Denim Jacket Streetwear

Streetwear denim jacket: how to wear this trendy garment ?

Timeless and timeless, the bold denim jacket is a must have in your closet. Adored by all, the greatest designers are always coming up with ideas to reinvent this inspiring model. 

At the peak of their popularity, now is the time to combine your old denim jackets with your new streetwear style. Are you intrigued by denim jackets? Don't know where they come from, what varieties are in style, let alone how to wear them?

Don't panic! We summarize everything you need to know about the denim jacket.

The exciting history of denim jackets

The exciting history of denim jackets

Initially discovered in Europe, Denim is a promising fabric that was not long in coming to the USA. The creator of the famous Levi's brand imported it en masse to produce the first copies of his jeans. Soon after, he began to shape the fabric differently, resulting in the birth of the most famous light jackets.

The first Levi's jackets

The first drafts of Levi Strauss' work resulted in the creation of the Triple Pleat Blouse Jacket. It was the world's first denim jacket. With its characteristic three vertical pleats, it was designed to complement the attire of workers who already had pants of the same material. It was more the equivalent of the overalls we had in France than a formal outfit in the true sense.

From 1905, the brand manufactured the first independent denim jacket. The famous "Type I Denim Jacket". With a front pocket at chest level, and a small strap at the back to adjust the width, its design was simple, but very practical. Just like the pants, it was said to be the most robust clothing of the time.

Type I Denim Jacket

Nevertheless, they were quick to modernize their first designs. After a few years, they added a second pocket and replaced the strap with a more aesthetic internal adjustment system. To match the brand new copper ribs, they opted for orange stitching thread. For added strength, they also added stoppers at the pockets and hips. This jacket, the Type II Denim Jacket, was dedicated to cowboys.

Type III denim Jacket

Very fascinating, but we still haven't reached the actual denim jackets! It was not until the third generation that Levi's began to think about the elegance of the model. The slimmer cut for a slimmer silhouette, as well as the lighter fabric of the "Type III denim Jacket" immediately seduce. Over time, the so-called "Trucker Jacket" has become the benchmark for denim jackets.

The evolution of the Jean jacket: a sacred heritage

The "Type III denim Jacket" has seen little change since the 1960s. It remains the most popular model of the Levi's brand. There have been variants with modified cuts, but overall, only the logo has really changed :

  • LEVI'S all capitalized was used until 1971,
  • Since then, and until now, the brand is presented with Levi's in lower case used until 1971.

Only, the denim jacket was no longer a simple worker's outfit. It was now a fashion phenomenon that nothing was going to stop. Its popularity was growing day by day, boosted by the support of celebrities.

The accessory inseparable from westerns became the fetish jacket of the rebels of the 50s. The hippies and bohemians of the 80s also proudly wore their highly stylish denim tops.

But no one will argue that the golden years of the denim jacket were the 90s. Back then, everyone had a denim jacket: rock fans, hip-hop fans, and even the greatest fashion designers made them their signature.

In turn the favorite of James Dean, Marlon Brando and Marilyn Monroe, it conquered the world of cinema. As well appreciated by the Beatles as by Madonna, by Veruschka and Kate Mosse, the denim jacket is destined to become a cult accessory. The growing interest of the great designers and the most popular stars makes it a timeless treasure.

James Dean denim jacket

Personalized, revisited and sometimes completely transformed, its simplicity becomes its strength since it can be associated with all genres. This is why the denim jacket has survived the waves of fashion and is now a mainstay of ready-to-wear clothing.

How to choose your streetwear jean jacket ?

Let's get back to our main topic: how to be stylish in a denim jacket in 2021? Know one thing, there is no shortage of denim jackets! There are enough cuts, colors and styles to make you dizzy.

If you want to find the perfect denim jacket for you, you'll have to take it step by step.

How to choose your denim jacket

The cut of the jacket

On this point, no question of middle ground! You have to decide between a fitted model or an oversized jacket. You can play around with the sizes to get the effect of one or the other.

For a casual look, an oversized jacket just below the belt with wide sleeves would be perfect. For a smart or polished look, a well-fitted slim-fit jacket will do the trick.

The material

One rule to remember: avoid synthetic as much as possible. Nothing beats 100% cotton to ensure that the denim jacket will keep its shape and last longer.

To get a retro look, you can opt for a printed fabric. There are some very nice ones that give a modern look like our OVER jacket and our SHIOMI denim jacket.

The color

Gone are the days when raw, light blue denim and black were your only options! Denim jackets come in all colors.

You're spoiled for choice! You will even find some in pastel like the "Ueno" jacket or even in gradient like the beautiful denim jacket "Rekka".

All the little details and finishing touches

The rest is up to you. You'll find lots of other cool details that make each denim jacket unique.

