The 12 most influential sneakers of the last 10 years

January 27, 2020 7 min read

The 12 most influential sneakers of the last 10 years

As you know, fashion has a great influence on society. Everyone wants the latest jacket or sweater to wear in society. And sneakers are no exception. The pair of sneakers you have on your feet has the same effect.

The 2010/2020 decade

A decade is a long time. In 10 years, a lot can happen. In 2010, the French team didn't get past the group stage at the World Cup in South Africa. In 2018, like you, all French people celebrated the victory in Russia and the second star.

Fashion is the same. The clothes worn in 2010 are not necessarily the most trendy in 2020. The leggings, the thin down jacket, the t-shirt with a message or the bob are products that have notably revealed themselves.

Footwear has also seen major changes. The industry is now worth a hundred billion dollars. Online sales have greatly continued to grow, to the point of putting stores in second place. Brands have taken to social networks as a new means of promotion. Blogs or communities have been created around sneakers, their collection and more generally the streetwear world.

In terms of products, no major transformation, but innovations are emerging. The 3D printing of sneakers, the automatic lacing system or the possibility to recycle one's pair entirely are among the things to follow in the next decade.

While crocs may have been trendy at one point as brands like Balenciaga had even tried crocs with heels. The big winners of the 2010s are sneakers. Their popularity has continued to grow. To reach such a level, some sneakers are not for nothing. Back to the 12 sneakers that have most influenced the last 10 years.


12. Nike Air Foamposite One « Galaxy »

nike air foamposite

Entering 2012 with two models. In December 2011, Jordan Brand launched the Air Jordan 11 "Concord". Two months later, Nike released the Foamposites, with their galaxy color, stars in blue and purple tones.

If we can not separate them, it is because these models are very similar in their structure. The laces are present on these 2 models that come out at the same time. You may not remember their release, but it was a real tsunami.

The reason? The AJ11 has a spectacular hype because the Concord model is one of the most outstanding in history. It hasn't been released in stores since 2001. The Foamposite is surfing on the popularity of the galaxy theme.

The consequence? When they were released, thousands of people camped out in front of stores to get their precious model. But as not everyone could get the one they wanted, riots, fights and arrests took place. All the media were talking about this exit and the chaos that took place. This will even change the distribution strategy of the giant Nike, which will then push the digital change of sneakers. The drops now also taking place on their mobile application.


11. Nike Roshe Run

 nike roshe run

Another model that marked the decade also comes from Nike. The Roshe Run was also released in 2012, having a quieter drop than the Foamposite.

This sneaker was launched being very affordable. This low price and minimalist design then appealed to a large number of people, young and old. The Roshe Run then monopolized the shelves of stores and was an impressive success.

For 2 years, she was the only one to be seen. She was the star on the street and the first on social networks, at the time when Instagram was developing. But, as quickly as her rise was, so quickly she fell into oblivion. The great thing about it was that it was a lifestyle sneaker that had the comfort of a running shoe

10. Nike Flyknit Racer

One of the models that also most marked the 2010 decade is the Nike Flyknit Racer. In 2012, the American brand unveiled it at an Olympic summit. For runners it is a revolution. If you've been running for a while, you probably haven't missed it.

The Flyknit Racer model embeds the revolutionary Fkyknit technology. It featured a knitted, single-piece yarn upper that reduced the weight of the shoe. Its performance and durability were excellent. The other good thing about it was that it reduced the waste associated with this pre-commercialization step.

Its success influenced brands such as Adidas or Balenciaga to create their own models of knitted sneakers.


9. Nike Air Yeezy 2 « Red October »


nike yeezy Red October

We stay on the side of Nike to arrive in 2014. In 2009 was released the Air Yeezy 1. For the year of the World Cup in Brazil, Nike released the 1st signature sneaker in collaboration with an artist and not an athlete. The honor goes to Kanye West who was one of the most influential people culturally speaking.

At the same time, a male interest in sneakers and the world related to them arises. When the pair of sneakers was released in the fall, Kanye had already declared the end of his collaboration with Nike. All models of the Air Yeezy 2 then sold out very quickly, some of them ending up on eBay.

Finally, if the sneakers appear today in red colors, it is thanks to the Nike Air Yeezy 2.


8. Fragment design x Air Jordan 1 High OG

 Air Jordan 1 Alternate Royal

In 2014, young people all over the world are getting passionate about streetwear style. That's when Jordan Brand decided to sign the return of the "Banned" and "Chicago" colorways of the Air Jordan 1 High. The timing was perfect because young people immediately adopted this versatile and quality sneaker.

Jordan Brand understood that young people were passionate about streetwear. So they signed a collaboration with Hiroshi Fujiwara, one of the godfathers of streetwear, who you probably know. His fragmented design is then invited on the AJ1 for a unique collaboration. The success of this collaboration was worldwide, proving once again the popularity of the Air Jordan 1.


