How to have a streetwear style ?

The one thing that remains constant in the streetwear style is the perfect balance that exists between comfort and style. Otherwise, it is a style that can be modern, futuristic, retro and even vintage.
Indeed, no longer considered in the world of fashion internationally, the style of streetwear culture is still the number 1 in ready-to-wear. Every year, it keeps on making better sales.

How has streetwear endured for so many years?

To this question, the big brands evolving in the same style say that it is enough to let the young talents who have the central vision of the street to show their competence. For them, this is the best formula.

the streetwear style

Streetwear is no longer just a style of clothing, it is an identity. And only those who know how to wear it can show their values with pride. What we often hear is that street style cannot be perfectly achieved by everyone. However, it is enough to fully immerse yourself in the streetwear culture to bring out all these qualities. Thanks to the many safe and foolproof tips we offer, streetwear will no longer have any secrets for you.

Have something to write down, because we are going to reveal you here and now everything you will need for a perfect mastery of the streetwear style. No one will be able to compete with you when it comes to streetwear and the latest trends. By the end of the reading, you'll be able to easily create your own styles without anyone's help.


10 Tips to master the streetwear style

You've read and heard enough about streetwear and everything that revolves around this type of concept. Now it's time for you to show your skills in the field of urban fashion. But first, it is absolutely necessary that you learn the different rules present in streetwear. Once you have understood everything about creating your look, our role will be to guide you. However, you must learn to choose your clothes carefully, work on your style and avoid common mistakes.

These are basic principles that will be of great use to you later on. Besides, our 10 tips will help you develop your fashion spirit with the greatest ease, although you will need more time to master the streetwear style perfectly.


1. A broad and moderate style

wide and moderate streetwear

It's hard to separate the oversize trend from the streetwear style. They have always been linked to each other. However, you have to be careful not to overdo it, because the best result you are looking for can very quickly become mediocre. Avoid straining loose clothing. Instead of doing this, it would be better for you to look for the sweet spot. This way, your morphology will be highlighted.

Thanks to the balance that is sought between the flared top and the thin bottom, the suit will be able to respond well to your silhouette without losing the relaxed effect. For women, it is the opposite that is strongly sought with a perfect combination of wide pants and crop tops. In order to bring out the urban effect, you must be ingenious in your measurements. Be careful that all your clothes do not become extra large. Otherwise, you will not have gained anything.


2. The quality of the clothes chosen

Although the clothing you choose should be casual, you should also make sure that it is of good quality. Indeed, low-end items are not tolerated in streetwear, because the fabrics must be comfortable and breathable. It would therefore be better for you to opt for high end and good quality products. This way, you will have obtained pieces with a long life span. But in case you don't know how to recognize the quality of the clothes you have in front of you, we offer you three infallible indicators that can help you.

  • Look for suppliers who use quality textiles in their production. Indeed, if you want to look stylish and well-groomed, you need to know how to choose your materials. This is where the difference lies. A bad fabric will give a poor result. So make sure you renew your wardrobe periodically.

  • Unlike printed fabrics where the best designs are easily identifiable to the naked eye, screen printed t-shirts are almost undetectable. Only the reputation of the store will help you decide on the quality of the product. As for the embroidered clothes on both sides, you will have to pay much more attention to them. The more complex the design, the more important the work done.

  • Finally, the finishes must be of better quality. This is an important criterion of choice. In addition to the finishes of the seam, there are also and very often some light additives that show the ideas developed by the designers. These are details that you should not lose sight of, because this is where the difference lies.


3. Go in search of the best sneakers

streetwear sneakers

At the streetwear school, we learn that the choice of your shoes can create your ruin or your fortune. That's why we can't say it enough: the success of an urban look undoubtedly depends on the quality of your sneakers. There is a price to pay, but it is worth it. Indeed, your shoes are your signature. And the best current pump is undoubtedly your sneakers. They can be worn with any outfit: dresses, denim look, then mid-range (casual or classic).

By opting for this very cost-effective footwear, you do not risk making the slightest misstep. They are called timeless, because they can be reworked over and over again.

In any case, before mastering the streetwear style, you must first look for the right shoe for your profile. On the market, you will find several brands of sneakers. However, we recommend the ones mentioned below :

  • NIKE

This brand only offers shoes from several iconic collections. You can find them on the feet of many great celebrities of the sports and fashion world. Talking about urban footwear, NIKE is mentioned among the pioneers. All customers are served, whatever their taste. Models like AIR MAX, AIR JORDAN and other trainers will leave you speechless.


The Yeezy franchise of this brand is also trustworthy with its ultimate athleisure. With their futuristic yet understated design, they are sure to win you over.

Other great brands can also be mentioned. These are the classic CONVERSE or BALENCIAGA.


4. Do not exceed your limits

Streetwear is a way to express an art in everyday life. It's not just a fashion style anymore. Putting together outfits allows you to be creative and make an unlimited number of fittings. Nevertheless, you should not overdo it either. Otherwise, you will ruin everything.

You should also be discreet and creative when structuring your look, which should be highlighted. Also, it is important that the outfit you choose does not go out of context. Do not rely on the magazine look you see on social networks. The reality of everyday life is sometimes quite different.

