Streetwear: 5 brands to know

There are certain types of clothing that absolutely must belong to a collection that is considered the best in the streetwear world.
In this article, we are going to introduce you to 5 streetwear brands that are specialists in the making of these clothes.   



Almost everyone can say that they have seen items from this brand somewhere. Although a young brand, their design leaves no one indifferent.
Officially created in 1972 by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight, the American brand is the most popular and has countless fans all over the world.

nike logo

However, it was not a foregone conclusion. Indeed, the famous logo that looks like a comma was created in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson for only 35 dollars. Not having enough money at that time, Philip Knight will, in spite of himself, have to accept what was presented to him. The objective of the creators of the brand was to be able to compete with the big German brands such as PUMA and ADIDAS. They were the leaders in the field. Thus, the American brand will innovate by creating NIKE CORTEZ: a shoe made with spikes and a flexible sole called "waffle". It is created to perform running sessions. Light and practical, the shoe presents a sober and charming design.

In 1990, it will be much more revealed to the public thanks to the movie Forrest Gump. Then, it will be the turn of the NIKE BLAZER model to enter the market of basketball shoes. Although it has nothing special, the shoe had still allowed the company to make significant sales.

In 1982, NIKE will strike the big blow by putting on the market AIR FORCE 1.

This shoe model created with a technology called "Air Sole" will change everything. All the users of the jewel enjoy an impeccable cushioning thanks to the air bubble deposited in the sole. The ankles of basketball players no longer suffer, because the sneakers had the perfect shape and were made of the right material. No one wants to part with this streetwear creation anymore: the AIR FORCE 1. To discover this Air Force 1 custom collection, visit our stores.

Today, we can't talk about the streetwear style without naming the most popular brand NIKE. It is not uncommon to see young people, unconditional fans of streetwear style, wearing AIR FORCE 1 or AIR MAX models. NIKE is not only present in the sports world. We also find it in the world of fashion. 



Initially, this streetwear brand was called PYREX VISION. It was born in 2012 thanks to the creative genius of Virgil Abloh. A year later, it will change its name to OFF-WHITE. The brand which is based in Italy (Milan) will opt for high-end and distinguish itself from others evolving in the streetwear style, as Balenciaga indicates. Virgil Abloh is not inexperienced in his field.


Together with NIKE, he created a collection called NIKE THE TEN x OFF-WHITE. A masterpiece that has been a real success as the iconic models of NIKE. We can mention: AIR PRESTO, AIR MAX 90 or AIR JORDAN 1.

Thanks to the quotation marks or diagonal stripes on the items, the brand remains inimitable, but easily recognizable by the public. You will also see indications on the articles that relate to the functions of the product.
The label would later partner with major brands such as LEVI'S, NIKE and even IKEA for even greater success. Having succeeded in creating high-end streetwear products, Virgil Abloh's brand will be adopted by several celebrities such as Drake, Rihanna, Travis Scott or Kim Kardashian. Their popularity will allow the urban luxury brand OFF-WHITE to become one of the most famous brands in the streetwear world.

off white nike air max

To buy the clothes and accessories, you have two choices: you go on their website or you go to one of the 24 stores of the brand, installed around the world. In addition to clothing (t-shirts, sneakers, pants, sweatshirts), you will find bags, and other accessories such as: belt, hat and even smartphone case. However, their costs are high. They are also criticized for that.

Like streetwear brands, OFF-WHITE will offer women a great collection for their pleasure. Other special items are also available in their store. In any case, this company has the means to become a must in its field within a few years.



Created in 1993 by Tomoaki Nagao, BATHING APE also called BAPE is a Japanese streetwear brand. The founder's goal is to create a line of clothes and shoes that rhymes with the lifestyle of the Japanese youth. Indeed, this youth loves to take it easy. Thus, the company will take its name from a Japanese expression that means "bathing in warm water".

As for the themes and logo of the brand, they were taken from the iconic series "Planet of the Apes". On the other hand, Tomoaki is much better known under the pseudonym of Nigo which means number 2 (in the Japanese language). The brand offers its customers several models of clothing. You will find classic clothes like Baby Milo or Bathing Ape t-shirts, without forgetting underwear, sweatshirts, jackets and jeans.

As for the sneakers, they are sold under a collection called "BAPE STA". Many other accessories are also available. Moreover, the Japanese brand BAPE is not only present in the fashion world. An art gallery called "BAPE Gallery" and a hair salon called "BAPE Cuts" are also created. There are even television programs called "BAPE TV".

bape brand

On the other hand, BAPE's operation is not different from SUPREME's. In order to create demand among the public, items are created in limited editions. Not only do the colors of the items vary depending on the city in which the stores are located, but the store signs are almost invisible. The goal is to sell customers exclusive products.

