Teddy Baseball Jackets

The timeless Teddy baseball jackets

The teddy jacket is often associated with the bombers worn by the US Navy because of their similar shapes. A fashion piece in its own right, with the USA spirit it conveys, the baseball jacket has invaded the streetwear style all over the world.

It is an ideal jacket for the spring season, but also for the warm season parties. Inspired by college sports clubs, the Teddy baseball jacket can be worn in streetwear, sportswear or casual style. Pair it with jeans and a tee and it will do the trick.

Let's do a little flashback on the history of the Teddy ?

Teddy Baseball Jackets

The Teddy made its first appearance in the United States in the 1930s. It is a high school or college jacket with a wool body, leather sleeves and a badge on the left chest. The body represents the primary color of the institution and the sleeves display the secondary color. The pockets, meanwhile, are also trimmed in the secondary color.

A Teddy is also known as a varsity jacket or letterman. Letterman or badge that represents the initials of the owner's establishment. These letters can represent the name of the student, the year of issue as well as the discipline of distinction.

A Teddy is basically an award given to a deserving student by the principal. It was not originally intended for athletes when it appeared in the 1930s in the USA. There were academic performances to be achieved in order to wear it. For example, a student who is strong in math could be awarded a Teddy.

The sleeves are made of ribbing with a number of lines, which can symbolize the number of distinctions.

The evolution of the Teddy jacket

Teddy Baseball Jackets

The Teddy has kept the same symbol until the 60s, it is the jacket of the best students of the class. It was part of the essential clothing for the bourgeois boy of that time.

Later on, the Teddy will take on its current meaning: it is the property of the school's athletes. Members of the school's athletic teams now wear the Teddy. It is now the sign of gratitude of a specific club.

The Teddy has been in vogue for some time and will certainly remain so. It is worn in a variety of ways and these have expanded with the various brands and cuts that have made it their own.

The baseball jacket or Teddy jacket is part of these trends that cross decades without ever going out of fashion. Originally reserved for college athletes in the United States, it quickly arrived in the closets of the general public. Wearing the initial of the American baseball league teams or logos of clothing brands, it has been a real success in recent years. With the birth of the vintage style, its rather simple style goes with various styles of outfits.

Usually two-tone, it stands out for its sleeves of a different color than the body. Originally, these were made of leather, while the rest of the jacket was made of wool. On this type of jacket, the closure is snap.

However, the Teddy is not only for men, women have also become fans of this jacket with unisex models or specially designed for them.

The classy and timeless Teddy baseball jacket reflects the spirit of institutions that value deserving character as well as sportsmanship. Its minimalist design is both elegant and stylish, providing the wearer with a most original look.

The Teddy has been present in the history of fashion for well over a century and will remain a wardrobe essential. Today, it embodies the idea of carefree youth, in a more rebellious spirit.

Let yourself be seduced by our selections of Teddy baseball jackets

The Teddy « BEE » jacket 

The Teddy jacket bee

Add this Teddy "BEE" jacket to your wardrobe and you'll be wearing all the American fashion values with a jacket!

Teddy baseball jackets are true American legends and can be found almost everywhere in the US. The good news is that it is now coming to France and becoming more and more fashionable.

With its black and orange colors, it will give you a rather discreet and American look at the same time. If you want to adopt a hype, American look, but also discreet, opt for the "Teddy Bee jacket" !

The Teddy « BONE » Baseball Jacket 

The Teddy Baseball Jacket « BONE »

Be amazed by this intricate yet lightweight Teddy "BONE" jacket. Ideal for all seasons, giving the wearer timeless American style.

The subtlety of the manufacturing of its design, the details finely added to its style give it a retro and swag look at the same time. By choosing this bi-material jacket, you will have a stylish and casual look.

The Teddy "BONE" jacket will leave you spoilt for choice, because yes, it comes in three colors. So which color captures your mind the most? Purple, black or green ?

The Teddy « NEUTRALS » jacket 

The Teddy jacket « NEUTRALS »

How about adding a beautiful blue Teddy baseball jacket to your style, adding a touch of vibrancy to your wardrobe and style?

If Teddy baseball jackets are usually black, dark blue or green in color. This is because these are the colors that initiated this type of jacket in the American trend.

What's better than going a little out of the ordinary and adding this blue Teddy "NEUTRALS" jacket to your style? It will go perfectly with jeans or jogging with colored sneakers. The combination of blue and white gives it a cool neutral style.

