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Often criticized for its lack of elegance, the down jacket has over time conquered the fashion world. It has also become a piece of streetwear that knows how to be formidable, when it is properly handled.

A double origin but a common use

Many garments have a verified origin. Some pieces, on the other hand, have a disputed or even unknown appearance. This is not the case for the down jacket. This jacket has two origins.

The first one is in France, cocorico! Pierre Allain, a mountaineer but also a shopkeeper in Paris, will create down jackets from 1931 until 1964. Everything was made in his workshop in his Parisian sports store. For the curious, this one was located on rue Saint-Sulpice

Eddie Bauer down jacket

The other origin of the down jacket takes us to the other side of the Atlantic. At the end of the 1930s, the American Eddie Bauer designed the same type of jacket as Allain. In 1936, he had designed the down jacket for utility rather than style. Indeed, Shonagh Marshall, a New York curator specializing in fashion, said "he almost died of hypothermia during a fishing trip in the middle of winter. Eddie then designed a jacket made of quilted fabric, which he filled with feathers.

While the origin of the garment can be found in both France and the United States, the use is unique. Pierre Allain used his coat to fight the winter cold when he went to the mountains. Eventually, Eddie Bauer came to the same use. The down jacket was meant to be a jacket for the very cold winter temperatures.

And inevitably, the down jacket is popular. Soon, its qualities of heat retention while offering a different style from traditional clothing will appeal to mountaineers or those who have to work (or enjoy) with winter temperatures. Although Bauer filed a patent for his invention, many people attribute the invention of the down jacket to another American.

In 1947, another American, of German origin, Klaus Obermeyer, invented his own quilted jacket design. This aeronautical engineer settled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. With the aim of introducing the wealthy to the pleasures of mountain snow, Klaus opened a ski resort in the small town of Aspen. If the Americans are at the rendezvous and come to his station, a problem arises.

The cold weather handicapped the tourists who came to enjoy the snow. The engineer had the idea of taking his bed linen and cutting it up to make a jacket. The test works and another model of down jacket is born. Tourists who came to enjoy the mountain automatically adopted it and many pieces were then made

moncler down jacket

If Obermeyer popularized the down jacket on American soil, another brand would do so in France. In 1952, the Moncler brand was born. The founders André Vincent and René Ramillon developed their own range of coats for mountaineers. They collaborate in particular with the French mountaineer Lionel Terray, who is seduced by its qualities. During the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, Moncler becomes the sponsor of the French team. At the same time, Pyrenex launches its first model totally made in France with goose down from Aquitaine. The manufacturers become more and more numerous and its rise continues in the 1970s. The down jacket will then arrive in the heart of fashion.

The introduction of the down jacket in fashion

The garment is so popular in the alpine environment that fashion designers feel the good shot. The haute couture houses seized it to make it a prestigious garment. Paco Rabane or Courrèges use it, add their touches, then put it on sale. In the decade of the 60s, the down jacket is already beginning to settle within the fashion. Essentially a sporty garment, designers such as Thierry Mugler or Jean-Charles de Castelbajac created models for urban codes.

maze and biggie in down jacket

The down jacket is then a garment rather turned to the male public and around the thirties. The seduction of the youngest will be done first in the United States. In the 1990s, the rap and hip-hop movements develop and become more and more important. Some artists are seen wearing a down jacket and it does not take more to convince young people to adopt this jacket, offering comfort, warmth and style.

In France, it is the brand Chevignon which succeeds in popularizing it with all age groups. Its down jacket seduces more and more and quickly, the padded socks are found on each shoulder. The well-to-do families and the suburbs take passion for this clothing. The jacket obviously crossed the Alps and the Italians also wear it. In the 1980's, the Paninari movement is wearing the down jacket. These young people, passionate about motorcycles, fast food and down jackets are named like this because they hang out in front of sandwich shops. It is also found in more flashy colors, which is perfectly in line with the pop and colorful trend.


The down jacket was introduced into fashion, never to leave. This one invites itself in the codes of streetwear. It is particularly useful during the winter periods, where the cold restricts the ways of dressing. The t-shirt is eclipsed to make room for jackets, including the down jacket.

