The streetwear culture

Several years ago, streetwear emerged as a style and became popular. At this point in its evolution, fashionistas are wondering if it's just a passing fad or if this look will fully enter the mainstream and become established as a culture. Let's follow the streetwear journey together to determine its future.

streetwear outfit

What is streetwear ?

When we browse the fashion clothing today, a term comes up again and again: streetwear. Many people, especially young people, have adopted it. But what is streetwear? In reality, it is a style that comes straight from the street as we can understand through its designation. It is also called the street look.

Streetwear comes from California and especially from skateboarders. It is strongly associated with the hip-hop culture of the 1980s that developed at the same time. It is also attributed to elements of high fashion, but which actually serve to inspire designers.

skate and streetwear

At first, streetwear was only adopted locally. But today, it has become a real phenomenon. Also, it feeds a global business that generates significant amounts of money.
Companies have started to produce t-shirts, sneakers, hoodies and all kinds of clothing and accessories with a very good quality/price ratio. So, if you want to adopt this fashion, you can now find on the market several products at low prices with a great quality and especially with an impeccable design.

As in its origins, the streetwear fashion is reserved for young people. The people who adopted it from the beginning were men aged 25 years or less. Indeed, the products encountered at that time were designed by men and to be worn by men. They were still in charge of the design. This may explain why the products had a fairly simple style unlike the items of other looks of the time which were quite complex.

The streetwear style is a look that has its roots in many cultures adopted from the street. From hip-hop to skateboarding to surfing, streetwear is a true product of the street. It has one thing in common with all the cultures that gave birth to it and that is the "cool attitude". Indeed, people still adopt it today precisely because it allows them to be cool. Moreover, when we ask the followers to give the reason of the choice of this style, they answer that it is because they are cool.

Moreover, these followers are constantly expanding. Young people living in working class neighborhoods have quickly truncated their bourgeois clothes for streetwear. Big brands like Lacoste and Ralph Lauren do not hesitate to ask other brands specialized in streetwear to offer trendy products to their customers.

There was a time when streetwear dominated the fashion world. You could see it in the Californian slums, in New York and in Brooklyn. It is therefore quite normal that this fashion originated in these areas.


Where streetwear really comes from ?

At the moment, it is quite difficult to clearly map the origin and history of streetwear. This confusion comes from the fact that at the time of its birth, several artists and especially movements were emerging. However, we can say that the style appeared towards the end of 1970 at the time when hip-hop or punk rock were revealed.

streetwear and hiphop

An important player in streetwear was Shawn Stussy, the surfboard designer at the time. He designed t-shirts on which he printed the signature that appeared on his boards. The fashion caught on right away. T-shirts and boards with his signature became popular very quickly and the designer became an icon.

Besides Shawn Stussy, we can mention James Jebbia who is the creator of the brand Supreme. His place in the world of skateboarding has allowed him to contribute to the streetwear revolution. If Stussy used surfing, Jebbia used skateboarding as a springboard for streetwear.
All of this has allowed Stussy's business to be popular and most importantly to pique people's curiosity. It is said that Stussy has achieved a real tour de force. Indeed, he was able to create clothes that perfectly blended the culture of Southern California and its variations. But that's not all! In addition to that, he also managed to give the impression of an exclusive and luxurious brand, therefore limited.

Another event that had a definite impact on the expansion of streetwear was punk rock. It was at the time the symbol of anti-culture and a rough style. It gave its characteristics to the streetwear that had a great success.

What it takes to adopt the streetwear style ?

To claim to be a streetwear enthusiast, you need to have a few essential accessories to your credit. First of all, you absolutely must have a sweatshirt. A hoodie should also be part of the wardrobe, because it is an essential to have a streetwear style. Now that the essential clothes that make fashion are known, you should know that our street look favors sobriety. You must wear these two clothes by taking care to prioritize solid colors.

To make it cooler, you can wear a hoodie with a zip to let the t-shirt underneath show through. Another tip to wear streetwear well is to avoid putting too big and imposing patterns or prints on your hoodie. In general, keep the zipper closed all the way to the top. Also, putting the hood on at all times could make you look like a delinquent.

sneakers streetwear

Obviously, wearing a t-shirt and hoodie is not enough to complete your style. Although it is a kind of signature, you should definitely get sneakers. Besides, these cannot be dissociated from the history of steetwear. Sometimes you might think they are a movement in their own right.
Indeed, some people love them to the point of collecting them. There is a wide variety of sneakers. It is therefore easy to make a mistake in the choice and to sabotage your style. For this, it is best to start with big brand sneakers. These have good quality and their prices are affordable.

In any case, you should absolutely avoid models that are too big and flashy. If they are discreet and blend with the outfit, you are sure to succeed your streetwear style.

Where is the streetwear fashion today ?

Little by little, streetwear fashion has left the confines of the street and expanded to other horizons. Its cool and causal character has won the adoration of many people who have simply adopted it. This democratization is also due to Dapper Dan who helped bring streetwear out of the neighborhoods and environments for surfers and skaters. Thanks to his products that were worn by rappers in their videos, the fashion spread to everyone.

Thus, accompanying the popularization of rap and hip-hop, streetwear evolved in unexpected ways.
Almost all the artists in these circles dress in streetwear. The evolution of fashion is such that it is no longer the exclusive domain of men and has been extended to women. However, it still remains a style dedicated to young people.

streetwear today

Streetwear today is proving to be a real style. It is respected as much as other styles and has become unique. Today, just like Lacoste in the past, big brands are partnering with streetwear companies.
Supreme and even Louis Vuitton offer caps, bags and accessories of all kinds. More and more designers are the instigators of this mix between streetwear and luxury. In fact, streetwear fashion is constantly expanding.

Streetwear, a real culture

It would be really ungrateful to restrict streetwear to the simple products that compose it. It is in fact a real culture that has taken root and is not about to disappear. Gradually, but surely, the look has found a place in popular culture. It has succeeded in this feat because it is based on very solid elements.
Not only has it rallied skateboarding and surfing to its cause, but it is also a symbol for graffiti. Beware! We are not talking about vulgar creations or tags drawn in a hurry. These are real works of street art. The authors of these works are also followers of the streetwear style.

In the music world too, streetwear is a real culture. The fact is that hip-hop artists and rappers all dress in this style. Skateboarders and surfers have kept the culture. Today, this style even identifies these areas or social groups

the streetwear culture

Finally, this true culture is an evidence in view of the panoply of products that are proposed and continue to be made available. Today, an important range of clothes is proposed in the look. We can safely say that streetwear is not ready to disappear. We will still hear about it in the popular culture for many years, and why not forever.

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