Cargo pants : Refine your streetwear style

Cargo pants are an essential piece of streetwear. Although it is not well known by everyone, there is nevertheless a wide variety of possible combinations with it. The advice we are going to give you here concerns everyone: regulars or not of the streetwear style. It is obvious that the newcomers will find more than the regulars of the style.

You won't be disappointed with the cargo pants, as they are perfect for almost any style of clothing. Would you like more information? Here we give you all the secrets of the streetwear style and how to combine it in all possible ways cargo pants.   

The "cargo pants", what is it about ?

Cargo pants are loose fitting, large and very practical. It is used not only by men, but also by women. What makes its main attraction is the number of pockets it has. Indeed, everyone finds his account there. Whether you are a hiker or a simple worker, the pants can be your everyday companion despite its military origin..

streetwear cargo pants influenced by the military world

Traditionally, the cargo pants are khaki or brown. But nowadays, cargo pants have many more less dark and more colorful variants. But the most interesting thing about cargo pants is not their color, but their practicality. The fact that they are loose fitting pants makes them easy to wear and less restrictive. This is why cargo pants and chino pants are proving to be indispensable in men's wardrobes.

If you are still wondering why you should wear cargo pants, here is an answer that may satisfy you. The use of cargo pants is not limited to that of a simple garment. Cargo pants have several pockets that can hold as many items as you need. So you can dedicate pockets to your wallet, your cell phone or tools dedicated to your work. These pants are very practical!


The cargo pants in several models for all tastes

You have probably wondered if cargo pants are available in several cuts. Indeed, the cargo pants also offers, as any type of pants, variants to satisfy all tastes. There are a number of cargo pants that should be outlined here so that you can get a clear picture before you go to a store. So, what are the different cuts available for cargo or trellis pants? There are mainly two: the flared cut and the carrot cut.

blue cargo pants

The flared cut is very loose and is close to the baggy. Indeed, it is the most recommended style for people who prefer to feel free in the pants. The flared cut could suit you perfectly, because it does not stick to the body and offers you a certain freedom. Moreover, people who like the old school style could also find happiness with this cut. Don't hesitate to try it!

Do you have a preference for pants that are closer to the body? If so, the carrot cut will meet your expectations. Unlike the flared cut which is loose from top to bottom, the carrot cut narrows at the ankle. This type of pants is considered the contemporary version of cargo pants and is very popular with most men.

Apart from these two cuts, you won't find any other cargo pants for men. Both versions of cargo pants are available in our streetwear store. Take a look around and you'll certainly find the right cargo pant for you and your needs..

What are the criteria for selecting a man's cargo pants ?

The perfect cargo pants are not always easy to find if you are new. You must therefore focus on clear and precise criteria to avoid making the wrong choice. Remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your pants. Thus, to assist you in the choice of your cargo pants, we suggest you some tips to make the right choice.

cool and casual cargo pants in streetwear style

The first thing to do is to choose the cut that suits you. You can choose between the flared cut and the carrot cut. The flared cut is wider with pockets in the front, and is looser than a regular jean. If that doesn't work for you, we suggest a carrot cut, which is lighter and more discreet. The carrot cut is much looser and may be less distracting for some people. If you're not one of those people, choose the flared cargo pants.

The second criterion concerns the morphology. In general, we do not take into account our morphology in the choice of the cargo pants, but the result can not please. The most common example is the case where a muscular leg in a poorly chosen pair of cargo pants could give the pants unharmonious proportions. Don't forget to take into account the size and the positioning of the pockets. If they are too big, it could affect the harmony of the outfit.

The material is also very important in the choice of your garment. For cargo pants, as with any other garment, the type of material will determine the quality of the garment. In the range of cargo pants, you can choose from wool flannel, canva, denim and cotton. So make the choice that suits you, because there are no specific rules.

Finally, the color of the pants is a choice that is up to you depending on your taste. However, you may want to look at the colors of clothes already in your wardrobe to choose the right colors. Since tastes are not debatable, you are free to take the color that makes you happy.

Looking for cargo pants? Don't forget to take the above into account, because buying cargo pants should be done after a good evaluation. The key is not to rush and to choose pants that are in harmony with your tastes.

How to fit cargo pants to your style ?

You've recently purchased cargo pants, but you don't know how to wear them properly. Are you a regular who is looking for new ways to wear cargo pants? We bring you answers to your different concerns. 

Can we combine a jacket with cargo pants man ?

Of course it is possible and it is already done today. This style is very popular among men and they feel comfortable with it. However, this style cannot be matched with too bright colors or a mixture of colors. For a more sober and responsible look, a careful choice of the color of cargo pants is important. 

Think of adapting the material of your pants to your jacket. A flannel jacket for example would be better suited to accompany flannel pants. In addition to looking good, this style is responsible and sober.

When it comes to accessories, the choice of shoes is quite wide. Several types of shoes can thus go perfectly with the cargo pants. So make the choice according to your tastes and do not forget that you can also associate a tie to enhance your style.

Can we stay in the same casual mood despite the cargo pants ?

The cargo pants are perfect for a casual style. They are perfect for anyone looking for casual wear without any constraints. We give you some tips to match perfectly your jacket with cargo pants.

  • The choice of the jacket: avoid suit jackets. Instead, choose a leather jacket. The idea is to have an everyday look while keeping a perfect harmony between pants and jacket.
  • Small accessories can also find their place in the ensemble. Why not think of a scarf, a scarf or a neckerchief?

One of the reasons for matching the jacket and cargo pants is that both accessories are typically masculine. So they can be easily combined and match your style.

The streetwear look with cargo pants ?

cargo pants streetwear style

The streetwear style wants to be relaxed and oversized. This is where cargo pants find their use in streetwear. More or less wide depending on the cut, the cargo pants can be integrated into a streetwear style instead of jeans or chino pants.

However, it is advisable to be attentive to the correspondence of size between the bottom and the top. The shirt should be proportional to the pants. Since these are cargo pants, it would be normal to choose a shirt that is just as loose.

It is not so easy to find the right streetwear look. For this, the streetwear style must be in harmony from the shirt to the pants.

Are cargo pants adequate for the streetwear look ?

Casual and practical, the cargo pants are in total adequacy with the streetwear style. They are the perfect pants to run small errands in town without carrying a bag just to store your phone and wallet. In addition to being practical, the cargo pants have a wide variety of colors and materials. This gives you a lot of possibilities in terms of clothing combinations.

streetwear cargo pants

In addition, it would be interesting to think about the small details of each type of cargo pants (closures, lace, prints, etc.). In doing so, the range of choices becomes even wider.

How to choose the right cargo pants for your style ?

Finding the style that fits you perfectly is a dilemma that all men face. But fear not! We can help. First of all, you should know that the style should be chosen taking into account a number of factors ranging from the bottom of the foot to the head. You can throw your devotion on the soft. Indeed, a soft pant with calm colors would be ideal for a start. Go for black or brown cargo pants. Wait until you are used to this style before going for more complicated and mixed colors.

Cargo pants are a must-have for streetwear style. You can wear them not only for a simple walk, but also for going to the restaurant or to work. Every man should have them in his wardrobe.

Tenshi streetwear cargo pants

This garment offers you endless combination possibilities; you just have to know how to handle it so as not to get lost in the combinations. All in all, we are sure that you will find what you need to perfect your streetwear look.

So, are you convinced of the advantages of cargo pants? Adopt them now.

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