Miki Hat

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If you've never heard its name, you may well have seen it before. The miki, a docker hat, is not new. Today it is a very special accessory of the modern wardrobe.

"Life is a vicious circle" and "there's nothing new under the sun".

miki hat

Fashionable dress refers to a way of dressing or a type of fashion accessory. Today, we are witnessing a return to the forefront of certain fashionable habits dating back to the 18th, 17th and even 18th century. You will have understood, in this article, we are going to be interested in the fashion more precisely in a timeless accessory which is none other than the hat.
There are different types such as the cap, the beret, the boater, the panama, the borsalino, the straw hat ... to name a few; but in this element, we will point a wise eye on the "Miki Breton" also called docker cap. This accessory is nowadays more and more used by many fashionistas and even some famous people like the famous Commander Cousteau who almost never gets rid of it. So, what are the origins of the peaked hat and what story does it tell ?

Origins of the Miki hat

miki hat origins

Like everything else in existence, the visorless hat has a source. The difference between a standard hat and a Miki hat is that the latter is small and only covers the top of the head without covering the ears of the wearer. As its name suggests, the Breton Miki has a Breton origin, more precisely maritime. At the base, the Breton cap was worn by the dockers and the Breton sailors because of the cold and the sea winds. The wearing of the Miki is therefore the prerogative of Breton sailors.

However, this accessory has crossed all ages and several environments. It can even be found in the cold countries of Europe, which may lead us to believe that the Miki cap comes from Eastern Europe. Even if its primary purpose is to protect from the cold, ironically, the Miki hat allows the wearer, since it does not cover the ears, to listen and enjoy the coolness. However, nowadays, it is more used to have an elegant head carriage, to bring a certain timeless touch to the clothing style and even becomes a badge or a trademark for some followers and even giant of the fashion.

The history of the Breton miki

man wearing a red and green miki hat

Like all fashion accessories, the miki hat also has its history. Originally the docker hat was worn by sailors and other port employees for their activities. The dockers and sailors of Brittany loved to wear it for its aesthetics but also for its many qualities. This headgear was indeed used to protect his head from cold, moisture but also wind. It was therefore particularly useful during the winter periods.

The name miki comes from the syllable "mi", which means "half". This is quite logical because this hat is actually only half a hat. As for the syllable "ki", its meaning is more debated. Some sources think that it means hat or bonnet in Breton.

Worn by port employees, it is a true symbol of Brittany. Some people wear it to show their attachment to their region. Its particularity comes from its shape. It cannot be considered as a real cap because it does not cover the ears. But it is not a cap either because it does not have a visor. Its round shape and the cuffs it contains do not obstruct the view of the person wearing it, while keeping the head warm.

At the beginning, the miki was black. Then it was gradually declined to navy blue. A multitude of materials is now possible with this type of hat. Whether it is cotton, wool or denim, its style will not go unnoticed when you have it on your head, whether you are a man or a woman.

A hat for men and women

man and woman wearing miki hat

The other advantage of the miki hat hat is that it can be worn by men and women, young and old. Its style offers a wide variety of outfits as well as an outstanding intergenerational style.

Initially intended for professionals in the maritime industry, designers have seized upon it to create a piece of unparalleled Breton charm. The contributions of fashion have helped propel this cap as an essential accessory of the wardrobe. In most cases, the miki is sold in one size as the tab at the back allows you to adjust the width to your desired convenience.

If older people are proud to show their attachment to Brittany by wearing this half-cap on their head, young people wear it in another way. Boys or girls use this accessory because it is trendy and allows them to stand out from the traditional caps and bonnets. Of course, nothing prevents you from showing your attachment to the Breton land even if you are young.

miki hat

The revisiting of the miki hat has allowed the accessory to go beyond its classic use. Made of different materials, it can be worn by men and women at any time of the year. Walking on the Breton coast during the summer vacations with your miki on your head is therefore quite possible.

The design and the conception of this type of hat offer an almost infinite possibility of outfits and combinations with the miki.

