Hypebeast : What is it ? What does it mean ?

February 12, 2020 7 min read

Hypebeast : What is it ? What does it mean ?

Origins of the word HypeBeast 

Hypebeast is a term that appeared in the early 2000s, more precisely in 2005.

This very popular concept was born from the passion for sneakers of a student in Hong Kong named Kevin Ma.

Fueled by the desire to create a space to share his interests in fashion, he decided to create a website that he named Hypebeast: https://hypebeast.com

Thanks to its very illustrative content at the time, Kevin Ma's website became very popular. At first, his Blog site was specialized in the world and culture of sneakers.

Later on, thanks to its dazzling success, the website which became a reference in the streewear has diversified its activities. The blog now has sections such as design, new technologies, music, art, entertainment...

the hypebeast website

Today, the hypebeast website has become a digital media called Hypebeast Limited and an e-commerce website based in Hong Kong. Hypebeast Limited has the merit of being the first media to have the privilege of collaborating with the famous brand "Supreme".
Hypebeast is an expression that was democratized by the rapper Trinidad James in 2012 thanks to his famous hit entitled "All Gold Everything" in which he says: "Hypebeasts we know abouthea, don't buy shoes unless they popular".

Meaning of the term HypeBeast

    The expression or term HypeBeast is a composition of two words:

    HYPE : which can be understood as extravagant, exaggerated advertising.

    BEAST : means beast always to mean the abnormal side of the concept.

    The use of this expression in the language is made to demonstrate the passion, attachment, enthusiasm or exceptional dedication that a person (in this case the hypebeast) has for fashion, more precisely the new trends.

    The expression Hypebeast also has the function of a noun. It can be used to say that a person acts like a hypebeast. In other words, it can be used to define someone who runs after every new thing in the fashion world (T-shirts, pants, caps and especially sneakers). This person is ready to sacrifice without hesitation all his money to buy trendy clothes of the big brands.

     hypebeast example

    A person is qualified as a SneakerHead when he or she devotes great efforts to have the latest releases in terms of Sneakers.

    The hypebeast is an individual who mobilizes all his energy and attention in the acquisition of the brands, the trendy models. The limited editions at extraordinary prices are his center of attention. He is a true fashionista.

    They are often teenagers from affluent families with the financial means to buy streetwear brands and other types of high-end clothing that are most common among the hypebeast.
    Expensive sneakers are their passion. They are even willing to wait for hours or even days in front of stores to get the item of their dreams in order to add a new precious piece to their collection. They are willing to sacrifice time and money to achieve their goals..


    People clearly have a pejorative and derogatory conception of the term Hypebeast. It is with an intention of contempt or teasing that people use this term towards a person.

    Why so much hate towards the Hypebeast ?

    But what explains this attitude towards the Hypebeast? Is it jealousy towards those people who only wear big brands from head to toe? The hypebeast is a beast, a fashion freak who follows the trend or the hype.

    If he decides to wear Jordans, it is simply because it is the pair of sneakers that is currently in fashion. This is why many say that he has a sheepish behavior and no personal opinion in terms of taste in clothing. That he only follows the trend. This is obviously a pejorative judgment, tinged with a touch of jealousy. But the hypebeast doesn't care about people's opinion, and he is right.

    The hypebeast is usually a male person (the majority anyway) who follows fashion trends, especially streetwear and sneakers in order to stand out socially.

    We can say with certainty that Hypebeasts like to work on their image on social networks. They have a certain lifestyle that they promote. This identity they draw of themselves on social media is not always well received.

    You have probably noticed it too: they are not very popular with the general public. Because they have this tendency to annoy, to annoy everyone on social networks. Their countless photos showing off their extravagant lifestyles inevitably make people jealous and cause resentment among the general public.

    HypeBeast supreme

    The bad tongues say that hypebeasts have no personality. They usually don't have a favorite brand of clothes or shoes. Being fashionable and wearing the latest releases is their only goal. Unlike true addicts and advocates of a particular brand they identify with, hypebeasts have no attachment to any brand and go to other brands as soon as they release new fashionable models.

    Their style is strongly influenced by marketing. They are real chameleons in the fashion world. They will have no trouble switching to another brand of shoes for example as soon as the ones they were wearing before are no longer trendy. It's as if the previous brand had never existed.
    The hypebeast are real victims and pure products of the consumer society. Their biggest detractors say that they are con-sumers (consume like idiots).

