Reflective clothing and accessories

Get a unique style with Reflective Clothing

Reflective clothing is exploding in the fashion and sports industry. Nowadays, more and more designers are using reflective fabric creations, so we had to offer you our products related to this growing trend. Check out our reflective jackets, coats, pants and other accessories that will beautifully complement your streetwear artillery.

When work serves fashion

A number of years ago, grandparents wore work clothes. They were very sturdy and resistant to withstand the weight of work and time. The most striking example is the blue work clothes. This one develops during the industrial revolution then quickly becomes the symbol of the worker. From 1968 onwards, blue overalls came out of the factories, and designers took hold of them. They will then create suits, jackets or pants.

The overalls are obviously not the only garment to have been transposed from work to everyday fashion. We note for example the overalls of the garage or the reflective clothing.

Originally, a construction garment

When working on roads in the 1940's, people needed to be seen by the surroundings and the environment around them. This is how reflective jackets were born. At that time, this type of clothing is used for safety at work. We can see it on construction sites, roads or any other industrial site.

But finally, how does it work? How can a garment have such a visibility, especially at night? There is often confusion with other fluorescent or photo-luminescent elements. Knowing the differences is an interesting point.

Fluorescent represents a bright color that will be well distinguished during the day. Yellow and orange are often the most used colors. The principle is to create a contrast between the environment and the fluorescent clothing or object. The most obvious example is the yellow vest.

The photoluminescent is a material where there is the presence of pigments that are able to accumulate light and be able to restore it when it is in the dark. Some watches have hands that can be seen for a while when you are in the dark. This is also the case for alarm clocks or fire escape signals.

Finally, the reflective also has its own characteristics. Specifically, the material of the object or garment reflects each light ray back to the source that emitted it. This differs from a mirror which sends it in a direction symmetrically opposite to its source. Glass beads and micro beads are the most efficient way to do this. Micro-prismatic strips are an effective solution even in rainy conditions. 

Reflecting in the service of sport
Reflective Clothing

As mentioned earlier, the reflective material helps to boost safety, especially on risky areas such as the road. Cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and even animals when you are in the countryside are permanent dangers on the road. Lately, running has seen its popularity explode with more and more people practicing it. Although the danger decreases as the days get longer in the spring and summer, it is still present.

Running early in the morning or late at night has its drawbacks. Visibility is reduced, which increases the risk of being hit by a vehicle. This risk increases even more when you are outside a town. When you run in a forest, you meet animals and you have to cross a road. This is when you have to be particularly careful. This does not only concern people who practice running. Cyclists are also exposed to this danger, especially since they are sportsmen and women who ride a lot of kilometers..

To answer this problem, sports brands have used reflective materials. Whether they are large multinationals or more specialized stores, they have created a range of clothing and accessories to be more visible and therefore protect themselves..

So what kind of reflective sportswear and accessories are available? Firstly, T-shirts, short or long sleeves are equipped with bands on the shoulders, lower back, chest or arms. As for jackets or k-way, it's the same thing, but the material is designed to also resist the rain without disturbing the reflective. This only accentuates the security.

Secondly, the shorts and pants are not exempt either. Reflective strips are present on the side of both lower body. Concerning the pants, we find reflective, mostly white, at the ankles and calves. The range of accessories with reflective material is numerous and varied. We can mention for example water bottles, watches, caps, hats for runners. For cyclists, helmets, bells, baskets, saddles and many other accessories play a role in safety on the bike. Shoes are no exception to the rule either.

Reflective sportswear

All major brands have now implemented the reflective device in each of their products. Nike is a prominent example. In 2014, the American brand launched the Nike Flash Pack collection. In line with its style, the clothing is modern and perfectly tailored to the body. Other major sports brands have jumped on board, such as Adidas or New Balance. In France, Kalenji is a reference in terms of running.

The reflective garment, to be worn on a daily basis

Now, this type of clothing is used in everyday life. This style is no longer simply a work tool but a fashion tool. After sports, everyday life has taken it over.