During this period, this coat is still quite thick. It still does not lose its interest to fight against the cold. So the models have wide sleeves, with substantial padding. But this will quickly change


Its place in streetwear today

Its rise continues in the 2000s. Indeed, the down jacket is not going to stop in such a good way. In the fall-winter 1999, two designers will make this garment a must-have in men's and women's wardrobes. Because it should not be forgotten that if the down jacket went from the ski slopes to the fashion shows, it also went from the men's to the women's wardrobe.

down jacket Margiela and alexander mcqueen

The designer Martin Margiela (and his house) and Alexander McQueen will indeed propel this coat in another dimension. The first, who is Belgian, destructures the down jacket to give it a bed quilt aspect. This return to the origins works perfectly and finds its followers. The down jacket is winning the hearts of many people around the world. The second one uses the same process to propose a kind of high fashion bed cover. It has now taken a place of choice in the wardrobe, and is well on its way to staying there for some time.

At the same time, the Japanese Uniqlo is working on volumes. The brand will offer a light down jacket, which is easily worn under another jacket. This is therefore ideal when the cold is particularly present. Discreet and thin, this type of down jacket meets a certain success, giving rise in particular to lighter models. The goal is to leave aside the large and thick down jackets, which were however the odds until now.

The development of the coat in fashion has allowed it to grow even more in the movement in which it was introduced a few years ago. The down jacket now occupies a prominent place in the world of streetwear. During winter periods, it is often brought out, although it is not the only streetwear for cold weather.

In the 2000s and 2010s, the down jacket becomes narrower. The sleeves and the rest of the jacket are closer to the body to give a more elegant look. With or without hood, the followers of the streetwear movement appreciate it and trust the different pieces offered by the brands. If the slim models are popular, they now find competition from thicker down jackets.

asap rocky wearing a down coat

Balenciaga has indeed proposed a down jacket with thicker and wider sleeves. This is actually parallel to the development of XXL streetwear, which leaves a place of choice for such a garment. Indeed, the puffy and sloppy style appeals to many young people.

Original creations are also emerging. We think for example of sleeveless down jackets. These are particularly useful to mix outfits and wear clothes that would not necessarily pass with a classic down jacket. The population appreciates this mix, but also the characteristics of the garment, present since its appearance.


The characteristics of a down jacket

First of all, the main characteristic of a down jacket is its warmth. Its composition based on duck or goose down is indeed much more efficient than an insulation provided by synthetic materials. It should also be noted that the higher the proportion of down, the warmer the down jacket will be. This is why models containing 90% down and 10% feathers will be warmer than a 50/50 ratio. Obviously, the length of the down jacket will also make a difference. A garment that falls to the calves, like that of athletes, will provide more warmth than a down jacket that stops at the waist.

This technical aspect is made possible by the loft. The higher the loft, the more insulating the down is. Good insulation starts at 500 cuin. Above 800 cuin, the performance is excellent. Don't forget that the down jacket manages to keep you warm while remaining very light. You might even forget that it is on your shoulders.

The down jacket is a breathable jacket. Throughout the day, whether in intense activity or not, the body sweats and evacuates water vapor. In addition to ensuring exceptional comfort, this type of jacket helps avoid temperature variations and therefore the various hot and cold spells that can occur.

During cold winters, showers can happen. Of course, at this time, you need a garment that will keep you and your sweater dry. The down jacket provides some protection for exposure to light showers. The raindrops will indeed slide along the surface of the fabric. Beware, not all models provide the same efficiency! In addition to being water-repellent, this jacket can also be effective in the case of heavier downpours. Longer exposure or a downpour can cause some problems. Some down jackets have a great waterproofness, which is then very appreciable during heavy rain. You should not hesitate to select a down jacket that is waterproof if you need it. You will be glad you chose it. !


The TENSHI™ collection

In your Tenshi store, you will also find different models of down jackets. Thanks to our products, you will be sure to stay warm during the winter and brave the worst weather conditions! So, what can you find in our collection ?

tenshi streetwear down coat

Many of our down jackets are hoodless jackets. So you'll want to make sure you can protect yourself from the rain otherwise if you're leaning towards one of these. The Hotaka and Ohta designs will suit those who like a more understated look. Black and light or dark grey will be great to wear. But we are aware that these colors are not really out of the ordinary. Ohashi and Takehiko provide a more refreshing green.

To take it a step further, there are many down jacket designs available within our collection. Masumi, Masashi and Eberesuto are examples of designs with simple patterns. Other down jackets feature all kinds of patterns. Kanye, Soichi and Nobu will delight fans of this genre!

Finally, of course, you can also check out our hooded down jackets if you want to stay totally dry. Take a look at our Uyeno down jacket. This one has the advantage of being reversible and reflective with our Reflektiv technology. A way to be visible, even with the bad winter weather.