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There are clothes with a "technical" resemblance. They are more and more observed in cities, Paris subways or during fashion week shows. Between techwear and streetwear, the first one is perhaps the most complex. It is not easy to master nor to apprehend.

By reading this article, you will have an overview of the origins of the techwear style and its diversity. We will also talk about the selection made at Graduate

The origins of techwear

During the 70s, several sports such as climbing, mountaineering or trekking led to a wide democratization of outdoor activities. New outfits and technologies will quickly develop and spread throughout the world of outdoor fashion. Since these activities are done in a very special environment according to the weather conditions.

In 1970, the company W.L. Gore & Associates was discovered. They created a waterproof membrane that does not prevent Gore-Tex or water vapor from passing through. It is the first of its kind. Thanks to this revolution in the outdoor world, new equipment and clothing are created. They better respond to the harsh conditions in which outdoor activities are conducted.

Over the years, techwear style have come up with better offerings than the previous ones. This is how they came to the current offering. Today, anyone can put on cargo pants with water-repellent treatments. Or maybe it's the windproof jacket. The technological advances made on these garments are not a major concern


What can we say about techwear?

techwear clothing

Techwear is defined as a kind of utilitarian clothing, made with advanced technologies and whose cuts or very particular materials have been the subject of reflection. The clothes know cycles of production, creation and research & development that no longer conform to traditional techniques. We can even say that they tend to modernize in order to meet the current challenges that depend on new consumption and life styles, in constant evolution.

However, technical garments are not defined only by the way they are assembled in special fabrics or by the fact that they offer several details. The functionality of a shell jacket or cargo pants is quite different from that of a trench coat or Japanese denim. In the techwear style, there are special issues that the fit must address first. As for the life expectancy and the practicality of the garment, it will strongly depend on the creation process. Visit this page to learn more about techwear.


Technical fabrics with their specificities

technical clothing

It is important that new developments and research are done for newer materials in the techwear world, even if it is a bit complex. The materials or fabrics developed undergo a series of tests. This is also the case for thermal, insulating and water-repellent properties. They are also subjected to tough tests until the best results are obtained. Their fire resistance is also tested.

It is from this (somewhat lengthy) process that we obtain the so-called fabrics that are currently used extensively in industry. When we talk about techwear materials, we first think of Gore-Tex. If this membrane is part of the most famous outdoor clothing, it is because of its affordable price, its insulating qualities and its ease of use.

In the meantime, several other companies have also started to manufacture and produce technical fabrics. In recent years, the market has continued to flourish. For example, Sympatex, a Dutch company, produces a patented fabric with the same name. Its thermal and insulating properties are much more advanced than Gore-Tex.

The fabric named "Ripstop" was created in the 80s. Its sale was a huge success. Ripstop is a synthetic fabric made with a mesh of different sizes. Also, these threads of weft and warp must be arranged in a precise way. The result is a very light and resistant fabric that is used by the military to make their combat clothing.

There are several other companies that specialize in the manufacture of technical fabrics. Pertex and Neoshell have, for example, created Polartec. Schoeller created C_Change (a windproof and waterproof membrane). Of course, the list is not exhaustive, as techwear is a field full of studies


The must-have clothing brands of the techwear trend

Are you looking for the best techwear trend outfits to end the year on a high note and start the cold seasons off right? Opt for our offers! Even if a category 3 hurricane hits, you'll still be dry.

Stone Island, technological and military manufacturing

In 1882, Massimo Osti created an Italian called "Stone Island". Several categories of technical clothing alluding to the army are offered to the public. Today, we can not talk about streetwear without mentioning this Italian house. It is also a must in the world of techwear thanks to the Kevlar they integrate in some of the fabrics they manufacture or their Membrana. You only have to look at these two winter drop garments to know that this is a label that is technically competent as well as aesthetically elegant.

