Silent streetwear : A discreet, uncluttered and ultra-sophisticated style

February 13, 2021 8 min read

Silent streetwear : A discreet, uncluttered and ultra-sophisticated style

When we think of streetwear, what comes to mind first is the typical urban look that swarms in stores around the world. However, the reality is quite different. There are few clothing styles as diverse as streetwear.

Currently, the balance is tilted towards the minimalist and sober variants. The proof is in the pudding, one of the most "in" trends of our time: the silent streetwear !

silent streetwear

To say the least, it has nothing of what we are used to find on the market! Simple, but very elegant, it is a category of streetwear apart, well individualized, and that has conquered more than one.

For this purpose, we have prepared a close-up on this new wave of urban fashion, to get an idea of what streetwear 2.0 is all about !

What is silent streetwear ?

As you may have noticed, today's streetwear has changed a lot. Still attached to its original values, it has however been developed in a new light.

Indeed, urban fashion has matured a lot. It's not an ageing process per se, but rather a re-evaluation of priorities. Instead of attracting attention with flashy colors and extravagant shapes, we impress with simplicity.

Silent streetwear

This principle takes shape with silent streetwear. Here, the famous expression "less is more" takes on its full meaning. Think of it as the advent of streetwear 2.0!

But where does this unconventional idea come from? Let's talk about the origin of this trend in more detail.

History and origin of silent streetwear

In a world saturated by brands and logos, streetwear had to be affected by this plague. We all want to erase it from our collective memory, but not so long ago, logomania was raging.

Either we put several logos on a surface barely sufficient to be all discernible, or we walked around with a giant logo in the middle of his t-shirt. And yes, today we admit it, it was not very stylish, even if it remains THE trend of its time.


In fact, the silent streetwear comes to counter this movement in a way. That's where it got its name from. With these clothes, you don't show which brand you wear, or which one you support. In this way, the style becomes independent of the price at which you buy your outfit, and it is no longer conditioned by luxury brands.

In a way, it's a liberation! Urban fashion has taken its independence from the big brands that monopolized the game. On the silent streetwear, nothing appears, it is a neutral canvas that can come from anywhere.

Thus, the logos have become extremely discreet, even non-existent on some models. This is the main characteristic of this type of clothing. The absence of these elements makes it neutral without the slightest trace of bias. You guessed right, this is the beginning of something huge, and that will leave its mark in the world of fashion.

The decline of logomania: an inevitable end !

logomania in supreme and gucci

As we told you above, logomania was THE trend of its time. Only, designers and stylists had already predicted its decline. However, streetwear is far from being dead.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is far from having opened their eyes!

In fact, the distinction that used to exist between design aesthetics and "luxury" brand clothing no longer exists. Today, we realize that "fast fashion" brands have only appropriated the dress codes of streetwear, without more.

This has made the landscape we know about men's and women's streetwear fashion is about to change. Or rather, has already begun to change.

A recent survey conducted by Highsnobiety found that the relationship between consumers and fashion and luxury has changed dramatically. What's most surprising is that this happened in the weeks following the COVID-19 pandemic. We explain!

As you might already know, the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world in all its aspects. Streetwear, and fashion in general, did not escape it. So according to this survey, the consumer has become "immune" to the superficial aspects of fashion and luxury.

Silent streetwear

As a result, "minimalist style" takes the top spot on the podium in terms of aesthetics and appeal. The survey reveals that 53% of these young fashion connoisseurs say they have found quiet streetwear more attractive than a few months ago.

Experts and designers are talking about a real "liberation" in clothing!

During the same period, searches and sales of logo clothing dropped by more than 50%. Clearly, these young consumers seem to have lost interest in logomania, monogrammed prints or flashy colors.


Why silent streetwear 2.0 is taking off ?

Silent streetwear

While changes were already afoot in the fashion industry, this streetwear revolution was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Nick Paget, editor-in-chief at WGSN, consumers have grown tired of "Gucci-esque" fashion.

The decline of "superficial" designs and logos means that the language of fashion is changing. According to Nick, we're finally getting back to the basics of streetwear, governed by the famous mantra "God is in the details".

For luxury streetwear to live, it must first die. Thus comes the era of streetwear 2.0 to redefine things. This is where silent streetwear gets its essence from!

While "noisy" streetwear is nowadays full of caricatures rooted in subcultures, silent streetwear comes to lift this veil. It doesn't need to hide behind empty graphics or flashy hype, because the quality and level of detail of the clothes speak for themselves.

