Techwear accessories

Techwear accessories to complete your style

Techwear is one of the most fashionable dress codes at the moment. This style of high-end clothing has existed for several years and is characterized by its futuristic aspect.

It is a series of refined clothing and accessories inspired by technical clothing and mountaineering suits. Each of these items is developed using modern manufacturing processes to provide the wearer with true comfort and mobility. This trend is very popular and reaches almost all types of outfits and accessories. More details on Techwear accessories in this article.

What is Techwear style ?

two men with techwear style

The Techwear style is a movement reflecting an avant-garde vision of urban fashion. As indicated by its name, it is more technical and draws its sources from military equipment worn by soldiers during their field missions. Its manufacturers make impressive, comfortable and casual models, which are often elaborated with high-performance, waterproof, breathable and more resistant materials. They also use innovative and futuristic manufacturing processes.

Like the clothes, the Techwear accessories are made of special fabrics to be comfortable to wear at all times. They are essentially used to complete your outfit with an urban and futuristic look. The objective is to bring real comfort and practicality to your daily life. We think in particular of gloves, masks, vests, belts or even mittens with innovative design. Many brands often neglect the design of these elements.

Even though they are classic items, they are an important part of your everyday outfit. Techwear accessories allow you to create a modern and avant-garde look to please your followers. Thanks to their creativity and originality, they allow you to take care of your appearance in case you want to adopt them.

Who is this style for ?

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Because of its rather particular aspect, the Techwear style is not suitable for everyone. It is rather reserved for fans of cyberpunk, Japanese culture, avant-garde vision or the military universe. The movement is inspired by science fiction films or superheroes, and indicates a spirit of revolt.

Prioritizing utility, Techwear clothing and accessories are specifically dedicated to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Impacted by futurism, they are highly functional and benefit from a rather particular aesthetic. Sportsmen, hikers and travelers appreciate them to stay warm, whatever the circumstances.

In fact, the concept gathers accessories designed with exceptional and high performance materials. The said creation follows modern design processes with high technology to allow users to wear them with perfect mobility.

The birth of the techwear style and its evolution over time

A woman and a man in a techwear style

This dress code appeared several decades ago, more precisely in the 70s, and has its roots in the concept of mountaineers' outfits. At that time, it allowed these great sportsmen to wear clothes and accessories that could withstand adverse weather conditions as much as possible. It was also important to be able to carry tools while remaining comfortable, regardless of the season.

The style has spread among workers, who need quality, practical, lightweight and durable gear to take on their daily activities. Thanks to technological innovation, the fashion industry is bringing some modern touches while keeping the style to create Techwear clothing and accessories.

The concept developed when technical textiles, such as Gore-Tex, appeared on the market. Over time, the technique and technology applied has improved, resulting in other materials such as swimwear fabric. The practice of waxing, which consists of plating a coating on the fabrics, makes the pieces more waterproof.

The different types of Techwear accessories

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In addition to the jacket, shirt, pants and shoes, a few accessories are needed to complete your Techwear athleisure look. These are the elements that add the finishing touch to your modern and futuristic look. All movement enthusiasts wear them to complete their outfit and enhance their look without straying too far from great functionality.

A number of pieces are available such as tactical vests, tactical masks, gloves, mittens and belts. Whatever your needs, feel free to browse the TENSHI™ collection to find the right futuristic accessory for you.

Techwear masks

Techwear masks

Techwear style is not just limited to an oversized T-shirt, windbreaker jacket, oversized hoodie or cargo pants. Without accessories, this movement really means nothing. It's essential to add a few extra pieces to the outfit to get a more original and offbeat look. The mask is one of the most popular accessories to assert the futuristic style.

Why choose a Techwear mask ?

The mask is one of the main accessories of the Techwear style, especially for fans of punk culture or science fiction. It is also a very popular object nowadays. Its role is essential to remind the dress code. Many people appreciate this item. In addition to completing the outfit, tactical and techwear masks are also suitable to get a soft look.

TENSHI™ masks

To stand out from the crowd, opt for the futuristic-looking Techwear "Shibito" tactical masks from TENSHI™. The black color, typical of the movement, matches any outfit, for men or women. It is possible to print different patterns on it in order to meet a specific look. To meet the standards of this dress code, TENSHI™ masks are made of a high quality fabric overlay and a sturdy plastic.

Fine pores act as an air filtration system. This means you won't choke while wearing this mask. On the contrary, you won't inhale dust, a large layer of germs or polluting gases. Moreover, the artistic design of this mask is certainly reminiscent of an oxygen mask.

