5 streetwear brands you need to know

February 09, 2020 7 min read

5 streetwear brands you need to know

In the world of streetwear, there are brands that make clothes essential to a good collection. Here are 5 streetwear brands you need to know.


The first brand we want to tell you about is Supreme. If you're young, chances are the name rings a bell. If you're a little older or don't know it, here's what you need to know about the oft-seen red brand.

In 1994, James Jebbia opened the first Supreme store at the corner of Lafayette Street and Prince Street in the streets of New York. At that time, his store had no security guards or long lines to get a piece of clothing or accessory. Jebbia, the founder, gained experience working at Parachute in the 1980s. He fills the shelves of his store with his drops. He founded Supreme because he realized that a skate brand was missing from the New York landscape.


It is the first clientele of the American brand with artists. The filmmaker Harmony Korine, for example, had an apartment not far from this first store. He describes the store as a meeting place for skateboard and art enthusiasts. A good atmosphere reigned there.

The development of skateboarding in the popular culture allowed the brand to gain popularity. For example, the first X-Games launched by ESPN was a big hit. Supreme noticed the attraction of Japanese tourists to the store on Lafayette Street. The brand will thus expand in Japan and open 3 stores, respectively in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka.

The 2000s and the explosion of the Internet allowed the skateboard brand to become a must-have in the streetwear world. Other stores opened in the United States and Europe, including London and Paris.

The Supreme logo is very well known. On a red background, the name of the brand is written in white. It is directly present on the products, which contributes to its popularity. The lettering is inspired by a poster of a woman's face where it was written in English: "Your body is a battlefield.

Supreme sells clothing, ranging from sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets, sneakers to boxers and socks. The main feature of the brand is the exclusivity of its drops. The pieces are in limited copies available in physical stores. It doesn't take long before they are no longer available. Recently Supreme tries to stand out by offering a collaboration with LVMH. In 2017, the Supreme x LVMH association was unveiled at Paris Fashion .



Who doesn't know the brand with the comma? Its well-designed products have surely caught your eye. The American brand is however relatively young. Its creation goes back to 1971 when Carolyn Davidson created the famous comma logo, for the modest sum of 35 dollars. Philip Knight was not very satisfied with it but will be satisfied with it not to spend more. In 1972, Nike is officially created by Philip Knight and Bill Bowerman.

nike streetwear brand

In these years, German brands like Adidas and Puma dominate the world of sports equipment. For it is in this perspective that Nike was created. The Nike Cortez is indeed a model designed for running. It is innovative because of its sole called "waffle", which is flexible. It comes with studs, a good grip and a certain lightness. Its sober design seduces and is updated during the film Forrest Gump in the 1990s. The brand with the comma then makes its entry into the basketball with the Nike Blazer. Convinced that it can place itself on this market, the company offers a model without particular technology. Very well sold, it marked the entry of Nike in the basketball.

The turning point takes place in 1982. And what a turning point! In this year Nike decides to release a model that you know necessarily. It is the Air Force 1. This pair of sneakers is equipped with the Air Sole technology. This is nothing but the air bubble present in the sole. The cushioning is therefore improved. Its shape and its material offer a better support of the ankle, ideal for basketball players. The Nike Air Force 1 has become a must-have sneaker, widely worked in streetwear. You can also find our Air Force 1 custom collection in our store.

Two years a turning point definitely transforms the brand. Sonny Vaccaro is the one who pushed to sign Michael Jordan at Nike. The latter was about to sign with Converse but the comma took out the checkbook. The player was becoming a global star. Nike then released the Air Jordan model, which is distinguished by its colors. It is a huge success.

Nike is now an indispensable brand when it comes to a streetwear look. The Air Max, Air Force 1 are often seen on the feet of young people who wear this style. In addition to sports products, the brand is interested in fashion. A new success, which is not ready to stop.



Off-White is a streetwear brand created in 2012 by Virgil Abloh. It takes this name after carrying the name Pyrex Vision for a year. Based in Milan, Italy, it stands out for its high-end streetwear style, as seen in Balenciaga. This is mainly due to the designer Virgil Abloh. He is indeed known for his creations with Nike as part of the Off-White x Nike The Ten collection. This one celebrates the iconic models of the brand with the comma: Air Jordan 1, Air Max 90 or Air Presto.

Off-White streetwear brand

The clothes of the American designer's brand are recognizable because of the presence of quotation marks or diagonal stripes. There are also mentions that refer to the function of the product, directly implanted on the product itself. Partnerships with brands like Nike, Levi's and even IKEA have helped the label gain popularity.