The Italian label has created in its LAB a sleeveless down jacket called "G0123 Sleeveless Down jacket V0015 Mattone". The red/rust color of this subtle and light product does not leave anyone indifferent at first sight. On this article made of nylon, you will find several outside pockets, tiny patches with snaps and a hood that can be retracted.

There is also the 42 223 Hooded Jacket v0029. Nero in color, it is made with light and flexible nylon. This excellent windbreaker offers you double protection against all kinds of weather. The materials used, the front pockets (4 in total), the zipper closure and the ribbed edges make this product a very technical and beautiful piece. It is also easy to wear.


Arc'Teryx, a brand at the service of nature


This Canadian brand was created in 1989 in North-Vancouver. Arc'Teryx was invented by a passionate climber and mountain lover who naturally specialized in the manufacture of equipment and clothing for these activities. Since it was created, Arc'Teryx has been constantly innovating and developing. These products are highly technical and are a must in their sector.

At the beginning, this label was known as the one that offers the best mountain bags and equipment. As the years go by, the label offers ranges of reference accessories such as the Granville bag and the Mantis pannier (available in our catalog). However, interest is also focused on the production of clothing.

In the rich catalog of Arc'Teryx, you have ideal offers for various activities to be done outdoors. We can mention the insulating jackets or shell, AR or Lite, Beta, Alpha, Proton or Gamma versions.

Atom It Hoody is a mix of jacket and hoodie. It is made of nylon with the so-called "Coreloft" technology used on the middle layers, providing the user with waterproofing and insulation. It is a very light jacket that does not take up much space. You can easily wear it as a jacket as well as an under layer.

Other must-have pieces, such as the Covert hoody or the Gamma mx hoody, are also available from us.


Japanese techwear : Goldwin


After the war in 1951, Japan was in total reconstruction. And it is in this precise period that Goldwin will be created. Today, it is a brand of techwear known by all. At the beginning, it was a sportswear factory, specialized in socks. From 1975 to 1978, the Japanese brand obtained successively several distribution rights for its products "The North Face" and "Champion". These rights will allow Goldwin to play an important role in the creation of collections for both brands.

The techwear that the label produces today has a remarkable quality finish in a unique Japanese style. They are inspired by several sports such as snowboarding and skiing. Just browse through our selection of Diverse Down jackets to see for yourself.

Gore-Tex infinium is the technology that was used to make the Diverse Down Jacket. During the manufacturing process, special emphasis was placed on comfort. This "infinium" technology is softer and lighter than the classic. It offers better breathability and comfort in dry weather, at the expense of waterproofness. It is undoubtedly the best windbreaker. Thanks to its lightness, you will enjoy wearing it.

In this FW21 season, the Japanese brand will show its skills with its products like the cardigan or the waterproof pants (created in several colors). We can also mention the half zip fleece (created in microfleece).


Other techwear enthusiasts

Many brands have built their success on one main element: techwear. However, several very technical inspirations are frequently found in labels that are more or less expected in this sector.

Edwin is a Japanese label. It does a great job with denim, now offers an excellent cargo pants (made in ripstop) and a squad pant (in ripstop). As for the NN07 label, it offers pants (a mix of spandex and polyamide) and technical overshirts (made of nylon).

stone island

Techwear is a style you know very well. Besides, you want to wear nice utilitarian clothes inspired by streetwear or vintage. The best option for you is Battenwear: a label from New York created in 2001 by Shinya Hasegawa, a Japanese designer. In their collection, you will find mass-produced fleeces made with a technology called Polartec®. Bouldering duck canvas Caramel is a pant that is also part of this collection. It is ideal for outdoor activities and climbing.

Techwear, a complex and complete style of clothing, places a lot of emphasis on the usefulness of clothing. Thanks to its democratization, everyone proudly wears it. There are even techwear brands that are in collaboration with streetwear or traditional labels. We can mention The North Face & Supreme, Arc'Teryx & Palace or Stone Island & New Balance. They are essential actors of the current fashion.