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All about Techwear Clothing and Accessories!

You want to change your look? Don't know which style to go for? Do you know the techwear style? If not, let's find out together. Ready to learn more? It's over here!

What is techwear?

Techwear is a very particular style of clothing. These include materials that are very characteristic of this style of clothing. Indeed, as the name suggests, they have a number of technical aspects that should not be overlooked. But they can also contain technologies that go beyond the traditional. Let's also note that the cuts of techwear allow a certain mobility, which is not negligible either.

techwear style tenshi

Let's also note that you can find all kind of clothes if you want to adopt a techwear style. You can find trenchcoats, raincoats, shoes or t-shirts. These last ones can be rain resistant like sneakers or seamless like t-shirts. Visit this page to learn more about techwear.

Originally, technical clothing ?

But the techwear fashion does not come from nowhere. In fact, techwear history has a real origin: it comes directly from the mountaineers of the 1970s. At the time, to practice this sport, you really needed technical clothing to brave the different possible weather conditions.

It is with the appearance of the Goretex material that the techwear fashion really appeared. But it is over the years that clothing has become more and more technical. Indeed, each shoe, each jacket or each t-shirt is, at the present time, much more perfected than several years ago.

techwear stlye tenshi

Although the techwear style is the one we use when we buy sportswear, it also develops on other styles of clothing, much more streetwear.

It is therefore perfectly possible to stay in a very urban style while having more technical clothing !

Is there a difference between techwear, urban techwear and techninja ?

urban techear and techwear ninja

You will certainly have understood, there is no real difference between techwear, urban techwear or techninja clothes. Why is that? Simply because they are rather urban clothes, that you can wear in everyday life, with a lot of technicality. It is therefore easy to move as you wish with these different clothes.

techwear clothing style

In our online store, you can easily find your happiness: between jackets, shoes or bags, everything is studied so that you can find everything you need. Moreover, we offer a wide choice of colors, just for you!

What are the different types of techwear?

You don't have a techwear or urban techwear style yet? You want to change your clothing style, but you don't know how to go about it? Don't worry, we'll explain the different clothes you can find to create your techwear look. Ready to learn more? Let's get started!

Hardshell techwear jackets

techwear outfit

It is certainly the category of clothing where you will find the most articles. Indeed, the jackets are waterproof and rather pleasant to wear. Moreover, you can easily find some for all your needs. Whether you want a more sporty look, or more urban, everything is possible with a techwear hardshell jacket.

Note also that some jackets seen as sporty, also offer very urban looks. In other words, you can easily find jackets that will suit your sports activities as well as your walks in town.

techwear jacket hardshell

Also take into account that techwear hardshell jackets may surprise you by their appearance when you first wear them. Indeed, they are rather rigid. If you're not used to it, it may feel a little strange. But don't worry, you'll soon get used to it!

Softshell techwear jackets

techwear jacket Tenshi

The big difference between a hardshell jacket and a softshell jacket is simply the rigidity of the jacket itself. Indeed, as the name suggests, the softshell is much less rigid than the other category of jacket. If you're not used to wearing techwear jackets, this category of clothing will appeal to you more.

In a softshell jacket, you'll feel like you have more freedom of movement, which is great. In addition, the jackets are that much lighter, which is a considerable advantage as well.

You should also know that techwear softshell jackets are being developed in both the sports and urban environments. In other words, you can easily find what you're looking for in a softshell techwear jacket.

The last advantage we could find to one of these jackets is simply the fact that they are easy to fold and therefore to store. Pretty handy, right?

The techwear middle layers

Here, we will talk about everything that is worn under a jacket. You will have understood that it is essentially t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts or sweaters. Even in techwear, every garment can find its place!

Nevertheless, it is important to note that the middle layers are, in general, very original. So you can dare to wear clothes that you are not used to wear, which is a real advantage. But let's detail the different layers of clothing together:

  • The first layer: this is the underwear, but also socks and stockings. It is possible to find breathable, anti-irritation or thermal clothing. This gives you more comfort in general.

