Urban Techwear : What is it and how to adopt this style?

December 20, 2022 11 min read

Urban Techwear : What is it and how to adopt this style?

Located at the most avant-garde end of the fashion spectrum, Techwear, and especially Urban Techwear, is the most daring movement of the moment. Surrounded by a mysterious and futuristic halo, it makes you dream of a modern lifestyle that is outside the norm.

As stylish as it may seem, the main message Techwear sends is to prioritize function over aesthetics. Paradoxically, it has ended up creating a category of its own in the industry, and speculation predicts that it will become ubiquitous within a few years..

urban techwear style

Under its unconventional and extravagant airs, Urban Techwear hides surprising details that make all those who love new technologies rejoice. Without further ado, we dive into a universe that will not fail to surprise you, the foretaste of a new era of fashion and streetwear.

What is Techwear ?

Techwear is the visionary branch of the fashion industry. Its time-travelled looks fascinate minds looking for something new to stand out from other trends. However, designers have never lost sight of their main objective: to combine utility and comfort with high fashion clothing.

What is techwear?

The word "Techwear" is self-explanatory, as it literally means "technical clothing". To put it simply, everything that comes from it will serve a specific function; everything is designed to make your life easier in every way.

These are everyday clothes that have properties that are out of the ordinary, thanks to :

  • Innovative and avant-garde cuts and designs;
  • Ingenious and practical accessories,
  • Or unique and innovative manufacturing materials.

Sometimes, technologies are used that are so revolutionary that you would think you were describing suits from superhero or science fiction movies. So these are not just ordinary suits ! 

techwear style

As you can imagine, aesthetics were not necessarily the focus of such a philosophy. However, the importance of design and style is becoming more and more important in this trend, which is one of the best trends today. As the concept evolves, it goes beyond the practical and convenient aspects of the initial definition.

Today, Urban Techwear is, at the very least, a form of abstract art expression, a phenomenon that exceeds all our expectations and projects us into the future of fashion. It's more than just high-performance clothing: this trend is a crossroads where aesthetic quality and pragmatic logic meet.

If you're looking for high-end clothing with practicality and utility, you can't go wrong! You'll love what Techwear brands have to offer.

The origins and inspirations of Techwear

The very first prototypes of what we now call "Techwear" were designed for mountaineers in the 1970s. Until then, the only way to protect oneself from the cold was to cover the fabric with a coating. Everything changed when technical textiles began to be developed, notably Gore-Tex, which can be found in almost all jackets today.

The revival of this style was driven by the workers. In the field, they needed better equipment to perform their tasks more easily, hence the choice of technical materials with specific applications. Our futuristic clothing comes from security guards, couriers and law enforcement officers. Moreover, the cuts and accessories are still strongly inspired by military equipment.

The question is: when did this movement become what it is today? Well the evolution of Techwear took a major turn when the style was adopted by the cosplay and nerdy community. Not only did it take a huge leap in popularity, but it also gained its stylish, modern and visionary touch. That's where the idea took off from.

techwear style

Since then, many famous brands have followed this new wave, and have iconic collections dedicated to it alone. In footwear, we cite the famous Nike SF-AF1 sneakers and some Adidas Pure Boost models that inaugurated this trend a few years ago.

Nike SF-AF1

One of the first 100% Urban Techwear brands is Acronym, a true reference in the field. They were the first to fully capture the concept and develop it to the mind-blowing levels that fascinate us so much.

Main advantages and features of Techwear

More focused on the characteristics of each item than on the design of a homogeneous whole, Techwear is based above all on the optimization of the garments' functionality. From this principle come several distinctive properties that differentiate it from other fashion trends :

  1. A touch of discretion and sobriety: the capabilities and potential of the clothes speak for themselves. There is no need to show off the brand with huge logos or to make a statement with extravagant colors or decorations. Even the zippers are hidden between the folds! The quality stands on its own and doesn't need another hook to make a statement. Logically, then, neutral tones are at the forefront, but we'll get into that in more detail later.

  2. A pinch of performance and efficiency: perfectly waterproof, all the more robust, stretchy textile, anti-odour and even anti-bacterial; Techwear creations meet the highest standards of requirement. Coupled with waterproof porous membrane, thermal insulation and windproof technologies, they will help you face the worst weather conditions. Made from abrasion and stretch resistant fibers, they are guaranteed to last for long periods of time.technical clothing
  3. Extreme flexibility and dynamism: comfort is the watchword, and we don't hesitate to take this notion to a whole new level. Anatomical cuts, aerodynamic designs and large degrees of freedom, everything is adapted to large ranges of motion. And don't forget the lightweight, breathable, flexible fabric that wicks away heat and sweat when you're working out, so you can stay cool and clean.

  4. Not to mention the large capacity: with multiple pockets and modular attachments, these outfits will keep everything you need close at hand. They're specifically designed for phones, IDs and other devices you need to carry around all day.

What are the different Techwear styles ?