Usually, very extravagant outfits are worn occasionally, especially for important events. But if you want to dress in a streetwear style to go to work or to a very serious place, it is also possible. You just have to remember to match the style. So, to avoid feeling stuck in your movements, you can adopt a hybrid style that varies between casual and classic. The minimum should be considered. This is what is currently in vogue. Several brands such as "Comme Des Garçons" have made it their trademark. They show sobriety with the introduction of new values, creating attractive combinations for the happiness of urban fashion.


5. Layering

Layering consists of creating variations on many layers. It is one of the basic principles in streetwear style. It may seem like a simple technique, but when it comes to implementation, it's quite the opposite. There are many who do it, but only a few who continue to do it.

The desired visual result is not easy to achieve. Thanks to the recommendations below, you are sure to have attractive renderings.

  • In your clothing, you should start by wearing thin clothes and end with thick clothes. For example, before wearing a hoodie, it would be wise to put a t-shirt underneath it first. A jacket or windbreaker can be put on last.

  • To create a contrast between the layers, simply play with the colors. Use several shades of the same color. But to keep it from being too monotonous, add other tones. As a beginner, excessive manipulation of black would not be prudent. It is a delicate color, and it takes time to master.

  • Layering is primarily used to have layers positioned on top of each other and that's what you need to work on. The first option you have is to place the inner (longer) layers underneath the outer layers so that they are clearly visible. The second option is to open or half-open your jacket.

Gradually, you will perfect your game and your layering skills will become better.


6. Be yourself !

streetwear outfits

Always keep in mind that the style we advocate is simply a means of expression. In order to orient yourself during your learning process, you only have to follow our recommendations. There are no rules as such. The main thing is that in the end, you will be able to bring out your emotions and identify with what you are wearing.

Trust yourself and don't trivialize any of your favorite choices! This could help you get good results.

What do you like? What disgusts you? Answering these questions will help you discover your tastes. Try every mix, even the less predictable ones. Most trends don't last forever. It's best to focus on the basics. If you don't like a trend, feel free to make another choice, even if it's not fashionable.


7. Going for the personal touch

In streetwear, individuality is something that is encouraged a lot. Your creative genius is praised by all. The community strongly appreciates original and personal ideas. In every aspect, diversity is advocated. In addition, to make their mark in the urban style, the newcomers who have just joined the movement are invited to focus on the accessory. Items such as pendants, belts, caps and bags are worked on to avoid the presentation of a too simplistic look.

For unique designs, you can mix and match styles. Think vintage, artsy, classic or sporty details. That's how you'll manage to stand out from the crowd and make a name for yourself in the streetwear world. In fact, none of the most famous designers and artists today could reach their current level without going through this path.


8. Browse all colors 

colorful streetwear

In streetwear, a multitude of colors are used to enrich the productions. Don't let anyone make you believe otherwise. You have a wide range of colors such as neutral, bright or pastel that you will absolutely need to design all your outfits. However, under no circumstances should you put several flashy colors in one place.

When you are dealing with a piece that has a fairly attractive color, it is best to use the rest to neutralize it. Similarly, a look in which you see a lot of monotone colors should not be left in such a state. As a professional, you should try to make it more vivid by means of a scarf, a denim jacket or very well colored sneakers.

In any case, the colors must be well matched. That's all that's really required. As long as the audience feels a homogeneity and a good symbiosis in the color scheme of your production, you will always be applauded.


9. Feeling at ease

For a successful streetwear style, the final product must undoubtedly be comfortable. For this, the use of breathable materials as well as the wide cuts that accompany it is highly desirable. Indeed, before you can bring out the freshness and modernity of what you have worn, you must first be comfortable.

So don't try to cramp your style as we see with other styles. Before an item is validated, it must necessarily be in its place that is to say that it must meet a need.


10. Branding and streetwear

streetwear outfits

For several years, we only heard about the "logomania" trend when it came to streetwear. It was the gold standard in an urban style with especially the display of luxury brands such as: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Supreme that could be found on the Instagram feed. But today, everything has changed and the situation is not the same. The logos are very discreet and almost unnoticeable. On some items, we do not notice them so much. We talk about silent streetwear. A new era is opening up in the world of fashion and we have a long way to go.

You are preparing a collection in which you want to insert clothes sewn with logo, but you do not know how to do it. We recommend that you stick to one logo first. This will allow you to avoid saturation of your outfits, and also to show loyalty to the brand you have chosen so that it becomes your imprint. Finally, refrain from using logos that are too apparent and too large. Opt for discreet logos that can hardly be seen.

In summary, what to do to master streetwear ?

Before going to the conclusion of all that has been said, we can say that the application of these recommendations will certainly bring you good results. They can be used as a guide in your search for ideas when you first start streetwear. On the other hand, you need time to understand each detailed point. Be a practitioner of the concepts you learn and you will overcome all obstacles.

You are called upon to follow your intuition as much as possible if you want your style to be well known one day. To do so, your creations must show your personality, your tastes and your preferences. Why not get inspired by our latest Fall/Winter streetwear collection?

We invite you to take advantage of the new trends available. These are original items that have been created for you, in a Japanese streetwear style.

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