Streetwear Style : How to master it? Complete guide (+10 tips)

December 26, 2022 18 min read


Streetwear Style : How to master it? Complete guide (+10 tips)

Sometimes modern and futuristic, sometimes retro or vintage, there is only one thing that is constant with streetwear, and that is the fact that it provides the perfect balance between style and comfort. After being sidelined from the international fashion scene, it is now a winner in the ready-to-wear world, winning best sellers year after year. How is it possible to follow trends without losing momentum? For the major streetwear brands, the answer is no longer a secret: trusting young talents who target the heart of the street; a formula that has duly proven itself.

More than a style of clothing, streetwear is an identity. Knowing how to wear it is proudly displaying your values. It is said that not everyone has what it takes to be an urban style, but the reality is quite different. It is only by fully immersing yourself in this culture that you can wear it at its best. By discovering our series of foolproof tips, you'll become the most street-wise person on your team.

Streetwear style mbappe and others

Get ready to take notes, because we're about to share with you everything you need to know to master streetwear style. By the end of this article, you'll be unstoppable when it comes to this fashion and its latest trends, and you'll be able to put together your own looks with your eyes closed.


The origins of streetwear: where does it come from ?

Before we get to the heart of the matter, a reminder of the origin of streetwear is in order! The world famous style that is modern streetwear has been patient to know its good days. A few years ago, it was just born in the working class neighborhoods, evolving in the shadow of 90's hip-hop. It would have been hard to believe that this urban creation would one day be exhibited in the biggest fashion shows, and that it would have so much notoriety in the industry.

The origins of streetwear

Streetwear was presented as casual wear, consisting of sportswear or casual wear. Unlike the hip-hop genre, whose prices were becoming less and less accessible to the general public, this new fashion was available to all at competitive prices, which explains its wide diffusion in record time.

The origins of streetwear can be traced back to the 80's when Shawn Stüssy, owner of a surf store, started printing t-shirts. Gradually, these designs were developed by other independents, and the style was adopted by skate lovers. From there, it was propelled everywhere, welcomed with open arms by young people who identified it as an urban, modern and current style.

bape and supreme

A few years later, several brands joined the movement and added their own touch to this emerging fashion. The creation of A Bathing Ape, the famous Japanese streetwear brand, marked the beginning of the globalization of the trend. The advent of Supreme was another major turning point for the style. The events they organized contributed to the growth of the community, and welded the bonds of its members.


The evolution of streetwear: from street to fashion week

What started as an urban movement became an artistic revolution. It was inconceivable at the time to include streetwear in high fashion. However, against all odds, celebrities have popularized this style on social networks, and have brought a chic, aesthetic and social dimension to it.

fashion show yeezy and hip-hop artist kanye west

Big designers and luxury brands were quick to jump on the bandwagon. Iconic streetwear collections from Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga launched streetwear on the runway and gave it a platform of its own. It competes with other fashion trends and has been growing ever since.

Once the avalanche was unleashed, nothing could stand in its way. The evolution of streetwear continues to this day. The slice of young adults and teenagers around the world make it the hottest trend of the moment.


Luxury streetwear

At the height of its popularity, urban fashion reached its peak, what we call luxury streetwear. It goes without saying that once branded by the big brands, the movement would experience a radical sophistication.

In the hands of renowned designers, streetwear would get to know noble materials, and its designs would be studied by professionals. Streetwear has always had enough substance, but for the first time, its potential was to be fully exploited.

Luxury streetwear

The contribution of the big brands is undeniable, as they gave him a breath of fresh air at the most opportune moment. Without that, who knows if he would have stayed on top for so long? This little boost has also encouraged small companies to launch into its creation, which are now among the references in urban fashion.


The characteristics of streetwear

True to its solid foundation, streetwear has thrived by integrating new values into its core. Influences from the music, sports and military worlds have shaped its principles, enriching the movement for the better. Combined with some vintage elements, it gains a retro feel that gives it a more mature look. Thus, designers incorporate endless sources of inspiration, projecting urban fashion in all directions.

Everyday streetwear style

The limits of streetwear become blurred, and sometimes blend with other clothing styles. Nevertheless, the characteristics of streetwear remain unchanged. In two words, streetwear is a style :

  1. Casual: Men's fashion has long been condemned to the classic blouse suit. The streetwear revolution is undeniable, it has opened the way for relaxed looks to luxury clothing brands. Today, you can dress relaxed and still be fashionable, and that's largely due to this wave of change.