As Techwear evolves and branches out, it becomes an umbrella term that encompasses several sub-categories, each representing a sub-culture. The wide variety of styles each lean towards a trend or current, and result in hybrid forms that complement each other.

Urban Techwear

The ultimate union of dystopian techwear and casual streetwear. Widely popularized by fashion industry gurus, it's the trend that's making headlines in magazines and invading fashion shows all over the world.

Urban Techwear

To inexperienced eyes, it looked like the futuristic outfits from 80's movies, but the nuances brought about by new designs, higher quality materials and detailed finishes make it an emerging super sophisticated style. It looks a lot like the usual urban looks, but it stands out with its elegant techno look.

Another related style that is enjoying unparalleled success is the Tech Ninja. The influences of Japanese culture on Techwear make this style very similar to Asian streetwear. It re-explores the ninjutsu outfits under a contemporary angle.


Military Techwear

Military Techwear

Army gear has always been a source of inspiration for Techwear, it's just a little more pronounced in this case. This style is centered around cargo pants and bomber jackets, classics in modern fashion that have seen good days in the military. There are also frequently modular storage compartments that can be attached to the outfits as for the troops' equipment..


techwear techno punk

It's a whole new wave that unveils the dark side of Techwear. The aesthetics of the latter is coupled with the legendary punk style. Many luxury brands have made it the theme of their collections.


techwear Lunar-Core

The type least conforming to the conventional aspects of fashion. The Lunar-Core is inspired by astronauts' spacesuits, hence the name lunar. It is the most avant-garde of all. Its palette consists mainly of tones and colors in the spectrum of gray and white.


The perfect opposite of the lunar style! It relies almost entirely on the functional aspect. Greyman was basically a military troop that is the middle ground between the Black Ops and the White Ops: the "grey men", who wear neutral tones of clothing that are excellent for going unnoticed..

the techwear "greyman" style

The shape is fiercely neglected, the objective is to blend into the background and attract as little attention as possible. The look is just like a normal set, but with the addition of technological goodies..

Outdoor Techwear

Outdoor Techwear

Those who are used to hiking in the great outdoors will recognize this style in a thousand. It's an enhanced version of the uniforms worn by those who work in the outdoors: "the outdoor industry". Perfect for climbing or sleeping under the stars, the technical side of the outfit is most useful when you need it most..

Sports Techwear

Sports Techwear

A style entirely dedicated to sports and thrill seekers. In theory, all sportswear has better properties than ordinary fabrics, but Techwear fashion takes it to a whole new level!

Just look at the beautiful Techwear tracksuits and you will get your heart rate up. It's the dream of every person who wants to lift all limits and reach the top of their performance.

Urban Techwear style success from A to Z

Are you a streetwear addict who wants to switch to Urban Techwear? Do you want to venture into it for the first time? The complexity of the style makes many people run away without even trying. If you've finally got the courage to learn the basics of Techwear, you've come to the right place !

We will explain step by step how to adopt an Urban Techwear style :

  • First, we start by reviewing the items you need to have in your closet;
  • Then we move on to the principles you need to know to match your clothes and structure your outfit like a fashion god !

Selecting your Techwear essentials is as sacred as selecting your Sunday best. With all the variety that exists in stores, there is no shortage of choice, but it is significantly different from choosing casual or streetwear.

From the start, you have two options :

  1. Very streetwear oriented options that serve a pure aesthetic purpose. Not only will you be able to form killer looks, but you'll also be able to incorporate them into your streetwear outfits. They retain very little of the technical aspect of Urban Techwear, but their fussy design balances the scales.
  2. Designer items with more elaborate cuts, and high-end materials, much more technical. These are little marvels, the latest advances in the development of urban and Tech Ninja clothing. Naturally, their price margin is higher than the previous ones, but the quality is more than worth it..

At TENSHI™, we have something for every style, and every budget! Our Techwear collection has everything you need to get started, no matter what your preferences are.

The must-have Urban Techwear

We agree that it is not necessary to have all types of clothes and accessories to form a Techwear look. Its minimalist dimension can save you money by complementing the rest with basic and neutral clothes without spoiling the mood. If you already have streetwear, it will make the transition even easier.

techwear style

For a start, just select one or two pieces from the following five categories :

1. Outerwear : jackets and windbreakers

They embody the very essence of Urban Techwear. There are two types, "hardshell" and "softshell".

Hardshell jackets provide the most protection from the elements. In the event of torrential rain or snow, windbreakers or trench coats are the ideal choice for staying safe. They are lined with durable and breathable waterproof layers, are fairly stiff in texture and are usually loose fitting.

On our site, you will find several such jackets. For a more military finish, we suggest our "Jaketto" jacket. Our "Tamiko" coat is more Lunar-cor. For streetwear or urban tech, our Amekaji, Yamana and Kenshin windbreakers will do the trick.

techwear jacket "jaketto"

The materials of "softshell" are just as well developed, but softer and less bulky. Even if the degree of protection is less, they are more comfortable and offer a better dynamic. We suggest you check out our Fuchu or Harudo jacket if you are looking for similar models.

