What do we call techwear?

Etymologically, techwear is formed from technical and clothing. It is a new futuristic and mysterious trend that believes in the function more than the aesthetics of clothing. Professionals call this movement a visionary art in the fashion world.

We even wonder if the looks are not directly from the movies-fictions of the future. Yet it is the choice of people who love new technologies and following trends. What can we say about the sustainability of this trend? How can we describe this techwear movement?

The principles of techwear
tenshi techwear


Techwear has its roots in the first outfits worn by mountaineers in the 70s. Later on, the workers will take up the torch, because they strongly lack practical, durable and quality clothes to work well on a daily basis. However, it is in the nerdy and Cosplay community that the trend will spread enormously, gain popularity and acquire a stylish and modern patina.

Techwear designers put more emphasis on the utility than the aesthetics of the outfits. For them, whoever wears them must live easily his daily life. In this techwear fashion, you have everyday clothes with incredible properties and unique cuts. The materials are the latest generation with very useful accessories.

The avant-garde character comes from the combination of several elements. Several technical materials are used. Disparate items are combined. The combination of all this creates functionality. The most important thing for a techwear garment is the quality. It doesn't matter if the branded garment has an impressive logo or if it is shiny. This minimalist dimension of techwear is fully assumed.

You don't need to have a lot of clothes to adopt a real techwear style since the clothes used are neutral and basic.

Techwear, a trend increasingly rooted in the fashion world

techwear outfits

It has grown to the point where several sub-genres are created claiming to come from techwear. We can mention :

  • Urban techwear not very different from streetwear
  • Techwear inspired by the military world
  • Techno-punk in techwear version

Sometimes this style is compared to a new type of artistic expression, leading the public to have a completely new vision of what fashion is.

The concept has been taken up by several fashion companies that offer personal designs. A few years ago, Nike presented for example, its sneaker NIKE SF-AF1. At the same time, several exclusive techwear brands such as Acronym, which is currently a reference in this sector, have followed their steps.

Techwear essentially owes its success to social media. These are incredible channels that have made it possible to spread and make users' outfits visible. Mod'Art International is a specialized training center that offers technical know-how to those who want to create techwear and promote the concept.

Techwear has not finished amazing the world since it uses new technologies and reaches a young public. It is important that the professionals (those of the new generation) know the trends and concepts of this fashion.