All about techwear style

Fashion is a sector in constant evolution. Techwear, which is one of the newest movements, advocates modernity while projecting itself into the future. With techwear style, it's aesthetics, functionality through advanced technologies. In this article, we will talk more about this trend.

Techwear : definition

The techwear

Techwear can be defined as streetwear, but in a visionary form. Every look created is futuristic in nature. It is a trend that attracts the interest of all distinguished people who want new things. In the style, you have comfort, design and utility through the use of recent technologies and techniques specific to high fashion clothing. Generally, the clothes are technical and aim to make your daily life easier thanks to the innovative materials used. The cuts are innovative and very futuristic with operational and practical accessories.

Techwear : its origins

techwear outfits

Techwear has been created since the 70s. It was clothing made only for mountaineers to protect them from the cold. These suits were made of fabrics that were coated. After that, several textile processes were developed, especially for this discipline. We can mention the Gore-Tex which today is used to make many clothes.

Next, it will be the turn of the workers to enjoy the techwear style. The goal is that their clothes can adapt to their working conditions. The cosplay and nerdy community will also opt for the clothes of this style. And it is at this time, in the recent past, that techwear will gain popularity among all men and women. Since then, the style has only evolved.

Techwear : these specificities

techwear outfits

In this style, the emphasis is very much on the optimized utility of each piece of clothing. This results in a multitude of features specific to the style, such as :


The techwear style is composed of very sober items. To show the value of the clothes, the designers find it unnecessary to bring extravagance in their design. The functionality and quality of the clothes are enough to distinguish them. Like the zippers, hidden in the folds, the details go unnoticed. We also notice the neutrality of the tones and the reduced number of patterns used.

The performance

From techwear, several pieces come out that meet given needs. In these pieces, we can clearly see performances such as thermal insulation, sturdiness, waterproofness, etc. Depending on how it is created, each item guarantees a complete efficiency thanks to the technologies and materials used: stretchy textile, antibacterial, anti-odour, etc..

The comfort

In order to offer the best in comfort, techwear offers flexible and dynamic clothing. The wearer can easily move as he wants, no matter the room. Moreover, heat and perspiration are well evacuated. Each fabric is characterized by lightness and flexibility. They are also completely breathable.


Techwear : the fundamentals


There are many techwear styles. Currently, Urban Techwear is the most popular. If you want to adopt it, you should not forget the following key pieces :

Windbreakers and jackets

These are the basic outfits of the said trend. There are the "hardshell" jackets that allow you to be protected from bad weather and the "softshell" jackets that we wear daily.

The intermediate layers

They are identical to many classic items such as hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, etc. However, they have particular functions and are very loose sometimes.

The underwear

Made with isothermal and breathable fabrics, these garments such as briefs and tank tops are in direct contact with the skin. With this techwear underwear, no irritation to worry about.


Speaking of techwear style, the privilege is given to the cargo cut. It has several pockets and is ample. It is practical and makes you feel comfortable. To help you wear your sneaker easily, it also molds to your ankle.