Stussy, pioneer of streetwear

Originating from the United States of America, Stussy is an iconic streetwear brand, created in 1980 by Shawn Stussy. It is present only in the field of clothing, shoes and fashion accessories. It can be found in surfwear trends alongside several other brands such as Billabong or Rip Curl. Stussy is as visible in hip-hop as it is on the streetwear scene..

History of Stussy

The Stussy brand logo was invented in 1980. In the beginning, Shawn Stussy signed his designs on these boards. As the creator of this brand, he engraved his own family name on them. Gradually, he will print the logo on the items created such as caps, T-shirts, shorts. His signature comes from Jan Stussy, his uncle.

Shawn Stussy decided to join forces with Frank Sinatra (his friend) in 1984 to sell clothes. Four years later, the joint venture will expand in Europe. A store was later opened in New York. During the 1990's, the Stussy brand will open many more stores in various locations across the country. The revenues of the clothing company amount to more than twenty million (US dollars). By 1992, the brand has conquered the world. It can be found in many large shopping malls in every city in the country and even in other countries. High-end stores also have them. In 1996, Shawn, the founder of Stussy will no longer be in charge of the company. He will be replaced by his partner Franck Sinatra. Stussy will remain in the hands of the Sinatra family to this day..

Focus on Stussy's founder

The desire to perform has been in Shawn Stussy's life since he was a kid. The man lived on the west coast of California for a long time. At the age of 13, he was already able to draw and build boards. After completing his studies, the founder of Stussy moved back and forth between Newport Beach and the East Coast of California several times. During the summer, he worked at Russel Surfboard alongside the board builders. In the winter, he travels to Mammoth Mountain Valley to offer his services as an instructor..

stussy skateboard

In 1979 Shawn decided to move to Laguna Beach. Soon after, he started selling boards and T-shirts before he thought of putting his signature on his items. A signature that is in graphic form. The signature that his grandfather made will be used as a model in the creation and the pose of his personal signature on the aforementioned products with a black marker.

Stussy and its beginnings

Shawn Stussy and Frank Sinatra met in 1980. Shawn was at that time looking for sponsors to get his business off the ground. It was while he was looking for people to collaborate with that he got in touch with Sinatra. Shawn received an offer from Frank: he became his partner if he agreed to invest five thousand dollars. Thus, the brand becomes Stussy ING in 1984. In 1990, Stussy will also collaborate with Jeff Jebbia, the founder of Supreme (a major skate brand). The arrival of the latter will allow the company to experience a strong growth with the opening of another store in Soho, New York and Los Angeles. But Jeff Jebbia will finally leave the Stussy company in 1994 for his own (the Supreme brand).

stussy 1990s

The Stussy brand could be bought anywhere in America, because in 1990 it was already selling like hotcakes. After Jeff Jebbia, it was Shawn's turn to sell his own shares to his friend Frank, who was to become the company's sole director..

Big collaborations between Stussy and several brands

Since Frank Sinatra and his family took over the reins of Stussy, the world has been impacted by the Stussy brand, which has opened at least 20 stores in several countries. Stussy will be making important collaborations.

stussy x casio

In 1997, Stussy collaborated with Casio for its first collection. Shortly afterwards in 2000, it collaborated with Nike. Several exceptional Nike models will be innovated. From this collaboration several other models were born. With time, Stussy will end up imposing itself in the streetwear universe.   

Stussy, a real success

Shawn's brand has been very successful because of its reputation in the world of high fashion, hip-hop and the streetwear scene. In the Hippy and Punk culture, Stussy is also well known. According to Shawn, none of the styles created with his brand were named by himself. He admits he did this intentionally.

Stussy's logo

In 1990, Franck had recommended to Shawn to change the visual identity of the company to a new one in order to give another dimension (different from surfing) to the brand. To achieve this, Shawn took the Chanel brand logo as a model, which was shaped in his image. The letter S (Shawn's initial) will replace all the letters C. This is how the famous logo was born, similar to an intertwining of S's. Shawn succeeded in creating a very strong brand image by using the typography of the Chanel perfumes. The logo that is created harmonizes well with the visuals of the brand. It is the "Stussy No. 4"..

stussy worn by freddie gibbs and asap rocky

The company's objectives are clear: to expand its brand image and achieve the best positioning in the market. An ambition that is well reflected in the logo.