    HypeBeast's favorite brands  

    Clothes featuring their logo are the most loved by the hypebeast. It is worth remembering that here, their personal tastes are not taken into account. The only selection criterion is that the garment is a fashionable trend.
    The more fashionable the garment, the more importance and value they will place on it.
    Even if they don't personally like the garment or shoe in question. They simply buy what the current trendy brand puts on the market. Their only goal is to impress others with all those different expensive branded clothes (t-shirts, sweatshirts, shoes, pants...) on their body.

     supreme brand

    Hypebeasts like to wear big brand clothes like Supreme which is their number one brand. They also wear prestigious shoes and clothes from big brands such as Bathing Ape, Billionaire Boys Club, Jordan (Air Jordans and Nike Skateboarding for shoes for example), Balenciaga, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Off-White, the first Adidas Yeezy...and many other prestigious and hard to access streetwear brands.
    Price is not a concern or a priority for them. The shoes for example, which are not usually found in shopping malls frequented by everyone and which are in most cases in limited editions have prices that vary between 100€ and 5000€ even if they are not first use.

    NB: one of the details that should be underlined here is that if all the brands mentioned above were to lose their shine and no longer be trendy, the hypebeast would have no trouble adopting other brands. He would turn his back on these great and prestigious brands without any qualms. The detractors say that the hypebeast is a pure clothing zapper.
    He will always show infatuation for a brand if it manages to stay on top, no matter how many months and years it lasts.
    Still, it's worth noting that their favorite brand is Supreme. Especially since it is the very first to create a collaboration with the media owned by the creator of this concept..

    However, not everyone who buys the clothing and shoe models of these prestigious brands should be called a hypebeast. Because these are brands that put on the market nice models that are loved by everyone. You can buy a shoe or a t-shirt of a big brand from time to time to please yourself without it being a real passion or a crazy race just to be trendy and to be admired by everyone.

    7 signs that you are a Hypebeast 

    HypeBeast supreme

    Tout le monde peut apprécier du Supreme ou n'importe quel marque de Hypebeast, ce sont des produits géniaux et de qualité, voici donc quelques caractéristiques spécifiques qui permettront de définir si tu es ou non un Hypebeast.


    1. For a brand to be legitimate in your eyes, you must have heard of it.

    To validate a brand, it must already be known. You don't want to be the first person to wear an item of clothing. The only goal for you is to wear clothes and shoes from brands that are already known to have immediate social accreditation and recognition. You only look for brands that are overexposed and are even already exposed on hypebeast.com

    2. You mix brands in an almost crazy way

    Being a true hypebeast leads you to wear different brands from head to toe. It doesn't matter if your outfit matches or not. You don't care about the color scheme or the shape. All that matters to you is the high end of what you are wearing and you want the brand logos on your clothes to be visible. A line up and an accumulation of big brands in your outfit is the only thing that matters to you. If you are this kind of person, chances are you are a hypebeast.

    3. You have a strong attachment to your sneaker collection

    You must have a well-protected sneaker collection in an almost secret room. There is no hypebeast worthy of the name who does not have a personal collection of sneakers. This room is your pride and joy and you do your best to show it to everyone who comes to your house. It's a real sanctuary that you call your wardrobe. You regularly update the contents of your sneaker room according to the new items on the market.

    4. You only buy popular brands

    You only buy the clothes and shoes known by the prestigious brands. You don't buy just any streetwear brand that you find on the internet or in stores. The brand has to be popular to get your attention. You even check if the brand or the model has references or articles dedicated to it on hypebeast.com

    5. You like to wear the same clothes as celebrities

    You pay special attention and importance to the clothes that celebrities wear. Once you see something worn by a celebrity, your only goal is to get the same t-shirt or sneaker, no matter what the price is. That's why you subscribe to so many rapper and celebrity accounts on social networks. You make sure you know what the celebrities are wearing.

    6. You spend a lot of time getting ready before going out

    No matter what kind of outing you're going on, you always spend a lot of time (several hours) getting ready. You hate rushing. To get ready, you have to take your time. This can be very unpopular, especially if you are a man.

    7. You spend more on the latest clothes than on the basics.

    You are willing to sacrifice on your basic needs to afford the latest clothes and shoes. Price is not important to you. You know you'll find a way to get that latest fashionable sneaker. You're willing to make huge sacrifices to do so.

    You don't have to be a Hypebeast to be stylish

    However, you don't have to be a hypebeast to be stylish and everyone knows it. If you want to stand out in your streetstyle, come and take a look at our collections, you will surely find the rare pearl among our streetwear Hoodies or our cargo pants.

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