On the other hand, our Noragi selection is the best to wear a Tech Ninja look in the respect of the Japanese culture. Our Arioka and Nakazama models, as well as our Poncho "Kono" have cuts adapted to these trends.

2. The intermediate layers or Mid layer

Optional layer, but highly recommended if you want to go for a layering style. At first glance, you'll see nothing but fire! There won't be much difference with the streetwear collections. The hoodies, t-shirts or jackets are similar to normal items. If anything, they are looser and have a characteristic design, like our Katori and Hokuto hoodies.

The magic happens on the inside, where there's usually a built-in or removable layer for thermal insulation. If you really want to break away from the ordinary, you can try the Techwear seamless t-shirts. They've been getting a lot of press and are the ultimate in durability..

3. The inner layer, or Base layer

The deepest layer is the one that is directly attached to your body. Yes, yes, you heard me right: Techwear extends to underwear! The materials used are breathable, isothermal and have excellent moisture wicking properties, in addition to anti-irritation properties for the socks, just to keep your feet dry and avoid blisters.

The features are great, we recommend them even if the rest of the style is not your cup of tea. And the icing on the cake: they are available for not very expensive, with a very good quality, so do not miss it !

4. Techwear Pants

It's all about cargo pants, but not just any cargo pants: the cut of the pants changes everything! They must fit the ankles to adapt to the high shoes and stay in the streetwear spirit.

You can pick up your old pairs at the tailor, but for technical aspects, you can refer to Urban Techwear brands that all have this must have. The more pockets it has, the better, and you get bonus points if it has a modular attachment system.

Another type of pant that gets attention are cycling pants. They are constantly being improved in technology to be lighter, more breathable and stretchy. Levi's is already dedicating their entire Commuter collection to them, maybe jeans will be their next target! In the summer, you can skip all that and just go with a pair of shorts.

Our most original models are: our fake two-piece "Usu", our cargo "Akihiro" with reflective stripes, our Techwear "Nishio" pants with military colors and our "Wassamu" pants with an atypical design.

5. Footwear and accessories

A good pair of shoes is the secret ingredient to creating THE Urban Techwear look. Your pumps alone can give you an innovative cyberpunk look.

What do Techwear sneakers look like? Brands usually offer high quality lines. They all have a fairly aggressive and imposing design, with a base that provides good ankle support. Their soles feature innovative technologies that will give you the best experience ever.

Finally, what would your ensemble be without some futuristic accessories? With these alone, you can turn a streetwear or casual look into a technical outfit.

We recommend :

  • Techwear masks: inspired by dystopian fictions where privacy is a real struggle, it is a sign of rebellion that conveys a non-conformist message.

  • Bags, satchels and shoulder straps: discreet and practical, they have a large enough load capacity without encumbering your movements. They often have special compartments for smartphones and laptops. We invite you to have a look at our chest bag "Future" and "Engaru", our bags "Issai" and "Bunky", our backpack "Gunma" and our reflective chest bag "Wakkanai".

  • Hats: the bob is without a doubt the signature style of Tech Ninja. Our "Himeno" and "Tachi" models perfectly capture the Asian vibes of this style.

  • Finally, smartwatches and other high-tech accessories are unmistakable !

Adopt an Urban Techwear style: the 5 golden rules !
style urban techwear

It's hard to jump headfirst into a trend that you don't know much about! To start smoothly, we give you the basic tips to build a successful Urban Techwear look :

  1. First, impress with an original Techwear jacket. If you were to buy only one Techwear item, it would be a hardshell jacket! It's the mainstay of this fashion, and what designers do best.

  2. Second, stay classic. Despite its norm-defying designs, the trend is true to its minimalist roots. It's best to shape your outfit around a centerpiece and tone down the rest.

  3. Balance it out with the right accessories. You'll be able to steer your look towards the genre you want if you make the right choice. Going for a Cyberpunk look? Tie some chains to your pants, throw on a mask and you're good to go. More athleisure oriented? Complete your outfit with a softshell jacket and sporty sneakers.

  4. Learn to choose your color palette. Neutral tones are predominant, so opt for beige, white, black, shades of gray, olive green, etc. However, colorful touches are always welcome. Finishes and decorations that contrast with the background color are very chic, especially if you opt for Japanese designs or writing. Dark colored fabrics with shiny and reflective highlights are also very popular.

  5. Lastly, remember that Techwear is a trend that is in the midst of experimentation: new items arrive almost every day! So there are no absolutes, and there is always room for innovation that you can exploit as you wish. As always, it's important to put your stamp on it and adapt your look to your body type, style and preferences.

Born from a deep need to optimize clothing, techwear is now one of the world's leading trends. Considered by some as a new form of artistic expression, it is a way to imagine the future of the fashion world, a discipline in constant evolution. Don't hesitate to check out our TENSHI™ Techwear collection to stay up to date and be the first to discover the new trends.

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