All the little details and finishing touches

Typically, you will find in stores :

  • Typically, you will find embroidered or drawn parts: angel wings or naughty dog, flowery patterns, but also lots of artsy patterns can be on the back of the jacket or on the sleeves,
  • Some decorative buttons with snap or classic, in all colors, shapes and materials,
  • Denim jackets for winter with sherpa lining,
  • Ripped or perforated styles to give your look a rebellious touch,
  • Some varieties of the basic design without or with more pockets, without collar, etc.

Current trends in denim jackets

The denim jacket has been back in force for a few seasons now! It is the masterpiece of urban style, the must-have to complete your streetwear look.

With all the models of denim jackets that exist, it is sometimes difficult to decide which one to wear. The question is no longer which one to choose, but rather what is trending right now!

Here are some of the spring/summer 2021 trends you need to know about :

The faded denim jacket

The denim jacket has not escaped the Tie and Dye fashion! We are seeing more and more of them, especially from the big designers like Dior.

The light and dark tones create hallucinogenic borderline aesthetics patterns that go great with trendy colors. We have it in shades of blue for our "Taidai" denim jacket and in a more urban style with the "FLOURISH" jacket. 

The patchwork denim jacket

Denim pants have been trending for quite some time, and the wave is finally coming to jackets. The most fashionable models are those with several different denim fabrics. You can opt for something more sober by breaking with a neutral color fabric like our jacket "TSURO".

The oversized denim jacket

It's been a few years now that the large denim jacket is trendy. It is a recurring trend in harmony with the casual streetwear style. It comes in various shapes and colors, both for women and men. The slightly oversized denim jacket is more suitable than the fitted jacket for the urban style, especially if you are used to wearing loose clothing..

How to wear your denim jacket ?

Having the right denim jacket is only half the equation. Remember, a stylish look is a package deal.
The art of wearing a jean jacket is learned over time. You can be inspired by celebrities, the runway shows of the great designers or just go freestyle.
We give you the instructions to succeed your outfit with denim jacket.

Denim jacket and streetwear

Denim goes very well with streetwear trends. The best thing is to opt for wide cuts and fashionable colors to go with the rest of what you wear. These jackets are very fashionable right now, and if you know how to wear them, it will be a real plus to your look.

If you want to show off the elaborate details of your jacket, opt for a basic top, especially if it's a patchwork. On the other hand, if you want to break up a look that's already too heavy, a classic denim jacket without too much finishing touches is enough. In general, you can easily create an urban look with a darker tone bottom and lighter shoes.

A denim jacket is a go-to for all seasons. Sneakers, a cap, a long T-shirt and wide-leg techwear or sporty pants will do the trick for the summer. It can also be the centerpiece of your layering ensemble in winter, where it will be placed in the middle layer between your jacket and your hoodie.

Most denim jackets are unisex. So, girls, feel free to swipe the men's styles that you're crushing on. This would be a great match for boyfriend jeans.

Fashionable looks

This is not the only way to wear a denim jacket. Other styles have emerged and they are just as original.

The top trends for HER are :

  • An oversized model with a summer dress, a flared skirt or even mini shorts. The whole thing is topped off with a pair of simple sneakers. The colored or embroidered jackets are perfect for this look.
  • A slim fit denim jacket for a more sophisticated look. Little tip for more style: roll up your sleeves! It's a little detail that changes everything !
  • A very short denim jacket worn with a suit is the ultimate workwear outfit of the moment.

Accessorize your denim jacket

Warning. The mistake not to make when you wear a denim jacket is to have a boring look. By staying in your comfort zone and not taking any risks, you can totally miss your outfit.
If you want to give a too simple model some pep, you must put accessories at all costs.
For girls: bracelets, necklaces, scarves or scarf can save the final result. The boys can count on a cap, a backpack or a satchel to balance the balance. 

Fashion faux pas

A mistake of taste is quickly made if you don't know your marks. Two tips to give you to ensure with a denim jacket.

First, avoid basic casual looks. We've seen enough of that in the past years to know that it's by far the most banal. If it can pass for a more or less formal occasion, it's not the coolest outfit to stay with friends.

Next, be careful with the total denim look. It may be one of the most fashionable styles right now, but you really need to think twice about it. Nothing says you're going to look as stylish as the Chanel models. On the contrary, it could end badly.

If you're really tempted, what we could recommend is the washed denim jackets with matching pants. We saw them at Dior, and it's a look you can easily reproduce like a pro.

You are ready to create your look with a denim jacket. We hope this little briefing has helped you understand the secrets of the denim jacket. This timeless accessory never stops evolving with each new wave of fashion. Since it has transcended trends for over 150 years, we bet it will be around for a long time to come.