What are we talking about when we talk about the reflective in fashion ?

This style affects all types of clothing. The big designers have mostly created jackets and dresses that are worth thousands of euros. But it is possible to own reflective clothes for cheap and that will fit perfectly in the streetwear style.

Reflective fashion clothing

The first major category is all jackets and overcoats. The 3M reflective technology is found on the zippered jackets that you see on every street. On these, even the hood is reflective! With a jacket like this, you'll never go unnoticed. At night, you will shine and attract the eyes of many people who will admire your unparalleled style. The other good thing is that the reflective jacket is a mixed garment. It can be worn by both men and women. The streetwear is therefore a style that can suit a large number of people. Finally, sleeveless jackets, ponchos and rain jackets are other reflective tops that keep you cool and stylish.

The second category refers to pants. The brands that created these jackets weren't going to stop there. So they invented reflective pants. With this, you will have a complete style and will be able to shine at every moment of the day. In addition to being visible, the reflective does not impact the material inside so much. Thus, you will be perfectly comfortable while wearing the pants. This kind of pieces also contains pockets, which allows you to put your personal items under cover.

Finally, reflective is not only worn during the cold seasons when the days are short. It is possible to wear this style even in summer. For the female gender, you can opt for reflective bikinis. The Streetwear Style is now present on the beaches. Some brands have developed this kind of swimsuit that allow to be elegant and visible.

But how do you actually wear reflective clothing? Which combinations work best ?

Reflective clothing is, in the vast majority of cases, gray. The main advantage of these is that they can be combined with all other colors. To alternate, it is interesting to opt for a mixture with black. Thus a white jacket with black jeans. If it's pants, a black t-shirt will do perfectly. These two combinations are eternal classics that work in all situations. If you want to be noticed even more, you can combine every possible color and style with reflective. Patterned clothing but also sober and bright are combinations that are also possible.


Reflective streetwear accessories
reflective bag

The reflective fashion does not only affect clothing. Designers are trying to innovate and have a whole range of equipment with reflective.

In recent years, the fanny pack and shoulder bags have come back into fashion. These are no exception to the rule. They are available in models that include reflective areas. A way to be seen when you wear it and bring an original touch to your outfit. For example, the reflective bananas are particularly effective during festivals. You can put your items safely and be seen by your friends so you don't get lost. It's quite practical so don't hesitate to use them to stand out !

Brands that offer reflective clothing

There are a lot of brands that offer quality clothing. Only very few offer the possibility of reflective elements. If Nike is mainly focused on sportswear, the shoes can be integrated into a streetwear look. Nike has developed the Air Max 97 which is inspired by the Shinkansen, the Japanese TGV. Its gray color and its reflective stripes are a hit. Adidas also has its reflective range with the Select Collection. In light or dark gray or even in black, these sneakers allow to shine at night.

Luxury fashion houses such as Maison Margiela or Prada now offer collections with elegant and high quality reflective clothing. Prada has released a sleeveless jacket and a poncho, both gray and with the technology to be visible even when it is very dark..

For high-end streetwear brands, Heron Preston and A-COLD-WALL have also given in to the temptation. This is also the case at Tenshi. On our site, you will have the opportunity to find a selection of clothes that match your desires. For those dark rainy days, you can go for our Reflektiv reflective jacket. Made of polyester, it is waterproof and will keep you dry all day. The three pockets on the sides and front of the jacket are suitable for both men and women..

To complete this top, we recommend you to choose our pants of the same name. Using the same material and the same color, they will be perfectly adapted to each piece of your wardrobe. At Tenshi, in order to satisfy you as much as possible, we have decided to differentiate between the men's model and the women's model because the cuts are different. Even if it is unisex, you will be more comfortable in a model made for you.

Finally, to meet the need to be able to store a number of personal belongings without having too many in the pockets, we offer a reflective fanny pack. It will be the perfect ally for your night walks. It will also be the last touch to have a complete streetwear style. On our site, you can find it in two colors: gray or black. It is now up to you to choose what will best complete your outfit.