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 TENSHI™, the reference in streetwear and techwear

You love streetwear but you can't find an original shop that is out of the ordinary? Perfect, you're in the right place! The streetwear online store TENSHI™ will know how to meet your expectations. We put at your disposal streetwear but also Techwear sappes that will take your street style up a notch.

Whatever your morphology, your look or your tastes, our online store offers you a multitude of clothing: streetwear, hip-hop and techwear t-shirts. original hoodies and sweatshirts, but also jackets and coats in a unique style... You will find everything you need to have an outstanding flow...

cargo pants streetwear and techwear


No matter the season, you'll find comfort with our hoodies and urban streetwear jackets. For every time of the year, we have the necessary items to dress up in streetwear and stand out from the crowd.

To get you in the mood for summer, we have streetwear for men and women, but also coats and windbreakers for the coldest times of the year. The streetwear designs remain in the era of time, as they are made by specialists in street style but also in technical clothing.

On Tenshi there is something for every taste, every style and every desire. You can find old school denim jackets, parkas, hooded coats and tactical cargo pants. Extra long and cut types of clothing are also available in our online store to satisfy you.

techwear jacket tenshi

Are you passionate about urban style? If so, we have a complete range of streetwear for men: Urban and hip hop that will easily please you. You can wear them with sweatpants or jeans.

If you want to concoct your own style, our outfits and tracksuits are just right. You can browse the appropriate collections that will make you happy.

Tenshi, #1 in Techwear

Are you attracted to technical clothing? Are you tired of the familiar styles? The urban techwear style is a big trend that is growing more and more in France. So at Tenshi, you will find the explosive techwear and accessories you need to be the elite in tech style.

Every element counts for us. We actually believe that both streetwear and techwear are a great way to showcase each individual. That's why we pay attention to the selection of different products, whether it's accessories, streetwear, techwear or sneakers.

techwear Hoodie

To help you be trendy and at the top, we have in our range of clothing that are the cream in all categories: hoodies, t-shirts, cargo pants, sneakers, caps, jogging suits and streetwear jackets.
The whole package is available to help you keep your style urban and casual.

Moreover, if you are looking for exclusivities, you are at the best address. We offer clothes in our streetwear online store that you won't find anywhere else. Moreover, the streetwear style is associated with celebrities like Jay-Z, Billie Ellish, and Pharrell Williams. These are personalities that have a good presence in the fashion industry. They are idols for some and inspirations for many.

They dress up in oversized jackets and t-shirts with expressive themes and streetwear cargo pants making our online store more popular.

Do you have a desire to be like these stars and be part of the style elite? Look no further! Take a look around and you won't be disappointed. You will find the most stylish and trendy items to reveal your originality and personality.

Streetwear: more than a fashion, a piece of art in your lifestyle

In society, what people perceive of you depends on what they see when they look at you, which is your clothing. To help you take the necessary care, we suggest an expressive and casual clothing.
streetwear tracksuit

The shoes and clothes we offer are entirely selected for their quality. The streetwear you will find from us combines durability and trendiness to make your style stand out like never before. We consider it our contribution to the expansion of this style that we are so passionate about.

Bring out your personality with an exceptional Street style

Whether you're going out with friends, on a date or just want to get some fresh air at the park. We have what you need for every situation. You will find in our clothing catalog, unavoidable styles with unmatched originality.

In our store you can find streetwear t-shirts and hoodies in different sizes, brands and styles. We also sell sneakers that are a perfect combination with the sweaters. We have everything you need to make your wardrobe more stylish.

Visit us to be on the cutting edge of style. With the latest trends and streetwear flows, we will make you a true icon.

tenshi streetwear

For the less streetwear savvy, we offer practical advice on our blog. We help you to have a wider vision for streetwear in general, but also for techwear and the sneaker world.

Our blog is open to give you style ideas and our store is available to provide you with the necessities for your streetwear artillery. We have what you need to make your style trendy and cool. Indeed, it is important to dress well to feel good about yourself.

Until a few years ago, wearing streetwear was restrictive and few people did it. They were made of heavy cotton or very resistant denim, ideal for skateboarders who make many falls in their discipline. Today, streetwear has evolved a lot. The whole style has been revised from top to bottom: pants, sneakers, hoodies... Everything has been improved to such an extent that you won't dare let the concrete touch your clothes.

tenshi streetwear

The basic principle of streetwear is to combine several styles, several brands to bring out something stylish and original. The result of this mix-and-match is a reflection of your personality.

The updating of streetwear has required the intervention of several stylists, including Olie Arnold. He says that to modernize the streetwear it is necessary to replace the utilitarian material by high-end fabric. He suggests incorporating subtle elements such as high quality pants into cashmere or jersey streetwear. This is better than an old cotton pant. Today, we try to participate in this evolution, with techwear products for example, which offer quality streetwear, original, and with a unique identity..