"Kikki" Harem Pants

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* "Kikki" Harem Pants are in European size: Take 1 size bigger for an oversize effect. 

Harem Pants

Discover the "Kikki" Harem Pants

Among the trendy styles today, the Harem pants stands out through its unique and intriguing appearance. The "Kikki" model is a very special version. Through its features and design, it will certainly seduce you. If you are planning to buy a Harem pants, this article will certainly interest you. Let's discover the Harem pants "Kikki.

The quality of the design material

The quality of a garment is based on the quality of materials used in its design. The Harem  pants "Kikki" is made from the combination of two quality materials: cotton and polyester. Each of these two components gives the pants given characteristics.

Comfortable pants

First of all, thanks to the properties of cotton and polyester, this Harem pants provides its users with a soft and smooth feel. It's also breathable, but also thick enough to keep you from getting cold easily. This means that it is timeless.
So you'll be able to put it on no matter the season, fall, winter, spring or summer. Opting for this model, then, is to ensure comfort in use. Moreover, you don't have to worry even if you are allergic to certain chemical materials.

A durable pant

Beyond the comfort, it is also a durable pant that you will buy if you opt for this model. The combination of these two materials makes it impossible for your pants to tear. Even if you subject them to a lot of pressure, they will hold up well. There is also no risk that they will shrink or lose their dyes over time. So you are sure to use it for a long time.

A trendy pant

Harem pants are in vogue right now. It is perhaps because they are relaxed that they are so appreciated. The Sarouel "Kikki" has however a particular touch in more which distinguishes it from the others. Its sober color and its horizontal lines make this pant a very trendy design that gives its wearers a sexy look.
It is the perfect garment to wear to impress your friends when you go out. You can also put it on for your outdoor activities.

  • Harem Pants
  • Cotton/Polyester

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