7. Adidas UltraBOOST

 adidas UltraBOOST

In the early years of the decade, adidas relied on the Superstar and Stan Smith models, which worked. But the German brand, in view of the innovations of its North American competitor, wants to make a mark.

In February 2015, adidas launched the UltraBOOST model. For this one, the biggest technologies developed in-house, BOOST, Primeknit and Torsion, are combined. The BOOST soles offer a comfort that particularly appeals to running enthusiasts. The Primeknit upper presents itself as sleek and snug, matching the hype of Nike's Flyknit model.

Billed as the greatest running shoe of all time, the adidas UltraBOOST has not disappointed. It has become a benchmark in terms of performance and feel for sneakers.


6. Adidas YEEZY BOOST 350

yeezy boost 350

During the same year, the brand with the 3 stripes has struck again. At the end of his partnership with Nike, Kanye West explained that he made this decision taking into account the money and creative freedom.

Adidas has invited itself in the dance and the collaboration between the rapper and the German brand has started. His YEEZY line, now under Adidas, started with the 750 model. The similarities with previous creations at Nike, especially with the strap in the middle of the foot, raise questions. But Kanye will answer in the best way possible with the BOOST 350, which features the latest technological innovations like the Primeknit upper and sports a sleek and unique design.

Sold at an affordable price point, these sneakers made their mark on 2015.


5. Adidas Futurecraft

 adidas future craft

In manufacturing and design companies, 3D printing has been a revelation. They began to shake up habits and codes. The world of sneakers in particular has fallen victim to 3D printing.

For example, the Futurecraft model, named after Adidas' division, features a fully 3D printed midsole. The overall shape of the sneaker is reminiscent of the Ultra BOOST. With this new technology and the design already proven, the Futurecraft was a success. Released in 2015, it will now have a little sister. That's because in 2019, Adidas revealed the Futurecraft.Loop, which is made from recycled materials and is itself fully recyclable.


4. Parley for the Oceans x Adidas

 Parley for the Oceans

The issue of climate change has notably marked the end of the 2010 decade. Like us, you are probably concerned about the preservation of the environment. The footwear industry, which is particularly polluting, has made efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

During the COP 21 period of December 2015, adidas announced its partnership with Parley for the Oceans, a nonprofit that works to raise awareness about the fragility of the oceans. The two entities came together to remove plastic from the oceans and recycle it to create sneakers.

A blue and white model, particularly comfortable and neat lands in 2016. The awareness is triggered.


3. Nike MAG

 nike mag 2

In 1989 the movie Back to the Future 2 was released. In this one we saw a bright shoe with an automatic lacing system. It was enough to imagine what would be the sneakers during the 2000s. But this dream will not happen until 2016.

A year after the film predicted its arrival, Nike unveiled the MAG sneakers, corresponding in every way to the film telling the adventures of Marty McFly. The brand with the comma has thus accomplished what can be compared to the most ambitious innovation for shoes. The Nike MAG sneakers embody the system automatically tightening at a defined point when you put your feet inside.
Its high price could however cool some people.


2. Off-White x Air Jordan 1 « The Ten »

 nike jordan off white

In 2017, Virgil Abloh, the Chicago-born designer, worked with Nike to come up with a collaboration on the Air Jordan 1, marking the culmination between street and luxury, a journey that began with that same AJ1 by Fujiwara. The "Chicago" sneaker from "The Ten" series was the one at the top.

Before he took over as Louis Vuitton's artistic director in 2018, Virgil and his Off-White brand unveiled 10 sneaker models. This is the largest collection of collaborative sneakers today. This drop, mixing the continued popularity of the Air Jordan 1, and the artistry of a renowned designer, made an immediate impact.

Note that the design of this model was not easy, between discussions and prototyping. You may have seen it at the time, there were leaks.


1. Balenciaga Triple S

 balenciaga triple S

To finish on the most outstanding sneakers of this decade, we turn to Balenciaga. In 2017, clothing continues its evolution to be ever more technical, using the advances produced by sportswear. At the same time, young people begin to turn to tucked-in t-shirts and oversized blazers.

It was during this year that the Balenciaga Triple S was released. It looked nothing like the others. Its designers, Demna Gvasalia and David Tourniaire-Beauciel, were inspired by the top models at the time. They took elements from the New Balance 990 and the Nike Air Monarch to create this iconic model. Its triple stacked sole, its many colors and its high-end manufacturing have seduced a lot of people.

La marque espagnole a donc conclu la décennie 2010, qui aura été un véritable tournant dans le monde du streetwear. Les sneakers sont désormais éprouvées et constituent un essentiel du vevstiaire !

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