A room to easily create your style

In addition to protecting against excessive pollution, Techwear masks can easily be paired with other stylish clothing. They can be combined with cargo pants, a hoodie or a windbreaker to create a great look.

Techwear gloves

techwear gloves

To stay warm during winter or to ride a motorcycle without affecting your style, tactical gloves are very fashionable. They are perfect for evoking the military or also urban ninja themed Techwear movement. Unique in their kind, these hand warmers are made from quality fabrics with a lining and hook and loop tape to ensure a better fit. Like all the accessories of the style, elegance, practicality and comfort are always at the rendez-vous.

Techwear gloves from TENSHI™

To accentuate your Techwear look, TENSHI™ offers tactical glove styles. Black in color, "Umino" is the "half finger full glove" type. No need to take them off to use a touch screen. This is a pair made of nylon and polyester that helps protect its wearer up to the wrist while providing real comfort. Decorative stitching accentuates the cutting edge and modern design. This accessory is perfect to complement your Techwear outfit in the most precise way.

To protect you right down to your fingertips, the Techwear "Hizashi" or "Suigetsu" gloves are for you. They are designed with soft, lightweight, high-performance materials for breathability, comfort and freedom of movement. Waterproof, strong and breathable, the fabrics make the Techwear style suitable for all circumstances

A practical accessory to complete your look

Tactical gloves are the best accessories to complete your streetwear look. They are the perfect accompaniment to your windproof jacket or cargo pants. In addition, they have built-in heating elements to keep you warm and comfortable while protecting you from the most extreme weather conditions.

Techwear mittens

men wearing techwear mittens

Techwear mittens are the perfect accessory to protect your hands from the cold or from some external aggressions due to many activities. Some professions require the protection of your body parts, especially your hands. This equipment meets the standards in force while respecting the Techwear style. It offers you both comfort in use and elegance.

TENSHI™ Tactical Mittens

The Techwear "Tsuchi" mittens from TENSHI™ are the half-full kind. Despite that, they provide added protection from your fingers to your hands. These models are made of nylon and microfiber rubber that provide comfort, flexibility and high strength at the same time. The design and black color grant a great elegance to their user.

Equipped with a metacarpal reinforcement, these gloves make it easy to perform movements with the hands. These accessories are perfectly suited to motorcycle drivers, types of activity that require lifting certain heavy materials or handling dangerous tools (knife, etc.).

The Techwear belt

The Techwear belt

To proudly display your Techwear style, the belt is a very essential accessory. A must-have in the wardrobe, it is ideal to evoke movement by complementing clothing. Most of the time, some brands neglect this area. However, this does not prevent us from finding innovative belts, inspired by the military look, with magnetic fasteners or even connected bracelets..

Not only does this object allow you to immobilize your cargo pants, but at the same time to bring an exceptional touch to your style. In this concept, its role is essential and its score is not negligible. The belt comes into play in different circumstances. You should find a model that meets your expectations and gives you more elegance.

The Techwear Belt from TENSHI™

You're about to discover the TENSHI™ Techwear "Gaki" belt, a sturdy and functional model for men and women. It is made of nylon ensuring both elasticity and high resistance. The presence of a strong magnetic closure further facilitates its handling. The buckle is made of zinc alloy to please its users. With a military base design, this accessory perfectly underlines the Techwear style of its user. Its importance is not to be demonstrated any more.

The Techwear vest

men wearing techwear vests

Inspired by the military tactical vest, the Techwear vest is useful and very practical in everyday life. At one time this accessory was used to store magazines and ammunition. The presence of many pockets allows to optimize its capacity of reception without being afraid of the malefactors. To remain more discreet, especially in urban areas, it is possible to wear the vest under a jacket, coat, sweatshirt or simply over a simple T-shirt. This piece is ideal to complete a range of Techwear clothing.

The Techwear Vest from TENSHI™

The TENSHI™ "Kujaku" Techwear vest is one of the top choices for protection. A good number of people have already seen it in TV series or science fiction movies. Its use is perfectly suitable when doing certain cinematic activities or in the army. But that's not all! This accessory is a work of art of its designer in terms of Techwear style.

This tactical vest is a protection kit, allowing to preserve its wearer from possible dangers. Its black color harmonizes with a wide range of clothing style. Some bands are also present to maintain the equipment around the waist. In addition, there are many storage compartments to store your small items on a daily basis. Like all the objects and clothes of the style, this accessory prioritizes the great mobility and practicality.

Why wear a tactical vest ?

Many urban fashion enthusiasts already know the importance of combining a Techwear vest with a similar style of clothing. Its main function is to carry some light equipment, which are required to perform your activities. The materials that make up the accessory provide a high level of comfort and great elasticity that gives resistance.