  • Techwear pants:a growing range, you can find more and more techwear pants in an urban techwear fashion. Indeed, between the chino, cargo pants or very technical pants, it is possible to easily find your happiness. Moreover, it is important to note that the designs are becoming more and more minimalist and can therefore please a greater number of people.

    techwear pants Tenshi
  • The techwear shoes: it is one of the most important points of an outfit. Indeed, if you don't feel good in your shoes, it can quickly become annoying on a day. Nevertheless, you will certainly find a pair to your liking: indeed, it is an expanding range. You can find sneakers as well as much more contemporary shoes. It all depends on the style you want to adopt.
techwear sneakers

  • Accessories: yes, as surprising as it may seem, it is possible to find bags, purses or even belts. This is an area that is often overlooked. But you can still find everything you need.
techwear chest bag Tenshi

You are now ready to create your techwear or urban techwear style? But if you still need advice, don't hesitate to stay with us!

What style is suitable for techwear?

You have flashed on some techwear clothes ? But you don't really know how to wear them? Don't panic, we'll give you some ideas of looks to adopt! We are sure you will like them.

Casual techwear

Want a look that's still simple and effective? Why not choose a casual style? It's versatile, efficient and suitable for all types of situations. Moreover, it's a clothing style that you can wear at work as well as on weekends when you go for a walk in town. This style will certainly please you because even if it rains, you will not get wet. Indeed, blazers are usually waterproof, which will offer you a certain comfort.

You are slightly complicated in terms of clothing? Know that to adopt a casual techwear look, you will certainly find your happiness. Rather practical, don't you think?

Techwear in men's fashion

This is a similar category to the previous one. In this type of clothing style, you will certainly find Japanese brands. So you will have clothes a little more original, but still pass everywhere.

Nevertheless, if you really want to play the card of originality, it is perfectly possible with this fashion.

Adopt a techninja look !

techwear style outfit

Much more difficult to wear, but also much more original, this look can please you if you are not afraid of the look of the others. Indeed, the techninja look, also called total techwear look, is not necessarily for everyone.

Nevertheless, if you like this style and you manage to adopt it in everyday life, you should know that it is a very wide range of clothes like techwear hoodies. You will be able to find clothes more simple than others. But if you want to play the card of originality, it is perfectly possible too.

Nevertheless, it is important to know that for a techninja style, the colors are still quite strict: you will find between black, olive, midnight blue, beige and gray. Sometimes you can have white.

The techwear of the future

techwear style outfit

Do you want an even more original clothing look? We can offer you a further style of clothing: the techwear of the future! But what is it exactly? Future look clothing offers experimental cuts, which you may not be used to seeing. But the materials are also at the cutting edge of technology.

It is important to know that to adopt this type of look, you really need to have the budget for it. Indeed, companies put a lot of budget on research and development to offer clothes always more extravagant. To opt for this style of clothing, you must be ready to pay more.

Let's also note that the techwear of the future always pushes fashion to its limits. Indeed, it is always necessary to have a material still unused or a technique that fashion has not been able to exploit, at the moment.

Techwear for athletes!

tactical sportwear style

Even sportsmen can have their techwear. Let's not forget that the basis of this fashion comes from sports. If you are a sportsman and you want clothes with more and more technicalities, it is perfectly possible!

Indeed, some people strongly appreciate dressing in sportswear every day. It is therefore necessary that they can find their happiness among a large choice of sports techwear!

Designer techwear

tactical sportwear outfit

Are you used to paying a certain amount of money for your clothes? Do you only buy designer clothes? If so, you should know that even the biggest names in fashion are starting to create techwear. Of course, this is a very extravagant technique, which you will not be used to seeing. Nevertheless, you should know that for Haute-Couture, we are essentially looking for the artistic side, more than the practical side.

Techwear for outdoor sports

techwear sportwear outfit

Whether you want to go mountaineering, hiking or sailing, you will find a wide range of clothing that will perfectly fit your activity. Indeed, even when doing some extreme sports, you can find a techwear style perfectly adapted!

And in the military world?

military techwear outfit

Want a look that's a little more... warlike? You are military and you are looking for a look with more technicality? It's perfectly possible to find techwear clothes adapted to your needs!

As you can see, the techwear style can be adapted for everyday life as well as for sportsmen. If you want to find techwear that is easy to wear, you will certainly find the look that suits you best. Don't hesitate to browse through the products in our store!

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