  2. Modern: Streetwear clothes project us into the future! Everything about their design inspires modernity and innovation. The avant-garde ideas that we find in urban fashion are different from others by their ingenuity, but also by their convenience. They are new concepts that we can easily accept, and that we can easily imagine ourselves wearing every day..

  3. Practical: The primum movens of streetwear is not to sacrifice comfort to be fashionable. Far from high heels and tight corsets, their designs fit the body harmoniously, allow great amplitude of movement, and do not limit your activities in any way..

  4. Inclusive : Streetwear is at the crossroads of many cultural trends. This diversity gives everyone the opportunity to join this movement, and to contribute with their interests. The Gaming community and the Otakus, for example, are among the biggest fans of streetwear. We dedicate them their own collections and clothing lines.

  5. Subversive: The essence of urban fashion lies in the defiance of pre-established rules. There is a constant testing of boundaries, trying new concepts and innovations. Unisex clothing, protection of minorities and provocative attitudes prove that streetwear is a progressive trend that defends honorable causes.


Japanese streetwear vs. Western streetwear

In the course of its progression, streetwear has undergone a bifurcation that has given birth to two distinct trends: Western streetwear and Japanese streetwear. Although they have the same basic principles, and share common values, they have taken different directions.

Japanese Streetwear

Tokyo is considered the capital of Asian urban fashion. Countless renowned designers and emerging brands have established themselves here. Undercover, F-LAGSTU-F, NEIGHBORHOOD and many others dominate the scene and have gained international recognition. Overall, Japanese streetwear has more character. Its designs are bolder and a little intimidating, but undeniably refined. In terms of quality and innovation, they win hands down. With them, urban fashion is elevated to the rank of lifestyle, and is part of the daily life of fashion lovers.

American streetwear, on the other hand, is raw, more square and in its own way also very extravagant. Still largely influenced by hip-hop, it is closer to it than the Asian genre since they have the same origins, and practically the same path. Influenced by branding, it is very focused on big brand names and logos, some will even go as far as to say that they like too much to "make a sensation"..

Western streetwear

In any case, there are always differing opinions on this subject, but each has its own charm. The most important thing is to learn to appreciate the advantages of each, and to respect the preferences of others.


The essential pieces to master the streetwear style

Let's go back to our main subject. Know that a total streetwear look, it is to be taken care of! Fresh pumps, fashionable clothes and killer accessories: everything has to fit the urban free spirit theme. To do this, you need to have the streetwear essentials from which you can assemble your outfits. Where to start? While you're out shopping, make sure to check out each of these items on your shopping list :


The sweatshirt and the hoodie: the duo of shock

Classics that we never tire of. Wide, comfortable and urban, they are an integral part of streetwear collections. Unlike other pieces, they give you a wide margin of originality, enough to really make your identity appear. And don't forget that they cover you, in Autumn as well as in Winter, so you can look good while staying cosy and warm.

tenshi streetwear hoodie

 In short, a sweatshirt goes very well, whatever the occasion, especially if you find rare gems. If you're in doubt between vintage, print and basic: get them all! They're bound to come in handy sooner or later, so why deprive yourself? Like many, you'll love them, and it won't be long before you become a real collector. Get ready for them to take over your closet, but know that it's worth it: with an irresistible sweater or hoodie, you can't go wrong !

tenshi sweatshirt

 With us, you'll find some real nuggets. Embroidered drawings, punchlines and parodied expressions, motifs and cult images; we bet everything on originality and aesthetics. Don't hesitate to go there if that's what you're looking for.

The t-shirt, the basis of streetwear

Another all-purpose that we validate... but under conditions. First of all, the choice of a t-shirt depends entirely on the overall design you are considering: it balances a too busy outfit, or brings a touch of madness to a too simple look.

streetwear t-shirts

Regardless of that, you should know that not all t-shirts are street-compatible. The first rule is to always opt for an oversized cut large enough. Then, the aesthetics of the t-shirt must be scrutinized. Colors, patterns, and fonts must complement each other harmoniously so that the final result is flattering. Finally, you must dare to do something different, a model that has that little extra that will differentiate you from others, your own signature.

As for hoodies and sweatshirts, we get you the best streetwear t-shirts of the moment. If you're looking for original pieces, we've got you covered with our streetwear t-shirts. Perfect for standing out from the crowd, each of them is loaded with implicit references to urban culture. In these cold times, our long sleeve t-shirts are exactly what you need. Simple, yet stylish, they can be paired with almost anything.


The sneakers: the most important element !

