Discover the docker hat

Inspired by the docker's cap, this cap is also known as "docker hat". Situated between the sailor cap and the "fitted" cap, the docker hat has not finished making news. This cap is about to give birth to a revolution in the fashion world.

Whether it's summer or winter, sun or rain, this cap will protect your head from the elements. They were born because of the discomfort of the docker hat in sunny weather. Imagine spending long hours loading and unloading ships in the hot sun. You'll love a little headgear that lets your head breathe a little.

The docker's cap allowed dockers to do their work in the cold as well as in the sun without being disturbed. It is following its use on the docks that this cap leaves the ports to be worn by the working class in general. It will be recovered by the teenagers of the time who see in him a clothing potential

Why choose a docker hat ?

the docker hat

While it's true that the classic cap brings style, the docker hat is a much more sophisticated headpiece. Plus, it can be worn with everything from jackets to jogging suits.

This cap is appreciated on the one hand because it shelters from the cold and on the other hand because it is trendy. With its classic look, it is the perfect choice for this year, which is placed under the sobriety. It suits everyone and can be worn by fans of the three-day beard style as well as by fans of workwear.

Whether acrylic or cotton, the material of these caps is designed to be dependent on its use. Acrylic keeps your head warm and offers a wide range of colors. Colors like grey, black, navy blue but also warmer and natural colors like burgundy. Cotton on the other hand is light and easy to maintain. In addition, it is not very hot and is perfect for summer periods.. 

When to wear a docker cap?

docker hat for woman

With their avant-garde look, these caps bring refinement to the outfits they are worn with. Moreover, they are extremely comfortable and borrow from the docker hat's minimalist style and aesthetics that made it so successful. They exist in an impressive number of varieties which offers even more possibilities of combination.

In addition to all that they are very practical, because indeed if this cap has no visor it is not by chance. The absence of visor allows him to offer more visibility to the one who wears it. With normal caps you always have to choose between seeing well and having your whole head covered. Otherwise you will have to lift your cap every 5 minutes. With a docker hat, however, you get both comfort and full coverage in summer and winter.

Whether you're a hipster, a gentleman or a skater, this docker hat will allow you to get your work done without having to worry about the rest. With this cap, you'll be able to see ahead without having to lift the peak. What makes all the difference.

By what kind of people they can be worn ?

docker hat on man and woman

This cap is indiscriminate and can therefore be worn by everyone. It is one of the few headwear that can be adapted to all kinds of situations and all kinds of people without distinction.

If you think you don't have a hat face or don't have the style to wear it. Worry no more this cap is for everyone.

Thanks to its sleek shape, it easily fits all skull shapes and sizes. Whether you have a small, tall, round or thin head, this cap will not disappoint you. In addition, thanks to its all-purpose design, it will follow you as much during dinners with friends as during professional meetings..

How to choose your cap ?

docker hat red and green

In general, it is advisable to choose neutral colors when you have to buy a docker cap. Because these offer more freedom for the colors of other body clothes. Colors like navy blue, gray, brown or black are perfect to easily match your cap with your outfit.

There is a very useful tip for wearing your docker hat like a professional model. This trick is to rely on contrast. For example, if your clothes are flashy, tone it down with a more classic cap. If on the other hand you wear a sober outfit, don't hesitate to wear a colorful or patterned docker hat..


How to maintain a miki hat?

brown docker hat

Whether it's an acrylic or cotton miki hat, if it's indoor it should be washed. It is best to wash it by hand to avoid any risk. To do this, start by soaking your cap in soapy water. If you have stains, use a small brush to scrub them. Finally, rinse it with clear water and squeeze it with a dry cloth or a sponge. A washcloth for example will be perfect.

To clean the lower band use a cloth soaked in soapy water. Rub it on the band to remove traces of perspiration. Finally, rinse the cloth with clear water and rub it again on the lower band to remove traces of soap.

Once the washing is finished, you must dry it. To do this, never put it in the dryer as this may cause it to shrink. To dry it safely, just spread it out in the open air but not on a rope to avoid deforming it. Then stuff it with white tissue paper or plastic before placing it near a heat source.