How to make techwear style your own?

Urban techwear or techwear

Techwear is a style created with clothing made of special fabrics using the latest technology, construction methods (going beyond the traditional) and cuts that promote maximum mobility.

In this style, you have (seamless) T-shirts, waterproof sneakers and even trenchcoats made with waterproof materials that let the air pass through.

When we talk about urban wear, we sometimes refer to urban techwear created with a lot of techniques

 Urban techwear

Technical clothing at the start

The techwear style can be adopted from head to toe. But, all the people who have set their sights on this segment choose only one or two pieces in their outfits. You'll see it later.

Techwear, as it is explained and known today, has its roots in the technical clothing of mountaineers in the early 70's when Gore-Tex® jackets first appeared.

As the years went by, the range expanded in all respects (technical and/or technological) including the models offered. But it must be said that in the past, fabrics were "waxed" to transform them into waterproof pieces. This technique which was very widespread consisted in applying on the fiber a kind of coating.

Today, we are used to wearing sneakers with cushioning that increases in performance for running or walking. The preferred choice of sportsmen is the breathable tees. For powder enthusiasts, for example, light, breathable and warm jackets are the preferred choice. You can go to this page to learn more about what techwear is.

However, techwear style goes beyond the "technical context". Here we will see that there is an advantageous, diverse and creative proposal that can be used in everyday life 

Techwear style: types of clothing

le style techwear

The techwear jacket

This jacket is one of the best-supplied ranges of items. Most often, it falls into two categories that are "softshell" and "hardshell". The first refers to very light and very flexible jackets. While the second is related to waterproof pieces.


Techwear, the jackets of the Hardshell category

This jacket has been made with waterproof and windproof parts. It can contain trenchcoats, parkas, jackets, etc..

Generally, the pieces are made with breathable materials (depending on the technology used). Sometimes, to these materials, the mid layer is added (an under layer).

When unzipped, it becomes a mini "down jacket". A kind of coat called in this case "3X1".

Among the technologies used, there are Gore-Tex, very experimental things and also jackets generally used for study or research fields. Many Japanese brands take classic cuts and pieces and mix them with technical fabrics. However, the results are not always conclusive.

There are sports brands whose labels offer urban designs made of fabrics, treated with technologies put under very difficult conditions for testing. They are well suited for fashion items.

The profile of jackets can be classic, sporty, military or minimal-urban. The jackets can also come from the very high fashion.

A certain rigidity can be noted on the jackets, given the different varieties of technical fabrics that are used. Thus, a very special look obtained the first times they are worn. They can also be similar to softshells.

Softshell, a category composed of techwear jackets

techwear jackets

There is more rigidity in the hardshell than in the softshell. But this does not prevent it from resisting to bad weather through the different treatments and materials used. On the other hand, the softshell is more comfortable than the hardshell, because it is less waterproof.

The wearer can move freely. Its lightness is sought after, because it can very well be replaced by the classic jacket which is heavier and more embarrassing. Basically, it is the hoodie in a more improved and technical version.

Currently, this is the choice that many people make, both in sports and urban. Jogging, cycling and many other disciplines enthusiasts love these pieces, because they allow them to move easily. They also benefit from better breathability and don't risk catching a cold.

In addition, you can fold and store pieces that are very light, such as the old K-Way that did not make us happy when we were very young.


Middle layers made of MID LAYERS (techwear)

These include sweatshirts, hoodies, technical shirts, pullovers, etc. It is also a layer, an underlayer inserted in a jacket as in a jacket. In this context, several technologies similar to the fabric to which it is matched can be included by the mid-layer.

Sometimes the products that are offered are exceptional, bringing some value to a branch that has been described as a big catch-all. As usual, Japanese designers make very nice works. These include shirts made of CoolMax®, Windstopper® materials, or water-repellent hoodies.

The first layers based on the layers

These are socks, underwear and stockings in which thermal, breathable and anti-irritation technologies are included.

