What is techwear?

Currently, some clothing trends are in vogue. The techwear also called urban techwear is one of the main ones. It has its roots in technical clothing and mountaineers' suits, creating several ranges of clothing in a refined style.

Nowadays, technology is an important part of fashion. Thanks to it, futuristic-looking creations are making many people happy. For more information, please read this article to the end

Definition of techwear

techwear outfits

In fact, techwear is a fashion grouping of outfits and clothing accessories made from exceptional fabrics. The said clothing follows modern construction techniques with advanced technologies and cuts that allow users to enjoy good mobility.

The clothing includes waterproof sneakers, trench coats (made of breathable and waterproof materials) or T-shirts (without seams). These are the features of techwear that lead many people, especially travelers and sportsmen to love this style.

As for the "urban techwear" aspect, it shows that it is also city clothes that nevertheless respect the techwear standards. 

Technical clothing: origin of the techwear style

Origins of the techwear style

Today's success in techwear has its roots in several technical garments used by mountaineers in the 1970s. The purpose for which these garments were made was to help these great sportsmen to face the weather as much as possible.

Finally, this fashion will be created. Only that it will be at the time of the appearance of the jackets of type Gore-Tex. Later on, it will expand to the technical and technological side. Models such as swimwear for teenagers will also be affected. In the past, the waterproofing of a piece was only done by "waxing" the fabric. And for the technique to work, a coating had to be applied to the fiber. You can visit this page to learn more about the history of techwear.

Nowadays, there are many waterproof sneakers that have cushioning. Skiers can have warm, breathable and light jackets. As for sportsmen, it is on the breathable tee-shirts that they threw their devotion.

Almost all clothing is affected by this style. However, techwear enthusiasts do not dress entirely in this way. Usually, they insert a few pieces in their look


Clothing in several categories

techwear clothing

If the love you have for this fashionable clothing is growing every day, it is important that you learn about each of these techwear clothes.

The different techwear jackets

There are often two types of jackets for the techwear style. These are "softshells" and "hardshells"..

  • Hardshell jackets: they are made with waterproof, windproof, waterproof and breathable materials (depending on the technology used in the base). They are also equipped with an underlayer. The user can detach them (depending on the context). These jackets are rigid, because during their manufacture several different ranges of fabric were used. Hardshells can be used for both sport and urban style.
  • Softshell Jackets: Unlike the previous jackets, these are quite flexible. They are very light jackets that do not prevent you from moving as you want. They bring you a great comfort even if they are not very waterproof.


Your techwear pants

The techwear pants

They are currently in vogue because they are very advantageous. They are wear-resistant, waterproof, stretchy, windproof, etc. The list is not exhaustive. These pants are not created according to a standard design. They can be minimalist, military or sewn with pockets all over. There is something for everyone.

Your techwear shoes

Not only are they in high demand by the people, but they are also very technological. All techwear shoes are scrutinized, whether it is the model with high quality cushioning or the standard sneakers made with contemporary technologies.

Your techwear bags and accessories

Indeed, these accessories are chosen in second place. But thanks to the technologies they offer, you can wear them with your daily outfits. They are connected bracelets as well as military inspired belts with a magnetic closure.

Techwear bags are technical and made with waterproof materials. Sometimes, they have thermo-bonded seams and breathable straps.

Now you know what techwear is

Now you have a better idea of what this style is, and of course you can always deepen the subject by visiting this page that explains in more detail what is called techwear.