Usefulness of the Miki hat

First of all, let's note that the miki hat, as the name indicates, affirms a certain belonging to Brittany. It is not considered as such as a cap since it only covers the top of the head, hence the prefix "mi" of the name which means half.

Naturally made with warm materials to protect from the cold and to avoid minor discomforts (cold snaps) in case of bad weather, the Miki hat is basically woven from thick wool. However, today we find them made of other materials that are more stylish and elegant such as velvet, denim, imitation leather, soft cotton ... and in different colors which offers a variety of choices to the consumer.

Who wears the Miki ?

As we go further into fashion, we realize that our predecessors were not so ignorant as that. Even if it was to protect themselves, we realize that they were right as we often say. The hat has become an essential accessory that we can't get rid of; one more reason why we shouldn't choose it by pure chance. First of all, let's remember that the Miki hat is a unisex accessory. It can be worn by both men and women and depends on the wearer. Even if at the beginning, the miki hat was a male garment, it is now becoming an essential fashion accessory for all genders. Whether in the field of fashion itself, music, art, cinema, the docker hat makes its little effect.

How to wear the miki hat ?

A man who opts for this type of hat will be able to mark a small appreciable retro touch. Whether it is with a t-shirt, a sweater or a sweatshirt, the miki will match any outfit. Men who appreciate an original or urban style will find their happiness in this little hat. Even work clothes revisited by designers and embellished with a miki on the head will create an outfit with a particular impact. Finally, the shape and quality of the cap without peak will suit all head shapes.

miki hat on a woman

A woman who wears a docker cap can assume a certain masculine look. The "boyfriend" side of baggy jeans, carrot jeans or even overalls, with the miki on your head, will make you stand out in the right way. In addition, an outfit that is too feminine can be broken up with the addition of such a cap. With skirt, tank top, jacket or shorts, your creativity will allow you to create looks as successful as each other. And don't worry, short, long or curly hair will keep its structure with the Breton miki cap.

But the greatest strength of the miki today is to have succeeded in introducing itself into streetwear fashion. The association with the urban side works wonderfully. It will also give the hip-hop side to an outfit that could lack it. Dare all styles with your Breton hat, according to your desires and tastes. It will be an essential ally for walks by the sea and drinks on the terrace.

How to wear the Miki hat and what to wear it with ?

First of all, it is also very important that the material of the miki hat is soft to prevent it from flying off and well screwed on the head. Traditionally, the colors of the hat are black and navy blue. However, we easily fall under the spell of other colors depending on the material. The docker cap is the best option to protect yourself from the cold and at the same time have style.

miki breton worn by a man

Classic and timeless, it is often worn with a tomboy or boyfriend style or a little more feminine. A miki hat can be worn with different types of boyish looks but experts agree that the look par excellence is the sailor. And it is often advised by fashion connoisseurs to mix the looks to have a modern outfit. The rock style also makes good marriage with the Breton miki. Ripped jeans, a printed T-shirt and even "oversized" or large, a perfecto for hip hop lovers is a good choice.

Little note for you ladies: if you want to break the too girly side of your outfit, do not hesitate to use the miki hat.

Finally, which type of miki to use for which season ?

If this hat allows you to have an inimitable style, you must not forget that it keeps your head warm. So, in winter, the miki hat wool or polar will be perfect. Soft and warm, you'll get what you expect from it. In the heat of summer or spring, opt for a cotton miki. Lighter and more comfortable to wear when the sun is shining, it will protect your head from its rays..

miki breton in detail

The colors are also very numerous today. Red, blue, black, green or gray, there is bound to be a style that you like. You can also decide to have an original style with a fabric and a color that is out of the ordinary. Whatever your choice, the miki is the streetwear accessory to have !

In what season can you wear the Miki hat?

Initially made for winter and cold nights, the Miki hat can be worn in any season and has become more of a fashion accessory than a way to protect oneself from the cold.

All in all, the Breton Miki has gone through all ages but has kept its identity. It has become one of the most popular fashion accessories as it is less bulky and easy to wear. With the well associated outfits and clothing styles, it brings its little timeless touch to your look.