When it comes to shoes, sneakers are a must have. They fit perfectly in the urban footwear box. It is no secret that they are practically the centerpiece of the streetwear style, hence the importance we give them.

 the masterpiece of streetwear style

 When choosing a good pair, quality and originality are the watchwords. It is better to take sure values, even if it means investing in a limited number of sneakers. We do not treat sneakers dedicated to sport and those with purely aesthetic purpose on an equal footing.

In any case, sneakers are never lost. Even if you want to change your style or go to a formal look, they can give you a youthful touch that is not too much. Of course, they are not the only shoes allowed in streetwear. You can occasionally swap them for a pair of heels, or sandals in the summer. That said, as a general rule, sneakers are much more interesting ! 

Jogging, the great must-have

Sporty and casual, the jogging suit is the king of athleisure, and the number one urban fashion pant. If they are a favorite, it's because they combine the useful with the pleasant. Between absolute comfort and various cuts, we can put it on for any occasion and with any outfit.

streetwear jogging

 The only constraint is to know how to bring value to the jogging suit, and not to confuse the models intended for lounging around the house, and those that you can wear at night. Luckily for you, there are high-end jogging suits that are specially designed for elegant styles.
By the way, we invite you to take a look at our jogging suits. Modern and stylish, they'll go great with the rest of your streetwear outfit.

The famous cargo pants

The youngest of the military pants, they are a success with streetwear lovers. Revisited by the great designers, the new models of cargo pants have a modern and neat look. Presented in two cuts, "wide" and "carrot", you can vary the bottoms for a wardrobe more furnished, and more adapted to your morphology.

streetwear cargo pants

The advantage with the cargo pants is its versatility and practicality. Initially designed for techno styles, they are now paired with all casual looks. We've even seen them mature and make their way into more formal styles, with which they go wonderfully.

Can't find pants to your liking? The streetwear cargo pants in our collection have everything you need. From classic military cargo pants to colorful modern styles, their designs are sure to charm you.


Caps, the ultimate streetwear accessory

We've got all the pieces you need to pull together your 100% streetwear style: let's not lose track of things while we're so close to the goal. Urban fashion means accessorizing, and the least you can add is a cap, but not just any cap. The streetwear cap you need is the snapback. This very popular model is characterized by its flat visor and its back tab, details that make it stand out even more.

For everyday style, you can also turn to the curved peaked cap. Timeless and versatile, it's discreet and unobtrusive. If you have minimalist tendencies, we highly recommend the docker hat, the find of the season. Long appreciated by the skateboarding community, it makes its debut with force in streetwear.


Which jacket for a streetwear style ?

A pertinent and very recurrent question! After getting everything right, most don't know which jacket to choose for winter street style. In reality, there is no shortage of options when you know what types to target

Which jacket for a streetwear style 

Typically, you have three choices : 

  • Windbreaker jackets: revisited by streetwear lovers, these models are best suited for urban or workwear looks. The materials chosen in their conception are such that no breeze will reach you, and bring moreover a contemporary techno aspect to your outfit. In the most sober tones, they exude seriousness and mystery, a perfect mix for winter..

  • Down jackets: they don't look like much, but down jackets can be your new streetwear companion. They come in all colors, and you can even find them with urban patterns. Next time you go shopping, before you disparage down jackets, try them on and see how they look !

  • Denim jackets: nothing like a classic to combine streetwear and retro! As a second layering piece, or on their own in warmer weather, they're the perfect way to add substance to your ensemble. The modern varieties of the denim jacket keep the textile sturdy, but make it shine in a whole new light. If you want to see how it looks, check out our denim jackets.


Mastering your streetwear style: 10 essential tips

After immersing yourself in the world of streetwear, and getting fully immersed in this concept, it's time to try urban fashion yourself. That said, we can't let you do it alone, first we have to teach you the rules of streetwear.

Now that you've got what you need to shape your look, all we have to do is get you on the right track, and the rest will fall into place. Avoiding common mistakes, choosing your clothes carefully and building your style are basics that will serve you well later on.

Mastering streetwear style doesn't happen overnight, but with our 10 tips, you'll find it easier to develop your fashion sense.


1. Goal N° 1 : Find the best sneakers

The streetwear school is very clear on this: shoes make your fortune or your ruin! We can't stress enough the importance of a good pair of sneakers to achieve an urban look. Of course, you'll have to pay a lot of money, but they're worth the price.

streetwear sneakers

Your shoes are your signature. Right now, sneakers are the best footwear option to complete your outfit, and they go with almost everything; including dresses, denim looks and halfway between casual and classic. There is no way to make a mistake with them, and no need to worry about their profitability: they are timeless and you can revisit them endlessly.

