, why not? The fanny pack is a nice accessory but so is the design of a chest bag. The rectangular shape and the colors will allow you to have a unique streetwear look and noticed by everyone. Whether you like the sobriety of classic colors or flashy patterns, everything is possible with the chest bags.


The TENSHI™ chest bag collection 

That's why on Tenshi, we decided to offer you a collection of chest bags of the best quality possible. Building a good streetwear look with a Tenshi chest bag is possible. Here are the products we offer in our store.

Tenshi chest bag

First of all you will be able to find accessories with a minimalist design, if you want to wear something discreet but very practical. For this, bet on dark or light colors depending on your outfit. The Soya model is for example very well adapted thanks to its plain color and its 3 pockets. The Bunky tactical bag also fits in this category with a strong back strap.

If you don't mind having a streetwear look with your chest bag, you can choose more flashy and less classic colors. But it is also possible to choose an accessory that stands out a little. This is the case of the Engaru chest bag with a more elongated rectangular shape. The Bifuka chest bag will suit you perfectly if you are fond of all kinds of colorful patterns. The Bihoro chest bag offers an interesting play of colors.

A traditional shape is good. But you want to go even further? We put at your disposal several models which are characterized by a less usual shape and just as worked to answer a certain comfort. The Circulation chest bag and the Soma bag have two rectangular compartments. This is ideal if you want to sort out your storage. Again, the designs and colors are different so you can choose the one that suits you best.

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This is also the case with the Musadake chest bag. It is not placed on the chest but rather on the ribs. The shape is reminiscent of a vest, which is often mentioned when talking about a bag of this type. The accessory hangs easily and has the merit of not being able to fall. Two pockets are present, like the inside pockets found on many jackets today. The space is therefore sufficient to store what you need.

In the same genre, there is the chest bag called Future. A storage is present on the front while another is present on the back. This design allows you to put important items on one side and those you need the least on the other. Cleverly placed, you will have both storage at hand and no choice to make.

The Abashiri and Nayoto items offer spectacular storage capacity. If you often go to visit cities or tourist places, these bags will be a great ally because they will allow you to store a number of things.

All that's left to do is browse our products and choose the one that suits you best.

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