Usually, this section is neglected although it is of paramount importance. Why wear an outfit that is completely made of breathable materials as opposed to a t-shirt?

On the other hand, items such as technical socks for hiking can give your feet a new lease of life in case of a classic outfit.

This way, you'll be spared the friction and chafing that classic boots create. No more chafing and blisters either!

Think about this when you next buy workboots.

You can buy great products at low prices.

Techwear pantstechwear pants

This range is currently undergoing a total expansion. From the chino associated with water-repellent fabric to the very technical techwear pants (windproof and waterproof), these articles are among others stretchy and resist well to wear. Their designs can be for some very minimalist. Others refer to the army with pockets sewn everywhere.

This section has been boosted lately thanks to the practice of fixed gear and cycling. This has led brands to invest in this market even though they have no connection with the technical world.

Levi's has decided to launch its own commuter line based on products especially made for cycling, without ever losing sight of the spirit of the brand.

Techwear shoes

Most of the technology is in this sector, which is also the most purchased. The advantage of sports shoes is that society accepts them easily, so much so that no one has any objection when they are worn with casual clothes.

Brands offer a wide range of products, from classic sneakers with the latest technology to Gore-Tex® boots for hiking and formal shoes with high quality cushioning..  

Techwear bags & accessories

Some brands sometimes neglect this area. Yet, there are several classic and very technologically advanced things that can be easily inserted into an everyday garment. This is the case of belts with connected bracelets (or a magnetic closure), and which are in the colors of the army.

There are also bags that are very convenient in summer. They are technical, made of waterproof materials with thermo-bonded seams and breathable straps..

Some brands offer sleeping bags made of Pertex (one of many technologies). From time to time, consider checking out the offerings in this area. Indeed, there are many imaginative pieces that could make your life easier.

Techwear and its various styles
techwear styles

I will try to explain the various trends and name the brands that relate to them. Only one subject will be discussed: fashion. Since it is what brings us together here.

In the article, I will also talk about sporty outdoor: clothes to wear for sports in very spacious places. On the one hand, it is exciting and on the other hand, it is advantageous for those who do, or want to do activities like: skiing, fly fishing or hiking. Remember that there are pieces that can be easily inserted into a suit.

On the other hand, I won't talk about professional sections such as aeronautical or firemen's equipment. Not only is it quite special, but I can't think of anyone who would be willing to put on a fireproof jacket.

Sometimes it's hard to take a brand and put it in a specific section category. Also, some of them are far from being techwear, even though they sometimes offer collections composed of several pieces following a collaboration. We could also mention them. And for that, I apologize in advance. However, this list is exhaustive. You can also visit this page to learn all about techwear.

Techwear, the casual

This category of techwear is also called "performance menswear". It is one of the most consumed and known of all with classic designs. Depending on the brand, you can wear it every day to work or play.

Some pieces are very formal with blazers (in breathable and waterproof materials) and brogues made of Gore-Tex. Others are casual with multiple outfits like chinos (made of waterproof canvas), sleek softshells, hats (made of merino wool) or parkas that are ideal for cold weather.

With the amount of products available, anyone can, by doing some research, get satisfaction.

Techwear, for an integrated men's style

This category is identical to the very last one. But its character is much more assertive. Most of the brands in this category are of Japanese origin. Each brand has its own history and style. However, unlike "casual techwear", it is not easy to wear them to work.

There are labels with fairly attractive approaches, as design is more important than function. Sometimes this requires the use of materials with experimental treatments, even if there is no palpable proof of its reliability and usefulness. However, they have a boldness and a vision that will perhaps dominate the fashion world in the years to come.

I highly recommend reading "six stories of Gore-Tex", a series of articles for the English speaking population. Among the best designers of Japanese origin, Hiroki Nakamura of Visvim and six others talk about their vision of clothing made of Gore-Tex. They also talk about the history and connection between them and this kind of product..


