Supreme : The number 1 streetwear brand

Supreme, very well known as one of the biggest brand in streetwear, is the object of a meteoric rise since it was born. Zoom on the journey of this American firm that has revolutionized the streetwear world.

Supreme Brand History

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The idea of creating this brand dates back to 1994. At that time, there was already a lot of commotion in New York City, especially on corners like Prince Street and Lafayette Street. It was a time when it was possible for children from New Jersey and Long Island to play freely without being overshadowed by police officers or big businessmen..

James Jebbia's debut

James Jebbia, founder of the Supreme brand, had a store where he often stayed. Jebbia had worked at Parachute around the 1980s and had gained experience. Once in the United States, he opened a streetwear store on Spring Street and a Stussy store on Wooster Street. His analysis revealed that his horde was missing a skate store. Being grounded in his new initiative, Jebbia negotiated several contracts with suppliers. These agreements should allow him to adequately furnish his stores.

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He was essentially offering a drop or marketing of t-shirts, caps and sweatshirts. This was one of the first missions that Jebbia worked on. It is what earned him his current prestige. While he was setting up these stores and designing his traffic, there was no question of long lines or having to deal with security guards before making purchases. The main targets of the time were mainly skateboarders and artists from New York.

Harmony Korine, a filmmaker, was one of them. He also had an apartment not far from Jebbia's store. Harmony considered the shops as a gathering place for all artists, especially skateboarders. Little did he know how far Supreme would go in the world as a popular brand. Long after, the brand has captured the hearts of high school students and has become a part of their clothing habits and style..

James Jebbia

In the end, the rise of skateboarding is partly due to the Supreme brand. The first X-Games organized by ESPN, a sports channel in America, further revealed skateboarding by raising it to the rank of other extreme sports such as sky surfing or street luge. Even if today, there is a decrease of interest around these sports, it is still true that their development is mainly favored by Supreme.

Public opinion of the Supreme brand at the time

For people, the brand is always linked to skateboarding. No wonder that many accessories and suits of this sport are in the colors of this brand. However, it should be remembered that Supreme, since its inception is strongly attached to the culture in general and fashion. In the same way, the latter manage to be reflected through this prestigious brand and in its international reputation. Its relationships and other forms of collaborations are simply amazing as the actors and other brands involved are equally prestigious. Undercover, Nike, Lacoste, and Louis Vuitton are just a few examples.

Among the first to visit the Supreme store on Lafayette Street were several Asian tourists. They were the first to adopt the brand. This allowed the brand to explore new horizons and infiltrate the Japanese market. In 1998, a little more than 3 Supreme stores were opened in the Asian region. The very first one in Daikanyama in Tokyo, the second one in Osaka and the very last one in Fukuoka. 

It took Supreme nearly a decade to establish itself in major cities like Los Angeles, specifically in the North Fairfax area of the city. At the same time, it is still expanding its outlets in Japan, opening stores in Shibuya, Harajuku and Nagoya. Having grown up in London, it is indeed in this city that the Supreme stores were born in England and in Europe in general. He continued his European tour by setting up shop in Paris, the capital of fashion. The course was then set for Brooklyn and San Francisco. To date, 12 points of sale are effective and spread around the world.

The Supreme logo

Highly visible and strikingly colored, Supreme's logo does not go unnoticed. It's hard to pass by without recognizing it because it's so legibly inscribed on all its materials

Since the opening of the first outlet in 1994, Jebbia has not failed to mark the history by creating a T-shirt in commemoration of this event. Three t-shirt designs should be the subject of choice. One had Travis Bickle as the strong image it featured, as the main hero of Taxi Driver, a 1976 movie. The second featured people skating while the third referred to one of Supreme's stores.

It was not until later that a friend of Supreme's founder was considered the trigger for the creation of the logo known today. For the latter, the original drawings are a bit without identity. He will take the trouble to send Jebbia, writings that explain the work of an artist very popular in the United States, Barbara Kruger. The latter will use it to set up the official logo of Supreme. Thus, the logo known to all to represent the brand Supreme is inspired by a poster of the aforementioned artist and which was about legal abortion. It was possible to see a woman's face on which it was written "Your body is a battlefield". This message was written on a red background and in white. The form of the lettering is what gave shape to the Supreme logo.

