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Our most stylish streetwear pants

Is it possible to talk about streetwear style without mentioning jogging pants and cargo pants? Not sure. Originally developed for a particular need, these two pants are now totally anchored in the streetwear fashion.

The cargo pants: a very old origin

In the United States, at the end of the 19th century, soldiers wear cargo pants. Indeed, this stocking is first used during the Spanish-American war of 1898. The first version is then khaki color, which is really similar to the army. It is then a solid workwear and quite profitable in terms of manufacturing, which is not without reminding the blue jeans at its inception.


The cargo pants


And very quickly, it will arrive in the hands of individuals. In 1909, Levi Strauss & Co. started to market it. The general public discovered all its comfort and advantages. Sold under the name sunset, there were two colors at the time. The olive green, khaki is present as well as the olive. These are the two colors most associated with the cargo pants.

We praise then the comfort and the resistance of the pants. The American brand will use its other brand, Two Horses, to market the product. For example the slogan of an advertisement of the time was "It 's no use, they can be ripped". Levi Strauss will then use the brand Dockers to market these pants from 1986.

But beware, the cargo pants is not yet entered the fashion. If it is marketed as such, you can imagine that people used it to work with. The military greatly appreciated the cargo model. It was so popular that it remains in the outfits today. Soldiers like it because it is possible to store many items in the side pockets. This can be ammunition to quickly reload his weapon against an enemy or food for example. The cargo bag is therefore very useful in the military field.

soldier wearing a cargo pants

But professionals also adopt it for their work. They appreciate the side pockets for storing all kinds of tools and objects. But it is the mix of flexibility and resistance that is also emphasized. Indeed, this kind of garment allows to make any kind of movement. If you own one today, try jumping and squatting. You will see that it is totally possible. In addition to that, cargo pants are going to resist many things. A sharp object isn't necessarily going to tear them. Also, they were a pretty durable stocking and could be worn for a hell of a long time.

So cargo pants started out as part of workwear fashion. But something tells you surely that it did not stop there…

The appearance of jogging pants in the 20th century

Now let's talk about the jogging pants. Unlike its cargo counterpart, this type of pants arrived only from the 20th century.

jogging pants

Before being a full-fledged garment, jogging pants were considered a tracksuit. And like the jacket, this comfortable bottom arrived in the 1920s. At the time, the tracksuit met a particular need of athletes: to keep the body warm before and after a sporting event.

The first model of tracksuit, and thus jogging suit, which was born is that of the athlete Oliver Johson Schofield. This British 200m runner used it for its intended purpose: to keep his body warm after warming up and before a race. With his tie (because this man had style) his tracksuit is then in velvet. By having warm muscles before the start, athletes can then break many records. The Finnish Paavo Nurmi is the proof.

In 1932, the Flying Finn, as he is now known, was seen training in a tracksuit. No doubt that he could have benefited from it before to obtain his 9 Olympic titles and his numerous records. It was in the 1930s that the Coq Sportif brand developed the first French jogging pants. The French federations of rugby, athletics, soccer and basketball use them as part of their equipment.

Historically associated with athletics, the jogging pants are long and rather loose. It is therefore not the model you often see today, with a narrower and shorter cut. The public discovered these pants during the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. American athletes like Jesse Owens or Helen Stephens are seen dressed with. The spectators are then envious of their outfits, which they find pleasant to wear and quite effective in their functions. Indeed, jogging suits keep the body warm rather well, both before and after the effort.

It is only in 1939 that the Coq Sportif has the idea to offer it for sale. It was the first sports brand to market a tracksuit. This one is then called "the Sunday suit", which is quite evocative of its comfort. The velvet frees the legs and gives a feeling of freedom very pleasant. It also marks a break with the traditional work suit worn throughout the week.

Unfortunately the arrival of the Second World War in the same year will slow down its development and expansion.


The passage of streetwear pants in fashion

The deadly conflicts of the early and mid 20th century gave a lot of work to the cargo pants. American soldiers wear them on their legs on the battlefield. This allowed them to have ammunition and combat rations at hand. On the contrary, the jogging pants have rather known the rest, left aside in favour of more adapted clothes.