On top of that, silent streetwear offers a margin of creativity that can't be found anywhere else. In the days of logomania, the fashion giants controlled the strings of every new trend. Now that everything is no longer tied to their creations, not only are they not as imposing, but it also gives small designers the opportunity to participate in the artistic sphere.

Make no mistake, this doesn't mean that silent streetwear is "new". Urban fashion brands such as YEEZY, WTAPS and Reigning Champ have long been purveyors of the aesthetic discipline.

Silent streetwear

Since these silent streetwear brands have a say at the big table, the liberation begins. They are showing the mainstream fashion industry what a modern urban fashion brand should look like, and how it should behave.

Dean Cook, director of the famous clothing store, says it best. Indeed, according to him the silent streetwear brands have created a New World in terms of fashion. It's the change we didn't even know we needed until they arrived.


Is this the end of streetwear as we know it ?

If we recapitulate well, silent streetwear is a new wave that has seemingly nothing to do with the first urban fashion trends. Moreover, it is gaining more and more momentum on the current scene.

Silent streetwear

Wouldn't this be the beginning of a new era that would sign the death of streetwear as we know it? After a long reflection, here are 3 arguments that prove that this is not the case.

1. A trend still attached to the sources

First of all, we have to put things in perspective. It is true that this newcomer is different from what we are used to seeing, but it still keeps many similarities with the initial trend. The apple didn't fall that far from the tree.

In fact, you don't really change your habits, and the essence is still there. It's just that we've banished the logos, and we're doing less in terms of flashy colors. All in all, there are more common elements than divergent factors. It does not differ in any way from its original style.

The cuts are still loose, the look is casual and the whole thing is comfortable and associated with modern culture. Basically, we got rid of the patterns and logos that didn't make any sense, but nothing more.

2. More than an outfit, a way of being

Obviously, streetwear is characterized by its looks, and in recent years by a rather particular aesthetic. However, this is not the most important thing, quite the contrary. What is really valuable are the notions of freedom and thirst for creativity of yesteryear.

Even if some aspects have been transformed, and if we have evacuated everything that is superfluous, we do not lose the soul of urban fashion. Aesthetics is only a part of popular culture, and it is not enough to consider only that.

Artistic movements and clothing trends have always been evolving. However, this does not mean that the ideals and values have been dissipated each time.

Why not see things from a new angle? What if silent streetwear allowed us to go back to basics. To focus on what really matters, not on brands, logos, who can afford the most expensive outfit and what follows.

We have to admit that this is exactly what makes the magic of this fashion, at least, that's why we love it !

3. A drop in the ocean

Finally, silent streetwear is only one type of streetwear. Without exaggeration it is only one of the many trends that have ravaged urban fashion lately.

In fact, it's just a part of what this artistic trend has to offer. To reduce all streetwear to silent streetwear would be to deny its diversity.

Maybe it's just a passing trend, which will go away as suddenly as it was established. Nevertheless, it is not for so little that a fashion that has existed for more than 20 years will disappear.

As we said above, we have to put things in context. That's why we can safely say that this is far from being the end of urban fashion as it exists. On the contrary, it could well herald a new approach that will also eventually give way.

In all this marmalade, one thing remains constant, urban fashion still has a great future ahead of it!


Express tutorial: How to achieve the silent streetwear look ?

Silent streetwear

Building a silent streetwear style outfit is not always easy. We quickly notice the mistakes not to make and beware of the repetitiveness that quickly awaits you at the turn.

To make sure you look good in silent streetwear, here are our 3 tips:

  • Choose quality clothes: here, we bet on the finishes and on noble materials. No matter the brand, it is absolutely necessary that the rendering is well done, otherwise it will look cheap and untidy. In addition, the originality of the format and fabric cuts is of definite value when it comes to such minimalist styles.
  • Find the best combinations of shapes and colors: just because the tones are more tempered, it doesn't mean you're doomed to wear black. You can bring in colors, as long as you know how to combine them. Obviously, anything fluorescent or too bright should be excluded from your list of choices.
  • Don't overdo it with accessories: the temptation is ultimate, but you mustn't succumb to it. We know you're burning to make up for the lack of originality with bulky chains, or superbly crafted belts. However, if you want to adopt a quiet streetwear style, you'll need to have the vibe that comes with it. Opt instead for low key sunglasses or discreet hats.

If you follow these few recommendations, there is no reason to miss your shot 

Silent streetwear

All in all, silent streetwear is here to stay. Innovative and ultra original, it would be according to many experts the next generation of urban fashion.

In short, one thing is certain, it's better to start now to avoid being left behind. Don't hesitate to have a look at our collections, you will find rare pearls that will sublimate your silent streetwear outfit for sure.

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