What are the products sold by the brand ?

products sold by Supreme

With a style tailored for the players and fanatics of the skate world, Supreme has a variety of products that it deploys in its stores and markets.

You can find the basics of fashion under the brand's labels, such as hoodies, simple t-shirts, loose-fitting t-shirts, sweaters, boxers and wide-leg pants. Supreme socks were also available whenever you feel the need. All you have to do is visit the website dedicated to this purpose and then you're done.
However, the exclusive collections are what make Supreme brand so strong and special. The accessories in these collections are all equally broad and include socks, t-shirts, jackets, sneakers that mix the brand's efforts with its renowned partners such as Jordan, which resulted in the Jordan 5, a pair of sneakers never seen before.

How the Supreme brand works ?

Seeing the diversity of products that the brand puts on the market, it is normal to wonder how it manages to sell all these products. However, it should be noted that this brand does not operate in the same way as other brands with a thousand products.

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This American company, which is very attached to skateboarding, does not do releases at important times of the year. For it, it is not a question of considering the seasons of the year as being all favourable to welcome new things. Indeed, this brand prefers to evolve little by little in the flow of its products. This is simply called "drop". As a result, all these pieces are revealed to the general public in drops and are unique pieces.

Even if the products are advertised on their website, the whole strategy takes place in the brand's physical stores. In France, Supreme's store is a heavenly place for visitors to the Paris area where it is located. To make purchases there, you will first need to have a number that you must also get in a public place on a Monday. Then, it is only after the call from the staff that you could drop by the store to make a rather considerable wire before acquiring the product that is making your eyes soft. Between the day you get your number and the day you can actually make your purchase, it will already take you 4 days. This means that getting your Supreme product is a real long-distance race where you have to combine courage and endurance before you get your way. After this first ordeal, you will have a second one, just as tough, before the doors of the Supreme stores are open to you full time.

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There are no multiple copies for clothing and other forms of accessories available in Supreme stores. This is what makes each of their collections authentic and ready to be fought over by potential buyers when they are sold..

What is the secret to the success of the Supreme brand ?

The brand is strongly present in streetwear. Its impact is only growing and its links with skateboarding are very resounding. This is one of the reasons why the brand has been so successful for years. With its heart attached to streetwear, Supreme also does not fail to collaborate effectively with luxury brands like LVMH.

A collaboration that becomes official as of January 2017 and surprises the rest of the world because of their recent history. Indeed, the French prestige brand had sued Supreme following an accusation of logo reproduction on skateboards. This situation allowed the Fashion Week organized in Paris to properly present the alliance Supreme and Louis Vuitton.

Since then, the brand's creations are based on the expertise of the French luxury brand and the euphoric atmosphere that Supreme exudes. Sneakers, baggys, skateboards and backpacks have emerged from such a coalition for the pleasure of fashion enthusiasts. The price tag associated with such products is quite considerable; which lets you know that the brand also occupies an excellent place in the big.

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The success of the Supreme brand is rooted in its operation. Its drops are unique and make all its products available in "Limited Edition". The array of replicas of the brand that can be found on the market shows to what extent it transcends borders and marks hearts. The very limited number of its releases make it a brand that is clearly dominating the streetwear scene.

At the beginning, the idea was to establish a brand that stands out from the others and offers new things. Then, with his concept of rarity that was associated, he managed to raise the ratings and put his brand on a pedestal. In addition to this, a very effective and ultra convincing communication policy. Renowned photographers such as Terry Richardson and the painter Georges Condo have only increased the brand's notoriety.

More surprisingly, to this day, several celebrities wear this brand with pride and refine their style with it. These include Lady Gaga, Mike Tyson, Kate Moss and many more. Supreme is without a doubt an exceptional brand whose rise is far from over..

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