Obviously, you can only master the streetwear style once you've found the right shoe. The list is long, but here are the sneaker brands that we think are the most interesting.

Nike is one of the brands that is dedicated to solving your quest for the perfect shoes. Their collections are more iconic than the others, worn by the biggest sports and fashion celebrities. They are pioneers in urban footwear, and there is something for everyone. Their wide range of Air Max, Air Jordan and trainers are breathtaking.

Another sure bet is the Yeezy franchise from Adidas, the ultimate in athleisure. With their muted tones and futuristic designs, they have it all. Let's not forget the great brands like Balenciaga, or the classic Converses that you absolutely must have !


2. Choose quality clothing

Just because you opt for a casual style, doesn't mean that the quality of the clothes is to be neglected. In fact, the opposite is true, low-end products are considered an unforgivable lapse in taste in streetwear. Not to mention that the fabric must be breathable and comfortable, which is not always the case with cheap items.

All in all, choosing quality items is good for you. On the one hand, you're investing in pieces that are guaranteed to last, and on the other hand, you'll have the chance to show off the best product lines.

You might be wondering, but how do you recognize good quality clothing? Here are three indicators that never lie :

  1. You can tell a good job by the nature of the fabrics used, so you should focus on this point when renewing your wardrobe. The richness of the materials makes the difference between a failed outfit and a chic and neat look. For this reason, we recommend you to trust only the serious manufacturers who use good textile.

  2. The complexity of the design says a lot about the work put into a piece. Garments with embroidered parts, for example, require the most application. As for printed fabrics, the best designs are obvious. On the other hand, it will be difficult at first glance to analyze screen printed t-shirts, so you will have to refer once again to the reputation of the brand

  3. Obviously, the quality of the finishes is a major criterion of choice. Beyond the stitching finishes, which are very important in themselves, you'll need to pay attention to the slight additives that show the tons of thought that the designers have behind them. As we so often say, it's the little details that make the difference.


3. Wide... but in moderation

From the very beginning of streetwear, the oversize trend has been attached to it, so much so that it has become almost inseparable from it. However, beware of those who succumb to the temptation to go overboard, because "the top" may turn into a radical "flop". Don't have fun testing the limits of loose clothing until it loses all meaning, instead, try to find the ideal point or sweet spot that highlights your morphology.

the streetwear style

The balance between flared top and slim bottom allows you to fit your figure while maintaining the relaxed effect. The opposite is also very popular with women, where crop tops and wide pants are very good. The proportion game must be clever enough to win the urban effect without drowning you in extra-large clothes. Otherwise, it's useless !


4. Know your limits !

More than a fashion style, streetwear is an everyday form of artistic expression. By putting your outfits together, you can let your imagination run wild and try as many things as you want.

But here's the thing: you don't want to overdo it either! If everything you wear is eye-catching, people will be confused and you'll lose the excitement of your outfit. The structuring of your look must admit a window of creativity, and build around it to bring it forward.

streetwear style

On the other hand, the choice of your outfit must be put in its context. The magazine look that is idolized on social networks is not necessarily adapted to your daily life. Except for big events or occasional outings, we doubt you'll have the opportunity to show off such extravagant outfits.

That's not to say that streetwear isn't appropriate for the workplace, or that it doesn't belong in more serious places: it just needs to be handled that way. Workwear, a hybrid style between casual and classic, allows more freedom for streetwear lovers within the workplace.

Sometimes the less you do, the better. Currently, minimalist trends are very popular in streetwear. Entire brands are devoted to it, we cite the example of Comme Des Garçons, which makes it its trademark. Sobriety is making its way into urban fashion, and sows new values, providing very catchy combinations.


5. Layering

One of the fundamental principles of streetwear is to create variations on several layers, it's called Layering. It sounds like a simple technique, but it's a bit tricky to do. A lot of people try it, but most of them throw in the towel because the final result leaves something to be desired.

Streetwear layering

However, the visual result is very attractive when you know how to do it. To avoid looking like kindergarteners in winter, here are some practical tips on how to proceed :

  • Start with the thinner layers on the inside and use more substantial clothing on the outside. The logical thinking would be to layer a t-shirt, then a hoodie, and finish with a windbreaker or jacket.

  • Create a color scheme to contrast each layer. You can even choose different shades of the same color, as long as you enrich the outfit with other tones so that it is not too monotonous. For a beginner, we don't recommend playing around with black, because it's quite tricky to master at first.

  • The whole point of layering is to layer, so you'll need to work out how to make each layer look. There are two options: either open/unzip your jackets, or structure longer inner layers so that they are visible underneath the outer ones.