The popularity of the brand has reached an incredible level in Japan to the point where PEPSI has launched the order of a bottle with a limited edition design. BAPE was very present in the hi-hop and streetwear world during the 2000s. Lil Wayne, Kanye West and JAY-Z proudly wore the Japanese brand's clothes.



This is a brand that is not unknown to young people. If you belong to this age group, you must know something about it. If you are already old or clearly you have no idea of this red brand that can be found everywhere, we invite you to continue reading.

Indeed, it is in the streets of New York, not far from Prince Street and Lafayette Street, that James Jebbia (founder of the SUPREME brand) decided in 1994 to open his first store. Of course, it wasn't very busy at the time. There wasn't a single security guard at the door to greet you.
However, having been one of the employees of PARACHUTE in the 80's, he gained a lot of experience. He realized that the New York fashion world was missing a skateboard brand that needed to be created. In his store, you could see his drops displayed on the shelves.

SUPREME's first customers were artists. In addition to these art enthusiasts, Jebbia's store also had skateboarding enthusiasts. According to Harmony Korine (an American filmmaker), everything was going well in the store. She could testify to this because her apartment was not far from there.

In fact, it was the development of skateboarding that made the brand popular. Many people were excited about the first X-Games that ESPN put on the market. The designer realized that there were many Japanese tourists flocking to the store on Lafayette Street. So he decided to open a store in Tokyo, then another in Osaka, then one in Fukuoka, in order to open up to the Japanese population.

hypebeast in supreme brand

The skateboard brand will take advantage of the boom that the internet will experience in the 2000s, becoming one of the leaders in streetwear. Several other stores were created in Europe (Paris and London) and in the United States. As for the brand's logo, it cannot go unnoticed. The word SUPREME, written in white, is placed on a red background.
The brand is clearly visible on the articles, which made it famous. The model for the lettering was a poster with a woman's face. The poster read in English: "your body is a battlefield".



Now one of the most famous streetwear brands of all time, Stüssy is a California-based skate/surf brand, a pioneer in streetwear with an origin story that matches the brand's relaxed and free-spirited identity.

shawn stussy

Shawn Stüssy was a surfer who used to shape his own boards for his friends and the people of Laguna Beach, California. Stüssy began screen-printing t-shirts and shorts to sell with the surfboards as a form of promotion; his last name written in a graffiti-influenced hand style would become the company's logo. Stüssy inadvertently fell into the apparel business because of his deep love of surfing, and within a few short years, people were talking in the small island world of surfing and skateboarding in the late 1980s. Shawn set up small showrooms in New York and California and hit the road, showing his designs to stores he respected.

The brand developed at a time when the epochal changes that frame contemporary popular culture today were taking place. In music, the late 1970s gave birth to punk, while the early 1980s gave birth to a new type of DIY music called rap. Punk broke down creative and aesthetic barriers and taught us that anyone could have a band.

These new ideas and territories created a new modern platform for fashion and cultural expression. The designs and overall aesthetic reference a series of underground subcultures that resonated with Stüssy. This approach appealed to a global network of young creatives who shared a common interest in surf culture, skateboarding and music. The limited distribution fueled desire on an international level, and those who wanted the material found it and felt part of something bigger in the process.


6. Bonus : TENSHI™

This is not a brand of clothing, but a store selling clothes. Indeed, TENSHI™ STREETWEAR, a label that we created, offers to the public streetwear clothes reflecting the urban culture coming from the Asian environment (Japan). It was created in 2017 by people who were raised in various cultures, which will lead them to present a varied and diverse cocktail. Their ambition is to create a boutique in Toronto and another in Paris.

tenshi streetwear banner

To have all our collections, you just have to go on the website of the label. You will find the timeless t-shirt as well as the hoodie. This last piece must be part of your wardrobe, because it protects you from the cold while keeping you in the streetwear style. It exists in several models and colors.

Regarding the top, the windbreaker and jackets complete the collection. As for the bottom, we can mention among others the cargo pants. You can choose between a tight or loose fit with bright or sober colors. Note that among our creations we have unisex models, which can be worn by both men and women.

In addition, several other accessories are also on sale. You have large backpacks in which you can store your things as well as small bags that you can wear on your shoulder or as a fanny pack.

Finally, we have caps, bobs and AIR FORCE 1 CUSTOM for your head and feet. Thanks to the techwear range, you will no longer dress in the ordinary way. The materials that are used in the manufacture of all our items allow customers to enjoy a certain mobility and better comfort. You have everything at your disposal in just a few clicks. The best streetwear with Asian colors are on TENSHI and nowhere else.

tenshi logo

All in all, streetwear style is accessible to all. All the big brands are working hard to offer you the best.

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