The tech-ninja or the complete techwear look
the tech-ninja

Welcome to the world of "Minimal-urban technical". This is one of the best sections from a technical and aesthetic point of view, even if sometimes it is not easy to integrate the products in a classic outfit. Generally, its purchase cost is as incredible as its design, which can be very minimalist and full of details or not; that is, eccentric, asymmetrical and unstructured. As for the colors, we see a very small range with midnight blue, beige, gray, olive, black or white.

Acronym and Arc'Teryx Veilance are among the brands that offer the "total look" ninja of the city. At Axesquin, the offers are kimonos that are made with technical materials.

We find in these brands a varied range of accessories: bags. The main lines of these accessories that are integration and modularity have been brought out with skill. Ease and lightness are of paramount importance.

On the other hand, many other brands have pieces that integrate easily like technical tees or sneakers.

If you're a fan of dark Rick Owens style looks, look for some of the pieces that go well with your moon explorer shoes and XXXL tee..

This look is not easy to adopt. But, as a cyberpunk or parkour enthusiast, you have to go for it.

The techwear of tomorrow

We're talking about a rather conceptualized fashion: extremely specialized functions, latest generation materials, experimental cuts, etc. It's total overthinking! That is to say, the ultimate in fashion, even if each season new technologies and techniques allow us to push the limits even further.

This section can even be called "concept look", compared to the R&D techwear studio.

These outfits cannot be worn easily. Moreover, it is difficult to get them, because very few brands offer them and we still don't know what explains this..

Techwear: athletic and sporty

In concrete terms, the creativity of many labels has been boosted by the practice of urban-jogging and fixie. Many sports brands are now producing products along specific lines, combining urban design and sports performance.

Some brands have specifically urbanized a universe, such as Rapha, which has proposed several products in the field of fixie and cycling. On the market, you can access bags for couriers. They are pretty much technical and in very large quantities. But, this is not what we will talk about.

The technologies used are very classic. We have in particular the waterproof and some breathable materials that allow you to move easily without suffering chafing or irritation. The concepts are of great interest, especially in the windstopper softshells or pants that brands for bikes and fixie have created.


Designer techwear

Haute-Couture offers pieces in very small quantities. Here, the norms are passionate admiration for traditional craftsmanship and tradition.

Nevertheless, some designers sometimes use heat-bonded seams, technical raw materials and never-before-used technologies to make techwear clothes.

Unlike futuristic techwear, it is the artistic performance that is sought after and not the functionality. Thus, designers of several brands can be inspired by it.

Techwear outdoor

The brands that use enough technical materials are the ones that are in this section. They are specialists in mountaineering, sailing, hiking and sometimes in the world of workwear.

There are brands that offer quality items. Although their look is not always unanimous when it comes to everyday use, these items are sold at a lower price. Generally, they offer very technical items, created for a specific sport.

In certain trades where special needs are required, they are also appreciated. This can be the search for waterproof and/or breathable fabrics, hence its close connection with the workwear style.

The first people to wear the lightweight trail North and hiking jackets were couriers in New York. They rode their bikes. This was during the 1980s.

There are also a variety of accessories, such as technical bags. They are especially durable.


The techwear : seen from the military point of view
military techwear

Whenever there is talk of technological or technical advances, the military always responds. As a result, almost all Western military personnel are wearing Gore-Tex jackets these days. Moreover, we find today several technologies created especially for the military in civilian clothing. For example, Kevlar for bulletproof vests or RipStop which means "no more tears".

Arc'Teryx and Patagonia are among the brands that offer military clothing to the armed forces or work in collaboration with them. Civilian security companies and private military companies (contractors) are thriving. In the United States of America, several elite groups such as SWAT are developing. All this has created a market, arousing the interest of several brands such as Nike, so much so that several combat boots and several in-house technologies are sold.

Moreover, many soldiers wear breathable sports tees.

In this section you can choose pieces that will give character to your look that may have been bland. The technique is also there.