Stussy, the ability to bring people together

In order to introduce his brand and his vision to other countries, Shawn went on a world tour in 1990. He went to several countries and met many personalities such as Hiroshi Fujiwara, Michael Kopelman or Nigo. From this network, the formation IST (International Stussy Tribe) will be born. It is a group whose objective is to promote and accompany all forms of artistic creation.

stussy global brand

The said formation is composed of rappers, DJs and several other celebrities. They are grouped according to each city. The main cities are Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, Paris and New York. Each of them has an artistic group that represents it.

To show its recognition, Stussy will give all the members of the IST custom varsity jacket that will later become a very famous model. This will push the brand to create a collection that will be accessible to everyone.

Thanks to its ability to unite and impact the public, Stussy's reputation will grow very quickly. Everyone who buys Stussy's products expresses the desire to belong to the IST family. The brand became a creative identity around which all its consumers could unite.


Stussy brand in streetwear

In the world of streetwear, the Stussy brand was a major player. It has strongly contributed to his reputation in the world. Indeed, streetwear was starting at the same time that Shawn was marketing his T-shirts and creating his boards. Thanks to the IST movement, streetwear would later enter another dimension. The members of the International Stussy Tribe will progressively impose themselves to everyone.

the stussy brand

Meanwhile, young people belonging to the new generation will also be seduced by the artists of the Stussy tribe because of their influence. So a new clothing vision is created by these influential people. It is a combination of luxury and street. Later, the first brands such as Supreme will appear in the streetwear.

In addition, several other areas such as punk, rock, skate or rap are also influenced by the brand Stussy. Thanks to these collaborations with several famous American brands such as Nike, its ability to influence is even greater. This was the case of streetwear which is really impacted by Stussy.


Stussy's productions

The products that Stussy offers to the public are clothing and fashion accessories of many varieties. The Stussy brand is recommended to everyone: streetwear or fashionistas. No matter what your taste or your favorite colors, you will be satisfied.

The collections

stussy sweat

Stussy's best-selling items are iconic garments such as the hoodie emblazoned with a Jamaican sound system lion or the logo T-shirt that Shawn himself decorated with his signature. In the men's clothing lot, you have several shirts sewn in a military style in the form of ristop flannel. The materials used to make the collections created by the brand are top quality. This is the case with items like jogging bottoms, jackets, printed T-shirts, sweatshirts or cardigans.

Stussy's accessories

When it comes to fashion accessories created by Stussy, you have classics whose designs have been reworked. With the complicity of great designers, Stussy will market several accessories such as baseball caps. The materials used to design the brand's accessories include flocking, satin and floral patterns.

The Stussy brand, we still talk about it

stussy today

Although Stussy is a successful brand, it should be noted that it remains an anti-fashion brand. The conservation of its design, colors and other models belonging to it says a lot. Indeed, in streetwear, we still note an influence of Stussy on some major brands of luxury or not. Several pieces in limited stock are used by the brand to make collaborations with important brands. Many brands have realized, as Stussy has, that consumers have a preference for rare products.

The army's camouflage patterns were used as models to create a collection that Stussy made in collaboration with the Japanese brand Abathing Ape in 2010. In the said collection, you have T-shirts, pants, jackets and several other accessories.

Today, many people feel better at work with comfortable clothes than with a suit and tie. All the clothes created by Stussy brand provide a certain comfort to its users, which is appreciated by the customers.

The Stussy brand has the ability to stay on trend. In fact, this is its greatest strength. It has touches that distinguish it from other brands on the market with those pieces that are exclusive and incomparable. You can feel the streetwear culture in each model. According to Bobby Hundreds, the founder of "The Hundred", Stussy is undoubtedly the greatest brand since the creation of fashion until today.

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