The Off-White brand succeeds, thanks to its creator, in mixing streetwear codes with a high-end touch. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Drake or Travis Scott and journalists appreciate his work. Virgil Abloh's touch gives the brand an inimitable streetwear style.

It is thanks to the popularity of celebrities who wear this brand that Off-White has been able to make a place for itself in the streetwear world. Its clothes and accessories are sold on their website and in 24 stores around the world. They are usually criticized because of their high price. If you want to have a high quality streetwear look, you have the choice. Sweatshirts, t-shirts, pants and sneakers are available as far as clothing is concerned. Bags and various accessories, such as hats, belts and smartphone cases, are also on sale. A large collection is also available for women, like other streetwear brands.

You will also find special items in their store. Mugs are sold to have Off-White in the morning while drinking coffee. An ashtray or a pillow are other examples of special objects offered by Off-White. A recent company, Off-White can become a reference brand of streetwear in a few years. The company is in any case well on its way to.



A Bathing Ape, or simply BAPE, is a Japanese streetwear brand founded in 1993. The founder is Nigo (number 2 in Japanese), the pseudo of Tomoaki Nagao. The name of the company comes from the Japanese expression meaning "to bathe in warm water". It evokes the lifestyle of the current youth of Japan.

The logo and themes of BAPE are inspired by the first films of the notable Planet of the Apes series. In addition to the traditional Baby Milo and Bathing Ape t-shirts, other clothing items have been added to the brand's offering. Jeans, underwear, sweatshirts and jackets have been added to the products sold by the Japanese brand. Sneakers are available under the Bape Sta collection as well as many accessories. The activities go even beyond streetwear with an art gallery Bape Gallery, a hair salon Bape Cuts or television programs Bape TV.

BAPE, is a Japanese streetwear brand founded in 1993.

It operates in a similar way to Supreme. The products are available in very limited editions, which pushes to have a demand effect. In addition, each city has its own colors, available only in its store. The stores are also difficult to find because the sign is not explicitly visible. This keeps the exclusivity effect. In Japan, the brand is so popular that Pepsi commissioned the design of a limited edition bottle.

In the mid-2000s, the streetwear and hip-hop communities were heavily influenced by BAPE. Jay-Z, Kanye West and even Lil Wayne were seen wearing A Bathing Ape clothing. Afterwards, the brand lost influence, accumulating debts, until it was bought by a Hong Kong fashion conglomerate I.T. This fall is due in particular to the bad choices of Nigo. His diversification strategy was not the right one.

Other stores have opened outside the Asian continent. We can find them in the United States and in France. This is the first BAPE store in Europe.



We couldn't talk about the most important streetwear brands without talking about our own label. If you discover us, TENSHI™ offers you a line of streetwear with Asian influences. We are not a brand but rather a clothing store.

the streetwear brand tenshi

Founded in 2017, the universe of the Tenshi boutique is influenced by Japanese urban and streetwear culture. Mixing this with the designers' backgrounds (they grew up in contact with various cultures), the cocktail is amazingly varied and diverse. The influence of youth and Asian streetwear culture works particularly well. The ambition of the designers is to open 2 boutiques, in Paris and in Toronto.

You can find several collections on our website. First, there is the timeless t-shirt that tells a story with each piece. The hoodie will allow you to wear a successful streetwear look while not catching cold. It is an essential piece of a streetwear wardrobe so if you don't have one yet, go for it! The choice of colors is wide, as are the available models. In terms of tops, the windbreaker and various jackets complete our collection. But you can also find clothes for the lower body. This is the case of cargo pants, another streetwear essential. Whether you want a loose or tight fit, a sober or striking color, the choice is yours.

We didn't want to stop there. In addition to offering a whole line of clothing, both for men and women with unisex models, accessories are on sale. To store everything you need, you can take a backpack from our collection. But if you don't want to carry a big bag, the choice of the satchel is clever. Whether it's a fanny pack or a shoulder bag, you'll have a choice of design. And in order to have the streetwear style from head to toe, caps, bobs and Air Force 1 Custom will complete your collection.

Finally, the techwear line will offer something for those who want to stand out from the crowd. Made with materials that offer comfort and mobility, our collection includes a wide range of products. Cargo pants, hoodies and jackets are all at your fingertips (or click).

If you've always dreamed of wearing Asian-influenced streetwear, you're in the right place! Tenshi wants to bring its artistic and inspiring touch.

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