"Yuri" Bucket hat

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The bucket hat "Yuri"


"Yuri" Bucket hat"Yuri" Bucket hat
The streetwear Bucket hats, used to protect oneself from the sun, became at some point too cheesy for the new generations. So designers have revisited it to make it classier and more modern. The "Yuri" bucket hatis one of the stylish models available on the market, instead of the kitsch accessory we were used to. If you are thinking of adopting one, you can opt for this model. Here is a brief of this hat in this article.

Characteristics of this streetwear Bucket hat

The bucket hat"Yuri" is a hip hop hat for men, bucket hattype, which reminds the shape of a bucket. It is a hat made from cotton, which is a guarantee of its robustness and quality. It is black in color, with black thread stitching. To vary a little the color on the hat bucket hat"Yuri", an inscription is embroidered in white thread on its face, composed of four Chinese characters. The diameter of the head is 24 cm, which means that it is suitable for adults. To fit the wearer perfectly, and also for a question of style, the bucket hat"Yuri" has two holes at both ends. A long strap can therefore pass through it and be used as a drawstring if the user wishes.

A useful Bucket hat

Like all hats of this type, the bucket hat"Yuri" techwear hat is very useful. It protects you effectively from the sun, if it becomes scorching. Very trendy at the moment, you can wear it to go to the beach in summer. For all your walks in the city, it can also be a useful ally, to prepare you from the hot winds. The cotton used in the design of the "Yuri" bucket hatcan also help protect you from the coolness if the temperatures drop slightly.

A very artistic Bucket hat/mask combination

If you have other techwear items in your stuff, you can pair them well with your bucket hat"Yuri" hat. It is the case for example of the shibito techwear mask. When you manage to combine them, you will have a great way to stand out from your friends. And if you also want to camouflage yourself, the combination can also help you to go unnoticed.


  • Bucket hat
  • Unique size : 56-58cm
  • Cotton
  • Unisex

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