Little by little, you will improve your game and develop your layering skills to perfection.


6. Branding and streetwear: still relevant in 2021 ?

Displaying the logos of the luxury brands you wear used to be the gold standard in street style. The logomania trend dominated the streetwear scene for many years: we used to see only the emblems of Supreme, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton on our Instagram feeds.

Since then, things have changed, and the situation has reversed. There is a wave of silent streetwear where logos are very inconspicuous, or even omitted from creations. We do not know how long this new fashion will last, but it is already very successful, and could announce a new era.

silent streetwear style

For the moment, what to do when you want to incorporate clothing with logo in your collection? Our advice would already be to be satisfied with only one logo at a time instead of saturating your outfit with it as it was customary. Then, staying true to your brand is also a strong point, because it allows you to integrate it into your routine, and make it part of your imprint. Lastly, it is better to avoid voluminous logos that are too apparent, and prefer those that are discreet and hardly noticeable.


7. Finding your own touch

Individuality is a highly valued trait in streetwear. Originality and creativity are encouraged within the community, everyone is accepted, and diversity is preached at all levels.

As a newcomer, the best way to make your mark in urban fashion is through accessorizing. Nothing too busy, but just enough to perfect an already worked base. Hats, pendants, watches, belts and bags help you avoid the trap of looking too simplistic..

streetwear style

Marrying styles is also a guarantee of singularity. A vintage, classic, sporty or artsy detail is always welcome. Through these little things, you will be recognizable among thousands and you will gradually make your way in the streetwear world.

You should know that all the greatest artists and designers have been there. You have to start somewhere before you are completely satisfied with your progress.


8. Exploring the visible spectrum

The idea that streetwear is poor in color is absolutely false. On the contrary, there is no lack of choice in this respect. Between neutral, pastel and bright colors, the palette is rich and varied. Therefore, it is a major element during the design of your outfits.

colors in streetwear

The fashion faux pas that should be avoided at all costs is wearing too many flashy colors in the same outfit. If an element has a very attractive color, it should always be neutralized by the rest. Conversely, a look that has too many monotonous colors is boring, and should be revived with a pinch of madness: a scarf, a denim jacket, sneakers rich in color; anything that comes to mind!

Other than that, anything goes. We just advise you to match the colors well, and to make sure that everything is homogeneous and works well together. Otherwise: you have carte blanche !


9. Feeling good about yourself

As we saw above, streetwear means comfort, hence the breathable material and loose fit that comes with it. Feeling comfortable in what you wear is the secret to a carefree, fresh and modern look.

Unlike other clothing styles, clutter is not recommended. Each item must find its place and fill a need, otherwise it is not validated. That's how you'll manage to represent the thirst for freedom instilled by the urban fashion gurus.


10. Staying true to yourself!

At the end of the day, streetwear is just a means of expression. There are no clear and unbreakable rules, only recommendations to guide you in your learning.

The most important thing is to identify yourself with what you wear, and to bring out your emotions.

be yourself in streetwear

Let your preferences guide you, and see where it takes you! Don't be afraid to try the less predictable mixes, because that's how you'll get started and explore your tastes: see what you like, what you don't like.

After all, most trends are fleeting, it's only the basics that count. Rather choose what you want, even if it's not fashionable, than blindly following trends that you don't really like.


Recap: How to master streetwear style ?

  1. Find the best sneakers
  2. Choose original and quality clothing
  3. Oversize... but in moderation
  4. Be consistent with your personality 
  5. Understanding layering
  6. Avoiding an overabundance of brand logos
  7. Add your own touch
  8. Matching colors
  9. Feeling comfortable in your clothes
  10. Staying yourself!

Here we are at the end of our article! We hope that our few tips will help you to find your bearings, to have your bearings, and to succeed in your first steps in streetwear.

If you don't manage to assimilate everything at once, don't worry, it's quite normal! You have to practice to fully assimilate each point. We invite you to re-read it every time you have difficulties, or when you are looking for new ideas to revive your look.

Once you have the basics, and feel comfortable enough, you can embark on your creative journey. The details you add to your outfit should reflect your personality, preferences and taste. Have the courage to follow your intuition, that's how the most sensational styles were created!

By the way, we invite you to discover our brand new Fall/Winter Streetwear Collection! You'll find the latest trends of the season, and lots of other surprises. We've unearthed some completely original little gems inspired by Japanese streetwear; take advantage of the discount code below and hurry up while there's still some left ! 🤗

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Bobby Do Rosario

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