The Teddy "CRACKER" Baseball Jacket

The Teddy "CRACKER" Baseball Jacket

Looking for a classic Teddy baseball jacket with a quirky twist? The Teddy "CRACKER" jacket is for you!

Classic press studs for closure, an embroidered letter on the left side of the chest, and most importantly the images of ice cream, pizza and fries make this jacket irresistible! They bring little touches of madness to this jacket.

Thanks to it, you will have one of the most exquisite and distinguished looks ! 

How to wear the Teddy baseball jacket ?

Known as the Teddy baseball jacket, Teddy jacket, baseball jacket, soccer jacket or even Varsity jacket, the men's college jacket is a timeless piece that never leaves our wardrobes.

It is a bi-material jacket with wool body and leather sleeves. These materials are different colors to add contrast. Its collar and cuff are made of mesh with bands of two different colors, one of which is usually white. They have two pockets and a snap closure. And of course, have an emblematic initial with great character on the left side of the chest.

A must-have for American series such as Grease, The Beverly Hills Cop, etc.. And TV series like Riverdale, Happy days and many, etc. The baseball jacket Teddy is currently everywhere. But how to choose it and wear it well with style ?

How to wear the Teddy baseball jacket for men ?

Teddy baseball jacket for men

Conferring a virile and elegant style, variable according to the models, let your imagination guide you to create the look that suits you! Whether it's sportswear, streetwear or classy, anything is possible if you choose the right clothes to go with it.

The Teddy baseball jacket in sports mode

This American two-tone and two-material jacket draws its sources from the sport itself. Soccer, rugby and of course baseball, it has accompanied almost all team sports. Are you a true sports fan? Express your interest through a simply sporty look! Wear it with jeans, a baseball cap, a pair of Adidas or All Star converse, and you're done..

The Teddy baseball jacket urban style

Get one in a classic, understated color, pair it with a shirt and chino pants or jeans, and finish your look with a pair of lace-up boots. Now that you have the perfect combo, you're ready to go with your urban look !

The Teddy baseball jacket, collegiate style in relaxed mode

Besides sports, the Teddy baseball jacket also embodies a casual and relaxed look. It pairs well with a hoodie for men who like a simple yet stylish look. An open hoodie will work just as well, worn with a tee. Destroyed jeans or cargo pants and boots (or sneakers) are ideal for this casual look.

Criteria to be respected

There are some criteria to consider before buying your Teddy baseball jacket.

The combination of colors

There are more and more a variety of colors beyond the most classic such as black, red, green or blue. The skin and hair contrast to choose a jacket: pale skin and brown hair, opt for a navy blue jacket with white sleeves.

The material

With innovation, Teddy baseball jackets come in different materials: cotton, leather or nylon. They also come closer to the body with zippers.

Cotton, silk and nylon and other more technical materials are replacing wool and leather.

How to wear the Teddy baseball jacket for women ?

the Teddy baseball jacket for women

The baseball jacket is suitable for everyone, both girls and women. Although, teenagers and young girls usually opt for models with rather bright and vivid colors, and women aged 30 and over are oriented towards a more discreet choice.

Teddy baseball jacket is adequate for a short walk in the park, small outings on a trip to a foreign city or just walking around the city with friends. It can be worn with impunity to school and sometimes even to the office.

What to wear the Teddy baseball jacket with ?

  • One of the most classic outfits of a baseball jacket is its combination with jeans, a pair of sneakers and a baseball cap. When it comes to the choice of jeans, straight cut or pleated will both do the trick. To make the look more chic, opt for high heels or boots. For the final touch, choose a classy bag and a thin bracelet.
  • The Teddy baseball jacket can also be paired with leather shorts. In this case, put it with high top converse or biker boots. This will create a rather eccentric look for you.
  • Feminine and adorable, its combination with skirts looks interesting. The length and style of the skirt will depend on the taste of each. In the narrow and flared type, it adds to the Teddy baseball jacket, a more delicate and feminine touch.
  • On the accessories side, it is very important not to be extravagant! Aviator glasses will do very well. As for the jewelry, massive objects are to be banished since the Teddy baseball jacket in itself is already quite ample. In addition, this kind of jacket has often a rather flashy tone with a mixture of two or more colors that already give full view.

Now that you've got all the tips in hand, there's no way you're going to look out of place with the Teddy baseball jacket. So without further ado, let yourself be tempted, opt for one or why not several of our sublime jackets! They will give you an original American style full of character !