The cargo pants will finally remain for a while attached to the military field. The American conflict has not helped to migrate to the wardrobe. Manual workers still wear them too. In the 1980s, brands develop cargo shorts. Fishermen and sportsmen adopted them directly. Once again, its many storage compartments seduce many followers.

As for cargo pants, the Dockers brand participates in propelling it in the men's wardrobe as we told you previously. But it is only in the 1990s that the cargo penetrates the fashion world. Men are seduced by its practicality and the comfort it allows. The freedom of movement marks the men. The techniques and changes in materials allow it to gain in strength.

streetwear pants

It is during the 1960s that the jogging pants gain in popularity. The sportsmen adopt it definitively and brands like Adidas, Nike or Reebok propose comfortable tracksuits with a neat design. In addition, the fashion is fitness and the population starts to frequent the gym. And what better than jogging pants to do your workout? But this garment can not be satisfied with that.

That's why jogging pants moved from the sports fields to the home in the 1980s. People wear it to relax during their leisure time after work. The Nike tracksuit is very popular because it offers this unique freedom of movement, while keeping the body warm. Also, its very sober style seduces a lot and marks the spirits. The jogging pants appeal to more and more people and brands take advantage to improve the manufacturing techniques. If the jogging was previously in velvet, the fleece is making its appearance. Its soft and warm side will be a real revolution.

The arrival of cargo pants and jogging pants is only the beginning of the change they will bring, especially in streetwear.


The place of these pants in the streetwear 

The late 1970s and early 1980s are synonymous with the arrival of streetwear. It finally comes at the same time that cargo pants and jogging pants develop.

Jogging pants and sweatpants easily follow the development of this movement. The first hip-hop and rap stars are seen wearing jogging pants. Like those of the brands they are then quite loose. You've probably already seen them in the old rap videos. The artists are finally the ones who will contribute to make the jogging popular because their fans want to dress the same way.

Alongside rap and hip-hop, other movements are developing. Break dance is one of them. Dancers adopt it because they can perform their tricks easily. Jeans or other pants do not offer this freedom of movement. The jogging suits that break dancers wear are loose and leave room for the legs. The shows are therefore only of better quality. !

Today, we still see the jogging suit in rap and hip-hop videos. However, they are no longer as loose as they were in the early days. The fashion is now for a slim fit. The carrot cut at the top and tightened works very well. Pay attention in the street, you'll be surprised how many soccer club tracksuits you see.

As far as cargo pants are concerned, their place in streetwear is less important. Its appearance and its explosion in fashion took place in the 1990s. The streetwear look already had its codes, and entering it was rather complicated.

During the 2000s, the streetwear fashion is a little put aside. We have to wait until the 2010s to see the cargo pants introduced in the streetwear style. The brands try collections with cargo and it works. Customers are seduced, whether men or women. Because streetwear and cargo and jogging pants are not only for men anymore. Now, girls who want to dress in streetwear have models specially designed for them.

Today, cargo pants are an essential part of the streetwear look. Its qualities have convinced everyone and the variety of existing colors are very appreciable. It has now its place next to the jogging pants.


The TENSHI™ collection

At TENSHI™, we wanted to offer a streetwear collection with Asian influences. And among the t-shirts, sweatshirts and other streetwear jackets, here is our collection of pants.
streetwear pants

First of all, several cargo pants are available. There are very traditional models, with khaki, military or beige color. You will then go back to the origins of cargo pants, as they were worn by the military. Of course, improvements have been made to make it more comfortable. We think of the Nishio, Mesai or Yoshi models.

But it is also possible to opt for a techwear style cargo pants. For example, black is the one that goes best with all clothes. Take a look at the Nokutan, Tatsuno or Kakaro designs.

When it comes to jogging pants, there is also a choice. Whether it is sober or striking, there will be something for everyone! We really like the Revivalism or Sunlight models. But if you prefer the total sobriety, admire the "Teshio" jogging. Moreover, several cuts are there to suit every desire. Revisit the basics with the loose fit or keep up with the times by opting for a slim fit.

We strive to offer models for both men and women. Miss, you can enjoy our reflective pants from our Reflektiv line. No doubt that you will shine in the night wearing such a garment! And don't be jealous if you are a man, because there are also some for you.