What is the impact of streetwear today?

Trends in fashion are evolving. In recent years, several changes have occurred to the point of leaving no one indifferent. At the base of these forms of mutations, we find the streetwear. Urban habits have strongly colonized fashion. Thus, with the influence of modern-day celebrities, street style has been given a place of choice in current clothing habits.

What are the values of streetwear  ?

Virgil Abloh, a tenor of modern trends says: "Streetwear is an art movement. It's a way of doing things." It is simply absurd to restrict urban culture to simple habits that will certainly not last.

What makes streetwear live is nothing else than the ardor of the youth and the colorful dreams of the crowd that accompanies it. It comes from the street and lets the needs of certain layers of people from all over show through.

Today, it is difficult to distinguish individual street style from that of a group. It is precisely this energetic symbiosis with almost successful mixtures of values that underpins the very power of streetwear. It is also what makes it so popular and the ascendancy that we know it.

the streetwear style

Through this style, a whole story is told. It combines modernity and sophistication in a street style and has a considerable impact on today's clothing trends. Moreover, this fashion clothing conveys a strong message and deeply colonizes the thoughts of all followers of street style.

The Come-Back of streetwear

Streetwear is just an update of the existing. It is based on a new form, more sober and classic, which is now interested in one of the other forms of expression. Once considered a purely unique style, it has recently been boosted by the rallying of major brands. Among them, Blueberry and Gucci come first. Since then, things are done differently. The aesthetic side of streetwear has been reviewed and has given birth to a brand new variant of what this style was.

Its initial character has been reworked and since then, a pleasant elegance characterizes it. New designs have been created for the happiness of the fashion clothing simply. A very interesting alliance between Louis Vuitton and Supreme has favored the renaissance of streetwear. This alliance was the starting point of a new turn for streetwear according to the 10 best designers of the last decades. It resulted in the invitation of streetwear to the Paris fashion shows. Other major brands such as Nike, Dior and Balenciaga have not failed to make room for very daring and trendy models inspired by street style.

In addition, social networks have had a considerable impact on human behavior. Streetwear has therefore built an identity around these factors with ambassadors of this style of clothing. Among other things, it is an excellent way to make known its urban identity and its trend.

Streetwear is therefore the most mainstream and original style in the field.

Relationship between streetwear and urban fashion

In the 90's, rappers had no choice but to adopt streetwear. The war that was going on between the West Coast and the East Coast had no reason to exist. If there was one thing that brought everyone together.

the style of biggie and tupac

This was the streetwear style of dress. Rappers like Snoop Dogg, The Notorious B.I.G and Tupac adopted this style. And it's not uncommon to find this style of dress among modern-day rappers like Eminem, Drake, Jay Z and Kanye West. Streetwear was always in full swing. It dominated hearts and was at the heart of urban fashion thanks to a partnership with Yeezy and Adidas.

All this without counting on the succession and on the durability of the style that has expanded later to Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish. The latter are still fond of loose-fitting clothes and stylish pairs of sneakers.

Get a streetwear style

There is no specific body type and no ideal season for streetwear. It is also a style adapted to all sexes. Because streetwear is art, it is essential to know how to make the right combinations (hoodies, T-shirts, sweatshirts and sneakers) to highlight it.

The basics of streetwear

streetwear outfit

A dignified streetwear look is aligned with the following standards :

  1. You must take original and first quality products: to be in harmony with the requirements of streetwear, you must opt for quality outfits. They must be resistant and durable. You don't have to have only trendy and recent models. Besides, in streetwear, panache is class.
  2. You have to choose artsy pieces: your outfits must have a very imposing graphic style. This is a rule of streetwear. If you want unique styles, you simply have to pay more attention to details. That's all that will make you different.
  3. You should not exaggerate on the sizes: streetwear is more dominated by oversize. This still requires that you be careful in choosing the other components of your style. Don't be extreme, stay within the norms and avoid clothes that are too large and too tight. The balance will give you a very original style.
  4. You have to personalize your choices: if you have these basics down, all you have to do is let your genius do the talking. You just have to let your imagination work and show the world how inventive you can be. This is exactly what gave birth to styles such as logomania, techwear, layering, workwear, athleisure, etc. To create your style, it is not forbidden to combine several other existing styles. Remember, panache is class. This is one of the basic rules of streetwear.

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