What is streetwear?

In France, as in all of Europe, there is a clothing style that is increasingly popular. It is streetwear.
Would you like to learn more about the streetwear culture? By reading this article, you will have all the information about this urban style. We also invite you to visit our streetwear shop for more discoveries.

Learn more about streetwear

Because of the complexity of this concept, it is usually difficult to define it in a concrete way. In the past, streetwear was one of the most popular clothing styles. Young people could not afford to stay away from this trend, which, it must be said, was made popular by brands like Off-white and Supreme. Undisputed actors of the clothing revolution that contributed to the building of subcultures among urban youth.

streetwear outfit

Later, in the United States, the concept took a new turn and never stopped. The dynamism and the passion will end up winning all the streets of this country creating a rebellion within the youth. We can therefore say that streetwear is defined in several ways.
This mode of dress whose inspiration comes from the culture of hipsters (New York) and skateboarders (or sneakers) in California is now shared by many young people in the world. It was during the 1980s that this casual and youthful fashion first appeared. Since then, all those who choose this choice always feel representative and distinguished.

What is its origin ?

It is from the skateboard culture that this style of clothing will be born. But it was not until the 1980s that the concept became a real fashion movement. Among the streetwear brands that are well known since the early 1980s is the one created by Shaun Stussy.

Shaun Stussy

This surfer from Laguna Beach (California) was inspired to create the famous concept from the back of his car. Later, in the 90's, important fashion brands will also take a closer look at the thing. Thus, the streetwear will leave the marginality to join the mainstream.

The streetwear style

It is a style that is naturally in perpetual renewal. It is therefore difficult to catalog it. Indeed, this type of clothing is very fluid. We can not list with precision the pieces that are specific to it. However, on a general level, we can say that streetwear is a style generally characterized by comfortable and casual clothing. There are also several basic items such as t-shirts, jeans, sneakers and even sweaters (with hoods).

Streetwear skate

This is a great urban style that everyone should have in their wardrobe. Besides being a casual look, it is also rebellious. Streetwear skate can be considered a mix of high fashion and rock, skate and especially glam style. It is a trend that offers enough possibilities to the one who adopts it.

This type of look is not fixed in time. That's why it is difficult to give it a precise definition. Moreover, thanks to skatewear, the street style advocated by young people in the 90s is still present in fashion (in general). Moreover, the skateboarders who were once unwanted in the markets of the Palais de Tokyo and hunted by fashion editors are now called for the creation of new models.

Streetwear and Hip-hop

Urban culture is heavily influenced by hip-hop culture. As a result, a multitude of trendy clothing and style brands have emerged. After only a few decades, this hip-hop culture has changed its category. It is no longer a fringe subculture. It is strong enough to dominate urban culture. Moreover, Hip Hop is difficult to separate from streetwear, as they are two worlds that interact with each other.

Which profile wears streetwear ?

It is about 40 years since this fashionable clothing exists. It is not a new phenomenon, although it took several years before its aesthetic emerged and found itself at the top of fashion. Today, it is an important sales force that no one can ignore.

Indeed, streetwear can no longer be considered a mere fashion phase or time trend. Many celebrities enjoy wearing jeans and other streetwear bottoms. The people who adopt this style of clothing are of various profiles. Moreover, in the world of fashion, brands like Vêtements and Off-White are the most famous.

Why choose streetwear ?

Fashion is for many people an art that allows them to express who they are. It is not only useful to men. It is a way for humans to get out of the ordinary. In any case, it all depends on your personal preferences and tastes. However, streetwear is more than just a fashion statement. You only have to look at the way fashion and culture have turned out to understand the success that streetwear and more specifically Supreme has had. Streetwear has more than one reason to exist.

Several accessories and fashion items such as sweaters (with hood), sweatshirts, sneakers or even bombers are highly appreciated by the public. This is mainly due to the fact that the clothes are inspired by sports. From working class chic like Dickies and Carhart to outdoor clothing like Patagonia and The North Face, the clothing is casual and above all very comfortable. It's clear that in the U.S., the hip-hop movement is no longer a subculture.

It has recently become a mainstream style that has come to dominate the design and aesthetics of fashion (in general). All this together constitutes streetwear. And to be more complete, we'll add the skate culture, the confidence and the dispositions that go with the style. At specific times, it is certain that the authentic benefits, appeal as well as community will be demanded. This is justified by the fact that among fashion users, Millennials and Gen Z groups alone make up the growing majority. They will thus contribute to the creation of the Hype.

Streetwear or sportwear

Style and sport have crossed paths for a long time this year more than in the past. Since their inception, a close union has always existed between streetwear and sports. However, on the professional sports front, streetwear in 2018 has performed well and has finally come into its own. Moreover, several brands of sportwears have made the choice of the street, which is moreover, a very usual thing.  

What are the different streetwear brands ?

Nowadays, it is not easy to choose a streetwear brand. There are many brands that have emerged and also emerged thanks to the different items they offer to consumers.
That's why choosing a streetwear brand requires a lot of attention on your part. In order to satisfy the needs of those who love new and sustainable fashion, we decided to create the brand TENSHI™. It offers a unique and incomparable style in the world of fashion.  

Wearing streetwear

Today, when it comes to clothing, streetwear is always present. From sneakers to little hats to safety sweatshirts (orange), it's everywhere. If in the past, consumers who were on the lookout for (limited edition) pieces to outdo themselves were only 20-somethings, that's not the case anymore. Streetwear has had time to expand to other consumer categories. The important question about streetwear is: how do you wear it?

First of all, it is important to specify that streetwear is a very accessible style. This is not the case with (avant-garde) fashion or custom-made couture. Remember that streetwear was influenced by skateboarding and the hip-hop movement in the 1990s (in Los Angeles). Practicality and comfort are the foundations of style.

how to wear streetwear ?

The younger generation has not hesitated to take over old brands like Carhartt and Dickies. Thanks to word of mouth, several niche brands like Supreme were created and very popular with everyone. They didn't need the support of models or stores opened in the uptown areas. 

Where to go to buy streetwear ?

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All in all, stretwear is a style created for everyone. To enjoy it, you need to know where to go to buy streetwear items.

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